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Where are the plugin settings stored?

My sync cycle stopped months ago and refuses to run again, no matter what I try. In the backend it says: “NEXT SYNC CYCLE Estimated Start time (depends on last sync cycle start time and recurrence settings and also on products per request sync setting): Tue 4 Apr / 13.10”

Perhaps I can manually change the next sync cycle date somewhere to get it running again?

Can you please answer my question?

I think the demo is not working at all, also is there a option to not use a website cart but redirect directly to Amazon?

Hi micro_design,
The demo is working on our side. Try to access it using this link: http://demo.aa-team.com/tf/eStore/eStore-demo1/ Yes, you will just have to turn off the On-site cart option from the plugin.

Best regards

I cant send you a screenshot here – but on Mac Chrome the whole design is broken. Also is this plugin working with another themes?

Yes, any WooCommerce theme should work great.

Hello. Included theme question: If i make tree-like Main Menu, i can’t click on the any sub-menus, because button disappears when I bring up the mouse

Make sure you do not have a gap between the main menu and the submenu.

i’v send you url in pm.

Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com

When I import new variable products, the button on the category page now reads ‘read more’, and on the product page it says ‘add to cart’. On buttons of variable products I imported earlier (before updating) it still says ‘select options’. That is weird.

Is that something your plugin does is it a Woocommerce thing?

Hi Millennyum,
That is weird. Try to update all the products in your shop. If that doesn’t help, open a ticket at support.aa-team.com

Best regards

That seems to have fixed it. Weird. Can you please answer my question a few posts above as well? It would make it much easier for me to update the products!

I have figured out that updating the products works to fix this issue with the newly imported products. But each time I import new products, the same issue occurs. Meaning I always have to update all the items immediately after I have imported them and added them to my shop. So there must be a bug somewhere.

Hi, there is something I’m probably missing. I would like to generate a simple link to add it in a word on my website the same way I can do it when I’m on amazon with the affiliate bar on top.

I don’t want an amazon store with new added product on my shop. I just want to generate links and add them in my texts and descriptions that can last 30 days (cookie) as advertised instead of a few days like the amazon regular bar allows you.

Can you help me? I can’t see where to find this option.


Hi enjoymoreproject,
Unfortunately this is not what the plugin is doing.

Best regards

Your demos still show not products in the store. Anyway I want to ask what is the difference between this product and this one https://codecanyon.net/item/amazon-estore-affiliates-plugin/2388006/comments

Hi micro_design,
You can use the direct link to the demo site : http://demo.aa-team.com/tf/eStore/eStore-demo1/shop/
The link you sent is the link to this plugin.

Best regards

I ask for the difference about your products in order to take decision which to buy – is there any ?

My sync cycle stopped months ago and refuses to run again, no matter what I try. In the backend it says: “NEXT SYNC CYCLE Estimated Start time (depends on last sync cycle start time and recurrence settings and also on products per request sync setting): Tue 4 Apr / 13.10”

Other users of your similar Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin are also reporting having sync problems.

One of those users has found entries in the php database that store the cronjob progress and was able to restart the sync process by altering the values in the database. As this plugin appartently does not create the same database entries and I’m unable to find any resembling it, I would like to know where this plugin stores those sync details.

Please inform me. And please fix the plugin so I can use the automated sync again.

Make sure you have enough PHP and WP Memory Limit. You need about 256MB for every 1000 products. If the memory is not enough, unblocking the crons will do nothing as the issue that caused the block was not solved in the first place.

I have a WP memory limit of 384M and a PHP memory limit of 768M for about 1,200 products. When I click ‘unblock crons’ it says ‘1’. But the next sync cycle date does not change and it doesn’t start synchronizing the next day. I can still only synchronize manually.

Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can take a look.

Please tell me,

1) If I buy Regular License for it for one site and later I want to buy Extended License, I will pay full amount of Extended License or I will pay the difference amount of Regular and Extended License ?

2) If I want to use this plugin on more than 1 domain, Will you offer some discount for 1-5 domains ?

Hi dnhgeeks,
1. You will have to purchase a new license so the price will be full. You can read the Envato terms for more info.
2. We (the author) can not offer discounts as we only sell on the Envato Marketplace.

Best regards


Crafu Purchased

Logged a ticket with support but it might be worth mentioning this here too. I’ve been using this plugin for over 3 years and it’s been great. I have a couple of licenses and have started to build a new site. However, I noticed a problem with my existing site after I updated the plugin to the most recent version. The problem is that none of the product links or product category links show anything on the page. Instead, I get a 500 error and a white page. But if I’m logged in as the Wordpress Admin, everything works fine. I thought that it might be possible that there was a conflict on my existing site, so created a brand new site from scratch. The only plugins on the site are Woocommerce, this one and Yoast. However, I still have the same issue. Funny thing is if I disable the eStore plugin, everything works. Has anyone else had this problem? Support ticket 25728

Hi Crafu,
You have our answer in detail on your ticket :)

Best regards

“As thesaurus we have available the following languages : English (amazon.com , amazon,co.uk, amazon.ca), Dutch (amazon.de), France (amazon.fr), Spain (amazon.es)”

Dutch = amazon.nl German = amazon.de

Yes, sorry about that. It’s actually amazon.nl

Hi arshkapoor,
That is the link to one of our scripts, what is wrong with it? Can you give us more details?

Best regards

Hi, are there supposed to be Amazon products in any of the marketplace demos, so that we can see how products are displayed?

I ask because all market places are empty.

I don’t fully understand licencing for these things in general. If I have say 5 personal websites, can I use this plugin on them all?

Hi gillianderella,
The license is per website. If you have 5 websites you will need 5 licenses.

Best regards

Hello I have a multilenguage blog in 5 lenguages and your plugin seems to be perfect for my business. Can I import from all locations of my lenguages all products from Amazon? Or the product search is setted on my primary associate ID? For example I would like to import a product from Amazon Italy in my Italian version of the blog and the same product from Amazon UK in my Uk version of the site. Thank you

Hi d4mon_82,
The product search is setted on the Amazon location you set, but you can easily change that and import from another country.

Best regards

Hy! I have problems with the template “estore” after the update of woocommerce 3.3.3.

Hi Glenda76,
Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can see what is going on there.

Best regards

your product is a winner. although i didn’t agree with the design changes it all worked out. the asin grabber(chrome) blew my mind! thank you! AA Team!!

Glad to hear that you find it useful :)

Best regards

Hi, i am interest with this script but I have question. Can I use this plugin to multiple site?

Hi kanankirioke,
You can use one license on one domain.

Best regards