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how i can change keybord english to franche ? thanks

how i can do that, send me just a screenshot plez, thanks microstocker1@gmail.com

Okay. We will contact you in next 48 hours. :-)

thanks you and arab plez

I’ve sent you an email my email id start with bassam

On which email id you had sent an email? Please send email on sales@gurutechnolabs.com

can i change the keyboard to Amharic language keyboard ?

Nope. But if you want us to add Amharic language in keyboard then we can add it. It will cost you little extra amount.

For more information, you can add us on Skype. Our skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

hello before i purchase the osurce code i want to know if you could app emoji to keyboard theme and thanks

yes.. we can do it but you will have to pay for it. Kindly contact on help.gurutechnolabs

I need to add emojis

Yes. We can add it. It will cost you little extra amount. Add us on Skype for more discussion. Our Skype id is: help.guru.technolabs

i have delete ads in the app but has show?

Please contact us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs


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How to disable startapp ads?

Please contact us on Skype. Our skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

Hi if i buy, i should reskin all themes or just app GUI ?

thank you

It’s up to you. If you have programming knowledge then you can reskin both.

Google can accept my app without changing keyboards theme ?

It’s risky. Ideally you should reskin it.

Hello , you have a version for android studio?

Currently we do not have but yes we are going to provide it in next few days. To keep in touch add us on Skype. Id is help.gurutechnolabs

ok thanks

what is the language is support and , i want add another language i can do this or not like paresa or arabic؟

Yes, You can add other languages too, :-) Right now this app is in english language.

Hello Dear ,

After I open the project in Android Studio I got two Errors , I need your support

You Can find the Errors here below http://prntscr.com/dl8lwo


Thanks for purchasing our app. Kindly add us in skype (guru.technolabs)

Our executive will help you further to solve this error.

I talk to your Skype Account they Tell me to ask for help here !!

i have bought this source code and i get notif about update this source code, can i know what i get from updet your source code ?

Please add us in skype for this customization request. Our skype is help.gurutechnolabs

its free or pay ?

It will cost you small amount

Hello Team ,

Now My problem Is solved in few Minutes . Thank you for your Great Support and See you in a next purchase .

Thank you. :-)


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Hello! I have bought this source code, but unfortunately I have some errors. There is a lack of files in the archive.

http://joxi.ru/J2byag7INL83m6 http://joxi.ru/D2PE0zWfgxjkA3 http://joxi.ru/Drll9gnTBEbZrP http://joxi.ru/l2ZMQ4Bfd3D3mJ http://joxi.ru/8AnW9EvHdV1lrO

How I can fix it? Thanks.

Please add us on Skype so that we can solve your issues. Our Skype id is help.gurutechnolabs


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hi, you can integrate admob?


Admob and StartApp both are already integrated in the code.


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Hi author.

Project is not complete. You have missing class: CropOverlayView (under com.edmodo.cropper.cropwindow.CropOverlayView)

I can’t use old one from previous version because I then bee asked for whole bunch of resources

Also I see errors in Handle class about missing symbols.

Can you please upload fixed/workable version?

We didn’t receive any Skype request. Please send request on help.gurutechnolabs


Aquamatic Purchased

Your skype name is help.gurutechnolabs(Paul Smith) and I sent you manu requests

Yes. It is correct. We have not received any skype request from you yet. We are closed for today now. We will be back to work on monday now. :-)