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Hey looks great! can I use this widget with a comma. for example in a count up to 3,7 seconds. Not a point! in Germany we use the comma :)

Regards Kai

Thank you so much!!. That’s right, you can use the comma to separate decimals, and to separate the names of graphic styles of the elements you want to animate.

We are working on updating this widget to add more features. Soon you will have several improvements, such as the animation output may also choose between automatic or manual trigger animation. Among other things.

Thank you for visiting our Widget AniScroll. ;)

Can I make the widget in Adobe Muse 2015.1 in some breakpoints not run? For example it does not make sense in small sizes as a smartphone.

Hello pardog. Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

Unfortunately Adobe Muse, does not eliminate a widget on a specific breakpoint. We are currently working on further improvements to correct these problems.

The way to do this in Adobe Muse is: 1. Duplicate and change the names of styles to items that will not have animanción. 2. Then hide the animated elemntos at that breakpoint.

Please contact us via the contact form on our profile page. Then as soon as we possibly can, we can send you an improvement of this widget that corrects this problem.

Any inconvenience, please contact us.

Hi there, any video for this. I’m having bit of trouble

Thinkforestmedia Hello, Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

Please tell me what the problem is and we will gladly help you.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, soon we will be opening a YouTube channel to upload videos on the proper use of the plugin.


today I downloaded AniScorll and installed in Muse . Unfortunately, I dont understand how to start with the widget, such as the approach is and with what format can I work . I have already created in Muse a site and wanted to add animationen effects. Is there an entry-level video tutorial ? Or another manual ?

Thanks for a quick response.

Best regards

Hello guaparina. Thank you for purchasing our widget.

Please contact us via the contact form on our profile page. Then as soon as we possibly can, we can send a new user manual for this widget.

Any inconvenience, please contact us.

Hello, can I ask you how to start the widget without scrolling?

Is it possible?

THX Petr Podolsky.

hello petrpodolsky.

Excuse me, but do not quite understand your question, would you please be more specific?.

Hello, I am sorry. Is it possible to start animation without the need for scrolling? I mean start the trigger without scrolling, for example at the top of the page when the page is loaded. I tried all the settings, but the objects will never be displayed until I start scrolling…

hello petrpodolsky.

Unfortunately it is not possible to do what you raise, because this widget is meant to animate objects as you scroll through the page and not when the page finishes loading.

Although we will try to implement this feature in the next version of this widget.

Any inconvenience, please contact us, we will be glad to help.


Need help asap.

On scroll out the out animation works but the in animation comes imidiatly and the object get stuck with no animation till i do a page refresh.

How do i fix it?

10q, Shay

Thank you so much!!!.. ;)

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It was a pleasure to help you.

already rated 5* :)

I would love to see 2 widgets made:

1. a widget that makes the text in muse to be responsive (box, size, line height etc). 2. widget that start a sequence of animation on page load.

Thanks for your rating and comment !! .. :)

I would love to hear more about your suggestion, please tell me a little more about your idea, for the contact form that is on my profile page.

We are also at your disposal for the development of customized widgets or tailor made for any exclusive project.

awesome design

Thank you so much!! :)

Is this Widget also works with Anchor? For Example, i have a button x which goes to Anchor y and the Animation will start after passed the Anchor. (My Website don’t have Scrolling Function, it works with “Panels”)


Yes, it works perfectly with anchors, in fact in the preview page it works with anchors to move to each section of the page.

Any other doubts, please do not hesitate to ask, remember we are here to serve you.

Is there any way to use the widget pinned object? For example, if I want to animate the appearance and hide submenu at the bottom of the page? I see a problem in setting the trigger, right?

Hello wicz, we are pleased to help you.

Please ask your question again in more detail in the support area of the widget ( ), and I will respond as soon as possible. ;)

Hello, I want to purchase this but I’m not sure if it will work on my Muse version (Muse cc 2015.0). Thanks in advance.

Hello ametori, it’s a pleasure to greet you.

You can buy it and at the end of the purchase you write to me through the support section of the widget to send you a version compatible with Adobe Muse CC 2015.0.


Thank you for your purchase, in a moment I send it to your mail.