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Hi. I am considering buying.

1. I have noticed others asking about Image sliders and you would always replay there is no slider element but it is easy to create one. How would I create one?

2. Also I see there is no parallax option for the background. Is there a way I can do that ?

3. If I were to buy multiple templates from a 3rd party all based on bootstrap what kind of changes do i need to make to them so they are visible and supported by the builder?

4. Also what would happen if those templates had sliders or others elements which your builder does not support, would they still work in the builder?

5. Does the export function include all the pages/css/images in the package?



1. You can create custom element easily, just need to create a html file with your markup/styles/scripts.

2. Yes, but it depends on what library you would be using for that functionality.

3. Depends on the templates, but usually paths of images/styles/scripts need to be adjusted.

4. Yes, but things like sliders might only be functional in preview mode. They should still be editable though.

5. Yes.

Just one more question, I cant seem to get Vimeo videos to load. I tried loading the url and embed code and id but it still will not load it. Only YouTube works. Is youtube the only one supported?


Any video embed should work, for vimeo, you need to use a url like this: (from share pop-up)

Note that you will only be able to see actual embed in preview mode, in the builder only static image is visible for performance reasons regardless of embed url.


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With your script can we UPLOAD HTML templates?


Easiest way is to save current project as a template.

You can import templates from filesystem as well, but they might need a few modifications.


Vito227 Purchased

Am I able to hire you to update your script so I can UPLOAD HTML templates without having to make modifications?

You can already upload html templates from filesystem, but you might need to make a few changes to templates (not to architect).

There’s no way around that unfortunately as templates might have wildly different file structures.

It is a wonderfull system but so full of bugs… many time interface is stuck… the drag and drop function is not working at all… The scroll of page is not working many times cant even design anything below header_image… Also 9 out of 10 times when updating image it doesnt change the image either in back editor or preview mode. Also the font designer does not allow flexible settings such as shadow and color. Also the bar of font settings cant be dragged. (sometimes dropdown becomes invisible or other toolbar GUI’S are in the way… Lovely system but it needs a lot of updating inorder to become a fine touch tool… Lovely trough

Thanks, please send screenshots or a short description on how to reproduce those issues via support tab.

As for your other question, it is a webuilder for peole that don’t know web development, however we’ve no plans for implementing payment gateways at the moment unfortunately.

I prefer to send you a brief document of issues trough email since I have all the required tools within my mailing system. Could I receive your email address for this and a few other matters?

Sure. You can contact us via

However, if you will send a message directly and not via CodeCanyon make sure to include your envato username so we can connect it to comments, thanks!

Pretty much same issues described above as @B-webdeisgn.

When will you be correcting these issues? Struggling to build sites.

Also, is it possible to install Architect in a subdomian without issues? Need to move current installation as replacing with another editor until the numerous issues we are facing are fixed.



We’ve no exact date for it yet unfortunately.

As for subdomain, yes, you should be able to install architect in subdomain without issues.

Hi, presale question.

1. I see it has functionality to save a new template but I’m not sure if it is what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a way for users to save their work (perhaps through a exported json file), which they can import to continue editing later on a different machine, without the db. Is that possible (maybe some modifications?)

2. Is there a link on the documentation?


1. It’s not possible by default unfortunately (other then letting architect store they project in database as intended)

2. Documentation is not hosted online currently, if that is what you mean.

Hi..I have question. can easy customize codes? like if i want to : 1 – add more files like xml file when i’m export. 2- change the files location when i’‘m export.


Yes, you can make those modifications fairly easily.

and can i do this with the front end version too ?


the builder is awesome, but need many predefined components…allowing customizing this, Video Background, Sliders, Gallery, set parallax or not… ! do you think as this woulbe possible in a future?


You can create custom components (like slider, gallery etc) yourself easily. See documentation for more details on that.

problem solved…! woulbe interesting admin can see the users sites!


How are the users sites hosted Is there a feature to bill them?


There is no built in way to bill users unfortunately.

I already buy this builder but problem not working open email builder but only loading :( please help me thanks :) (now yes, sorry i error link)


Please send all support requests via the form in Support Tab, that way we can answer your questions faster. Thank you!

I need to change the database user and password . Where I can find the file with the database name, user and password ? Please this is urgent.


You can find it in backend/config/database.php file.

Value for price… i think better use different color for each element , so it would be easy to find .

Hi, I bought it a few days back and I am not satisfied with the product quality. What is the refund process?


You can request a refund via envato support site.

Can I disable ctrl+c ctrl+x and ctrl+v in the code editor? I would like the user to use the code only inside the constructor


Not sure I understand your question, can you clarify a bit please?

I want to prevent the user from copying and pasting the code that appears in the builder. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V and right click.

Look here

There’s no way to prevent it unfortunately. You could disable the keybinds, but user will still be able to do it if they really want to, browsers do not allow to disable that functionality completely.


Do you plan a shop module ?


We’ve no plans for it at the moment unfortunately.

Is it possible to submit my site in a sub-folder?

eg: suppose script is hosted on Now when users create their landing pages,they can be published on

This would let even non technical users who do not own a domain easily publish their sites.

Could this be made possible?


It’s possible but would require some custom modifications. You can already see your project by clicking ‘view project’ in user dashboard above project thumbnail.

Okay the ‘view project’ is great. I think users can make use of this URL itself if it doesn’t change.

Also, when I edit a demo and add a button, how to I link the button to another page? another page in the same demo.

Click edit button when you have a link selected in the builder, you will be able to select a page from there.


Is it possible to add animation to content when loading ? Exemple, fade in text ?

It’s popular this times.



There’s no built-in feature for this, but you could do it via css/html editor fairly easily.

before I buy i have few questions -

- is user can create drop downs menus? - User can register and create his own websites? -Unlimited pages he can create? -He can upload the website from his dashboard through FTP?


1. There’s no built-in dropdown element currently, but you can create one yourself fairly easily.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Yes.

Hi, Do you have plan for adding user subscription ? So there can be free and premium user. For premium user there can have payment getaway ?


We’ve no plans for it at the moment unfortunately.

As for that issue, we’ll correct it for next update!

Dear Vebto, Would i know what is the recommended hosting specification for this plugin?


Vebto Author


Architect doesn’t have any special requirements so it will work on any hosting that meets minimum requirements (you can find them on the main codecanyon page for architect).