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Lomaag Purchased

I downloaded the app and there’s a big error. Are you available to help me out

Yes sure. Please send the screenshot of error. And contact us on skype so that we can guide you further.

Skype: help.gurutechnolabs

is there emoji in this keyboard app?

It has startapp integrated.

Can you custom to admob banner and interstitial? I want monetize with admob

Sure, It will cost you small money for integrating admob

hello i want to add myanmar language


Yes, we can add Burmese language. It will cost you additional.

Please contact us on Skype for further discussion: help.gurutechnolabs

i already add please confirm me

Added. Thanks

Can add arabic keyboard ?

Yes, you can add it. If you have programming knowledge.

If you want we can also add it for you but it will cost an extra amount.

You can contact us on skype for further details.

Skype: help.gurutechnolabs

I have faced soo many Errors and i solved them. but i’m stack in error called : Unable to Merge Dex. Any solution please ?

Have you purchased our code from CodeCanyon? Because it’s not showing “Purchased” badge on your comment.

I want to test your app first and I download it for free because I read soo many people faced errors when they sale your code. and I’m ready to buy your code source when he is without errors

Okay sure. Please share the list of errors you are facing.

Also, you can contact us on skype: help.gurutechnolabs

Does this app have dictionary feature?