Reviews for Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand

Reviews for Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand

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After reading a lot of negative feedback I was hesitate to buy this product. But then again I read most of the comments and I observed that generally many issues arise because of wong server set up, ignorning documentations and not doing efforts to trouble shoot. So, I decided to buy the solutions. First I tested it on the local server and it was working perfectly. but when I uploaded it to my server I found 404 error which was due to the mis configuraiton of the server so, I fixed that issue and backend working perfectly.
Then app also worked perfect just had to enable shipping method as it was causing crashing at the checkout. After enablinhg shipping method, the app worked perfectly and I was so happy because I was looking for such a solutions sinec a long time.
I can say for sure that there are no issues in the code. one just need to sort out them on their own.

Full of Bugs in recent update:--

1 At Mobile app, “Add to cart” button not worked at “Product Description” Page.

2) At AdminPanel, Will not able to add product properly. try it yourself just click on—-> “Add Product” > Enterdetails,select image etc> ClickOn “Add Attribute”>here even we are adding brand new product but you will see item already has “Current Stock” 300 or 600 or any other number. Even after adding stock, images sometime item are not show in app.

3) At Dashboard of AdminPanel,you will see 1item “Out of stock” but when we click on this section “10”items will be shown.

4) In App, their is 3button on homepage as 1)”Add to cart” , 2)”Out of Stock” and 3)”View Product”. I am not able to understand the difference between “Out of Stock” and “View Product” bcz both shows same things as “Out of Stock ” at “Product Description” Page

5) From AdminPanel, Not able to send “Notification” to users.

6) At app, When we are on “Product Description” and click backbutton then “Homescreen” will became stuck for a 1-2 sec. Their should be progressbar till items are fullyloaded.

7) Flash-sale not work at app.

8 ) Just Add Product with “FlashSale” option as No, After completing “Add Product ” process just try to edit this added product, you will see “Flash sale” fields are already filled with dummy data & you will find “FlashSale” option as Yes.

9) Even when we add product with “Flash screen” option as yes ,At app, it can be only seen by search option also & from search when we click on this item “Product image & Details” are missing for this item. Even just edit then exiting item and Set FlastSale it at admin. Now come on App>search added product> then click on it then you will find Product details are empty .

10) “Add product” from Homepage>enter the checkout details>select Coupon & apply, application will crash.

Author response

Hi, we have setup app in local environment and test everything and did not found issues like that. Please send me android and laravel error log files. So, my technical team can assist you. Also please open support ticket with us. Thanks.

for Code Quality

Thank You For Excellent App In Code And Design ..
Good Luck For More Success ...


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