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With this being Javascript is there anyway to make it that once they select one of the other tabs it doesn’t flip right back to the first one once you move your mouse?

Hi, does not go back. Submenu remains open.

nailed it! purchased it, thank you so much great work!!

Thank you to the purchase. I’m glad you like it.

What font is in the preview?

Bebas Neue – main links. Arial – submenu links.

May this work with Blogger platform? If ok I will buy Thanks Nhan

Hi, i do not know…

Thanks you!

Hi, I need to purchase this type of drop down but as a wordpress plugin . do you know of any ?

Hi, I have no experiences with wordpress… but I know for this menus:

If you are interested for WordPress version, contact me via mail.

Hi, is there a way to have the submenu link stay “active” or highlighted when clicked?

Hi, yes. Contact me via email.


Bought your great horizontal submenu but it does not work for me.


The submenu is not coming out. Could you please check?

When I don’t import the css of the menu, you will see in text the submenu.

Could you please help asap? It’s quite urgent.

Thanks so much

Check mail…

is it possible to hightlight active submenu item?

Add this to css
.menu ul ul li.current a{

Then add a class ”.current” to the “li” element in html, link will then be highlighted.


I was linked to your Animated Horizontal Submenu from a page that claimed your menu was among 30 “responsive” menus—which I thought included mobile. After purchasing, I now see it is NOT responsive to mobile! Is there a way to make it mobile responsive?

Thank you

Hi, menu isn’t responsive… but will be in a next version. Contact me via email I’ll send you the code to make menu responsive.


Great menu!

Is there a way to take away the hover states on the top level and replace them with a click… so you have to click to reveal the second level?

Thanks Wayne

Hi. Yes, contact me by email and I’ll send you the code.

Can someone tell me how to install this in WP? I tried adding it as a plugin but that didn’t work. Help please?

I’m really sorry but i do not know WP.

If you are interested for WordPress version, contact me via mail.

I’m having issues with this installation. trying to upload this to my plugins and not accepting it.

Hi. Contact me via email.

If you are interested for WordPress version, contact me via mail.

Hello, what would be the CSS to have the submenu align vertically with it’s parent link? So that the submenu left aligns to the top menu link and does not start at the left of the container.

Hi. For that effect must be changed a few lines of code…. Buy the menu, contact me via email and i will help you about the code.

Hi, is there a way to have the submenu link stay “active” or highlighted when clicked?

Hi.Yes, do you use some cms? Contact me via email and i’ll help you.

You’ve got mail

Hey, Pre purchase question: Can I implement this menu on a WordPress site? and what about the responsive? Can the sub menu stay open-I mean when a user click on the menu the bar stay open till the user click on another link-I mean stay open on active ? thx

Hi. If you’re not in a hurry, wait wp version of this menu (i do not know exactly when it will come out but i’m working on it.). Yes you can implement menu (menu will be bound to the theme), if you don’t know how, i can help you. I do not understand the second question, menu is responsive. Yes, submenu may stay open on click.

If you are interested for WordPress version, contact me via mail.

Hello.Your menu we bought yesterday because it is not compatible as responsive “mobile version” when we can expect this fix?

Hi, if you’re in a hurry, please contact me via email and I’ll send you a customized version.

PM sended.

I am interested in a WP version. How do we get this done ?

Contact me by mail, on my profile page.

Does this have a WordPress Version that I can access?

Contact me via email.

How do I contact you via email I couldn’t find the link…..thank you so much!

Hey is it possibble to make more sub-menus?
1st line: main menu
2st line: sub menu
3rd line: sub menu

Have You got any WP menu ready for this?
Thanks for the reply.

Hi, it is not possible. There is no WP version.


In Mouse hover menu is changing, I changed it to on click menu is changing similarly, my requirement is submenu active should change on click Now, mouseover is there, when I am clicking any of the submenu that active is not working

Hi, I have sent you email with the answer.