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my app also crushes when rotated to landscape orientation

my app also crushes when rotated to landscape orientation

gan ini backend nya pake framework apa ?

gak pakai framework gan, pakainya php manual gan.


Do you offer customization for this app ? I need a author page & category page for each book ? Please advise .


Hi lethuongton, we are sorry we can’t support related to the customization, our support only related with the documentation and app configuration. Thanks

It’s a great project, setup process was really good and further documentation made the process simple. It took me 2 hours to complete the set up and I am not a coder.

One problem – I turned off Admob ads from strings.xml as mentioned in the documentation but interstitials ads are still there. Can you please tell me how to remove interstitial ads.

Hi raman2572,

don’t put empty value, you must put value in every string tag, for interstitial ads, put 0 value if you want to disable it, if you still doubt about it, you can contact us by email and we will help you directly.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


All the issues solved.

App is crashing, even the demo application is crashing. When I minimize the app and open it again from the tray, it stops working. How to fix it ?

Hi raman2572, we have solution for this problem, we have replace listview to recyclerview and the problem is solved, you can contact us by email and provide your item purchase code, we will send updated to to you. Thanks

Halo bro dimas, itu SC utk android studio ada yg AndroidEbookApp dan AndroidEbookAppViewPager. Itu bedanya apa? dan mana yg harus dipakai?

Halo gan, thanks for purchase gan, silakan pilih salah satu saja, yg ada viewpager artinya bisa di swipe kanan / kiri untuk next / previous page. Thanks

does this app have a read along function, where the user can press play and read along with a recorded voice.

Hi cmichael024, at this time, that feature is not available, the available features in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, currently not available, so, you can try the demo app to know how this app working. Thanks

my app crash when rotated to landscape orientation. Could you please help to advise ?


Sent. Please reply. Thanks

Hi lethuongton, we have reply your email and updated code already sent, please check. Thanks

received with thanks.

Hello, I just got this email from Google Play Support.

“Hello Google Play Developer,

Our records show that your app currently violates our User Data policy regarding Personal and Sensitive Information.

Policy issue: Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the app requests or handles sensitive user or device information. Your app requests sensitive permissions (e.g. camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, or phone) or user data, but does not include a valid privacy policy.”

How can I modify the app so that it doesn’t request sensitive permissions?

Hi Watcharapon,

the new policy from google play and the message applies to all applications in the google play to oblige include a privacy policy on the application which has certain permissions, so, you must have your own privacy policy for your app if you plan to publish it on google play.

for more detail answer how to fix it, you can visit from this link here.


Hello. If I purchase this product can I change the name of the website as well the name on the mobile app? I noticed there is no place to change it in the “settings” menu.

Do I need to compile the App on Android Studio first before uploading to Playstore?

Hi IykeN, yes, you can change the app name, logo, package name, etc, all configuration and required changes have already explained in the documentation, yes, this app built using android studio, so, you need to make required changes and compile the project first before uploading to playstore. Thanks

Does the app support admob native ads or only the old banner ads?

Hi sylviathewitch, in this version, this app only support interstitial and banner ads, so, doesn’t support native ads, probably in the next update version in future. Thanks

Hi! Pre-buy question, can I change the books images for a list? And also i can create categories? THanks

Hi arthurlr, yes, all content management such as add, edit or delete book and story managed from admin panel, for more detail, you can try the demo app to know how this app working. Thanks

Hello, Any soon update to add subcategory ? Thanks