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long time not update? in this coming update can you make it PDF support please?

Hi, next update version currently in the preparation stage, when it is finished, we will officially release it on codecanyon, what we do about what features should be added is our independence. Thanks

Dear sir how can i change gardle build types and behavier?

Hi, build gradle adjust of your Android Studio version automatically. Thanks

how to notification workes?

Hi, push notification sent from your firebase console account directly, click here for more detail. Thanks


Hi, next update version currently in the preparation stage, when it is finished, we will officially release it on codecanyon. Thanks

i have a problem after i put the username and the password nothing show ! https://ibb.co/d1xp7a https://ibb.co/m6HBLv

Hi franklil9393, this is mean your admin panel configuration still not correctly, make sure you have import .sql database file in phpmyadmin, or you can send your cpanel hosting login detail to us via email, then we will check your configuration and try to solve it. Thanks

hi, Can i give some trial ebook , if user want to read more, them must purchased that ebook? if do not have this function, can you update it sir? thank you

Hi farliscom, the available features in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, currently not available at this time. Thanks

halo om ini saya instal lagi panel adminnya di domain yg sama tapi di folder yang berbeda dan database yg berbeda, tapi kenapa saya ubah judul salah satu yg baru kemudian panel yg lama ikut berubah juga yah ? dan saya delete pun di panel yg sudah jadi yang lama ke apus jg ? tolong solusinya om…

Halo gan,

dari penjelasan agan, sepertinya hal tersebut bukan masalah dari kode kami, melainkan masalah yang ada pada hosting agan, logika sederhananya, seharusnya, apabila script php nya ditempatkan di folder yang berbeda dengan koneksi database yang berbeda pula, itu tidak akan berhubungan satu dengan yang lain, jadi, mungkin permasalah ada pada hosting anda atau mungkin cache web browsernya agan juga bisa.

solusinya, mungkin agan bisa coba pakai sub domain untuk setiap panel adminnya, kemudian coba pakai browser lain selain chrome. jika masih ada pertanyaan, bisa kirimkan via email secara langsung.


Hey, you description is not clear, could you let me know, how your app will be edited? Like I can modify it by the web control panel, and then maybe that will generate a file, which I will copy in the app folder and I can continue editing with android studio?

Hi hajdha, all step configuration already explained in the documentation, this app built using android studio, please read the documentation carefully first and if you have any question, you can contact us by email directly. Thanks

I sent you two emails, but no response! I need to move forward!

Hi hajdha, your emails have already responded, please check for more detail and please follow the instructions we provide to fix your problem. Thanks

om tolong cek email om, kapan ada waktu remote lewat teamviewer sebentar saja om, biar fix ini, tolong yah om :D

halo om admin, btw ini kok gak bisa di masukin video atau frame videonya yah om, soalnya tutorial ada yg bentuk video jg, gimana yah om caranya ?

1 lg om, isi kontent tolong biar bisa di zoom dong om

Halo gan, ini kan bukan aplikasi webview gan, tentu saja tidak mendukung embed frame video, alternatifnya, di kontennya agan bisa menyisipkan link url video agan, nanti biar videonya dibuka via external web browser, kalau ingin konten biar bisa di zoom, silakan hubungi via email, saya kirimkan update kodenya. Terimakasih

Any plans to include the option of subchapters also ?

Can I upload on google play? And does this require the domain and hosting itself ??

Hi opick90, yes, you can upload your own version to google play, then, yes, this app require web hosting and domain for admin panel side to make it online working. Thanks

Means i have to buy web hosting and domain., Can it be done without web hosting and domain.

Hi, this app working based on client server, so, admin panel is required, highly recommended to buy web hosting and domain, but, if you want to buy it later, you can start using free hosting first, you can check this link here. Thanks

Do you have iOS version of this App? Or know some app like yours but for iOS

Hi xteoos, we only develop native Android app, so, we don’t have ios version. Thanks


Key2015 Purchased

Hi, I downloaded your latest update and found 2 issues. Means generated apk does not have following features: 1. View pager 2. Save favourite items for offline mode. These two features are exists in your demo apk. I really need them . Please help!

Hi Key2015, you can contact us by email that we’ve provided and we will send updated code to solve that 2 issues. Thanks


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Any update about this app ?

Hi, yes, if there is new update version, you will get notification by email automatically. Thanks


mi_rikil Purchased

Mobile rotation make app crushing

Hi, contact us by email that we’ve provided, we will send updated code to fix mobile rotation problem. Thanks

Bro, source ini support utk konten PDF ngga bro? kalo ga support bisa request dibuatkan pilihan kontennya bisa dari upload file pfd thx

Halo gan, belum support untuk konten pdf, bisa request agar bisa baca konten dari file pdf, mungkin bisa dijelaskan secara lebih detail via email gan, dalam hal ini, kustomisasi akan dikenakan biaya tambahan. Terimakasih

I want to add User Accounts (Register and Login) to the app’s front-end, can I hire you to do this for me?

Hi victorlslangula, at this time, request about modification or customization of the item is not available, we still can help if just want a little change (like name, package, change some text, etc). Thanks

Dear pls check email regard “Interstitial Ads”.

Hi hybridwebs, we have make some improvement about ads implementation to prevent accidental click, please check your email for more detail answer. Thanks


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Support unicode font like Hindi,urdu,arabic etc


munna69 Purchased

if possible please give me your skype


munna69 Purchased

its possible to give me your skype id ?

Hi munna69, we don’t have skype, if you need our support, you can contact us by email directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Thanks