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Got a few question before purchase.
1.I know HTML and CSS but no Java, can I customize this app? my language is RTL, need to translate phrases.
2. Can I publish on Google Play after purchase? as my own library with my own content? is Standard License enough?
3. Do you accept feature requests and do you have regular updates? like support for PDF, premium chapters of eBooks etc?
4. Does it support ad networks like adMob etc?

Hi Marani,

1. yes, you can customize this template according your needs, for installation and basic re skin guide have described in the documentation which included in the download package.
2. yes, you can publish your own version using this template, if you publish your app as free app on google play, regular license is enough, if you publish your app as paid app on google play, required extended license.
3. our support scope related with documentation and configuration, so, we don’t provide feature requests or customization, then, we have regular updates for this app, but, what we do about what features for the next update should be added is our independence.
4. yes, this app have already integrated with admob for monetization purpose.


The new version doesn’t work :( My app starts ans i see nothing.. the old version working.

Hi, if the content still not showing, this is mean your configuration between admin panel and android app still not correctly, you can contact us by email directly and we will help you to solve it. Thanks

boss….. bisa dikasih fitur tambahan? seperti kategori buku dll? trus download berbayar setiap buku yg nanti filenya tersimpan di hp jd bias dibuka offline. Boleh minta kontak WA?

Halo gan, untuk penambahan fitur selain yang ada di demo yang ada, belum tersedia saat ini, untuk support tidak menggunakan wa, apabila ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut, silahkan hubungi via email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Terimakasih


rick_29 Purchased

Hello, how do I change the message icon? It’s blank and I still have not found the place to change it.

Presale question:- Is it possible to disallow/Prevent user to cut/copy/paste of text in this app??

During Firebase Project Configuration (as per your given documentation)

Instead of “json google-services.json” Add Firebase SDK showing

Here is the screenshot


Please tell me the solution

Hi bikeshbishal,

for prevent user to cut/copy/paste of text inside the app, please contact us by email, clean your project, make it zip and send it to our email via drive attachment or dropbox, or you can provide us your teamviewer id and password for remote access support.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com

firebase sdk have already implemented in our code, so, don’t worry, you only need to replace google-services.json file with yours and firebase configuration will be completed.


sir i have sent mail. Please solve my problem


Glory99 Purchased

Hey , Please check your email , i have some issues with the admin panel config Thanks

Urgent requirement I am looking little customization based on user group where App use for educational purpose, user can register as Teacher, student , Parent and educator each user can view different books based on login credential any new book upload app notification need looking forward for you reply.

still working ? and supported by author ?

Gan, jadi gini. Saya punya ebook yang mau saya jual di play store. Saya masih newbie banget nih. Apakah App agan ini bisa saya gunakan untuk menampilkan koleksi ebook saya dalam 1 aplikasi ?

Cara masukin informasi di ebook ane apakah lewat admin panel ?

Kalau mau buat aplikasi ini jadi berbayar di playstore saya ambil yang extended ya gan ?


i am not able to configure this project on website sub domain. how can i configure please help me? when i try to configure it shows admin login id & password page after login details ,not able to acess admin dashboard. iam really confused what can i do? please help

Hi desiappsdeveloper,

this is mean your admin panel configuration still not correctly, make sure you have import database sql file in your phpmyadmin, if you still doubt about it, you can provide us your cpanel hosting login detail, we will check your configuration and try to solve it, you can send your detail to our email directly :
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


I resolve this issue easily, I want to some modification in this app, can you modify? I extra pay for this modification, how can I contact you?

Hi desiappsdeveloper, request about modification or customization of the item is not available, we still can help if just want a little change (like name, package, change some text, etc), if you need support or discuss something, you can contact us by email directly. Thanks

Hi gan, mudah mudahan pertanyaan saya ini dijawab. Gini, bisa ngak saya beli yang single license dlu, lalu saya upgrade ke extended license ?

Atau harus beli license baru kalau dah sempat beli yang single ?


Halo gan, sepengetahuan saya, di envato tidak ada opsi untuk upgrade lisensi, jadi, kalau mau menggunakan lisensi extended agan harus purchase lagi (bisa dengan menggunakan akun yang sama), jadi nanti agan akan punya dua lisensi untuk yang regular dan extended, begitu seterusnya, terimakasih sudah purchase, kalau ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut bisa hubungi kami via email secara langsung. Terimakasih


Do you have plan to update new feature such as text highlight, last reading ? ...

Many thanks


I want similar kind of app but I want to use Pdf for it. can I do that. Plus your admin panel link when I opened it says password wrong I tried admin and admin as username and password but it is not working. Can you please check and revert back to me ?

Hi, sorry for this inconvenience, now you can try re login to demo admin panel here, at this time, this app doesn’t support pdf, but we have already done some research and most likely the pdf support will be added in the upcoming update version. Thanks

how to fix finger swipe?

How to use it .

Do you have plan to update new feature such as pdf upload instead of text?

Is it possible to disallow/Prevent user to cut/copy/paste of text in this app??

Hi gan, apakah bisa input dgn font bahasa arab? Terimakasih

Halo gan, bisa gan, aplikasi ini mendukung format karakter utf-8, jadi support dengan bahasa arab. Terimakasih

Hello, I have problem ” No internet connection” I have sent image by email. Please check and reply me soon. Thank


Susanta9 Purchased

Update karo hay…


munna69 Purchased

after long time install in on my server but not working , show blank page http://prntscr.com/j47flj

Hi munna69, this is mean your admin panel configuration still not correctly, you can contact us by email and provide us your cpanel hosting login detail, we need to check your configuration first to solve the problem. Thanks


Susanta9 Purchased

Is it possible to disallow/Prevent user to cut/copy/paste of text in this app??