Android Ecommerce - Universal Android Ecommerce / Store Full Mobile App with Laravel CMS

Android Ecommerce - Universal Android Ecommerce / Store Full Mobile App with Laravel CMS

Android Ecommerce - Universal Android Ecommerce / Store Full Mobile App with Laravel CMS - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Android Ecommerce is complete mobile app solution for android with Advanced Laravel CMS. You have variety of ready made ecommerce pages to create your mobile app. It’s best app for any type of store like Fashion, Electronics, Grocery and Restaurant. Either you are store owner or developer, it’s best app for faster mobile app development with low cost. We provide complete support and also provide customization & installation services at reasonable price.

You can create any types of store like Fashion, Restaurant, Electronics and Grocery store. We have created few store demos for our valueable customers for testing our app.

Restaurant Demo

Fashion Demo

General Shop Demo

Admin side is integrated to manage product data, you can edit and update the data anywhere and anytime.FCM notification feature allow admin to send notifications to many users. Admin panel build with LARAVEL PHP Framework Test out our admin panel open below link in your browser
password: admin

Change Logs:

Version 1.1 – Released Date: 03 Dec 2017

- Fixed Some Minor Issues

Version 2.0 – Released Date: 14 December 2017

We have updated cms to latest technologies:
- Laravel 5.5
App & CMS New Features:
- Added Runtime Permissions of Location, Camera, Storage and PhoneState
- PayPal Integration
- AdMob  
- App Share
- Rate This App
- Ability to translate CMS to any language
- Ability to select app home screen and category screen from CMS
- Ability to manage app navigation links from CMS 
- Changed UI of UpdateAccount
- Changed UI of SettingsFragment
- Fixed Scheduled Local Notifications Bug
- Fixed Map Scrolling Bug on Contact Us page
- Fixed some more bugs & Improvements. 

Version 2.1 – Released Date: 29 December 2017

Cms Issues Fixed:
- Special Product - Remove comments from line no 328 to 330 from  app\Http\Controllers\App\MyProductContrroller.php 
- Replace these lines in editProduct.blade.php on line number 111
<option    @if($result['product'][0]->products_id != $result['specialProduct'][0]->products_id && $result['specialProduct'][0]->status == 0) selected @endif value="no">{{ trans('labels.No') }}
<option    @if($result['product'][0]->products_id == $result['specialProduct'][0]->products_id && $result['specialProduct'][0]->status == 1) selected @endif value="yes">{{ trans('labels.Yes') }}
- Some cms labels were missing
update file resource\lang\en\labels.php 
update file resources\views\admin\EditProduct.blade.php 
- Replace these lines in CustomersController.php
$customers_email_address = $user['email'];
$customers_email_address = $user['email'];    
$customers_email_address = '';

Version 2.2 – Released Date: 07 Feb 2018

App & CMS New Features:
- OneSignal Notification Integrated
- Added option to select OneSignal or FCM from CMS
- Optional Image Notification from CMS
- Added the ability to register device to CMS using OneSignal 
- Auto notification and email on User Signup, Order Status Change, Add New Product, Add New News, Forgot Password.
- Manage Notification/Email Settings From CMS
App Issues Fixed:
- Bug Fixes and Code improvements. 
- Fixed Coupon Apply Error
- Fixed app crashes on startup
- Fixed Notification Click starts new activity issue
- Fixed Empty Filters message issue on Viewpager's Fragments
- Moved Bottom Loader to the center of the Splash Screen
- Changed Price Formatting to two decimal points (0.0 to 0.00)
- Changed Logout Button Text to Login after LoggedOut in Settings
- Changed Retrofit's Synchronous Request scenario in StartAppRequests
Cms Issues Fixed:
- Bug Fixes and code improvements. 
- Products status bug fixed in app\Http\Controllers\App\MyProductController.php
- Language Translation Bug Fixes.
- 'languages' table altered, extend characters length for field name 'code'

Version 2.3 – Released Date: 12 Feb 2018

- Update CMS Pages
- Bug Fixes and Code improvements. 

Version 2.4 – Released Date: 17 Feb 2018

- Minor Bug Fixes and Code Improvements. 

Version 2.5 – Released Date: 22 Feb 2018

- Notification image and language code bug has been fixed in cms.
- Implemented Image Notification in App
- Fixed Cart Items Price Issue
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