Angular 6 Custom Grid With ASP.NET MVC Web API

Angular 6 Custom Grid With ASP.NET MVC Web API

Angular 6 Custom Grid With ASP.NET MVC Web API

“Angular 6 Custom Grid With ASP.NET MVC Web API” is a fully custom dynamic grid, thumbnail and swmi thumbnail grid and much more functions.

For Demo Login : Username : admin & Password : admin


  • Angular 6+ Support
  • Integrated with ASP.NET MVC
  • ASP.NET Web API used for data fetching
  • Webpack AOT Bundling
  • Fully responsive design
  • 16 Multi Languages Support
  • 9 different samples of grid
  • Dynamic Google charts and Chart JS
  • Login Functionality
  • Change Password Functionality
  • Custom Responsive bootstrap model popup
  • Datepicker
  • Thumbnail view and Semi Thumbnail view
  • Animation effect on thumbnail
  • Multiple grid in single page
  • Grid Common Search
  • Grid Sorting
  • Custom Multiple filters as like as telerik grid and datatables for every column type like Datepicker for Date column, Textbox for string column, Checkbox for boolean column and more..
  • Filter menu column type wise
  • Column Chooser
  • Checkbox column for select single or multiple row
  • Add function
  • Edit/Update function
  • Edit row on double click
  • Delete function
  • Validation for required, email and number
  • Custom notification message
  • Tooltip
  • Few line code for common grid
  • and many more…

Small Code for Disaply Grid

        <commongrid *ngIf="allItems.length > 0" [records]="allItems" [gridfilter]="gridFilter" [SearchText]="txtSearch" 
        [pagesize]="10" (change)="pageChanged($event)" [PagingType]="'nextprevnumber'">

Version History

03-August-2017  - version 1.0
- Initial Version