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I have had a ticket open with these developers for over 7 days now and still no response from them, this is terrible support !!!!! [Ticket: #22437]

Ticket is answered and pending.

Hi! Pre-sale question. Can you import from only a specific seller store, and import all of their products?

Hi sidy,
Unfortunately a filter like that is not available.

Best regards

Just installed the latest plugin. It now only shows one item on the synchronization log page. I assume this is a bug?

Yes, we are working on it and there should be an update soon.

Any idea when it will be released? My cron jobs are not running properly and because of this bug I cannot synchronize manually either. The pricing info in my shop is over a month old!

Step-by-step, I am re-importing all my products to make them comply to the new Amazon operating agreement by loading the product images from the API in stead of downloading them locally (PLEASE create a conversion tool for this!!). However, some (but not all) products do not get imported anymore.

For example these fail: B00HUWJJRQ, B003VPC8UQ, B0039CDY40, and B000H66E1Q.

These products showed up in my shop just fine before. I deleted them, emptied the trash, and used the Insane Import tool to re-import them. But when trying to add them to the import queue, they did not show up as valid items for importing. On the Amazon site they show up as available and in stock, so that is not the problem. And as I mentioned, until I deleted them they were also shown just fine in my shop.

I have the latest version of WooCommerce installed and also installed your recent plugin update.

There are more issues with your insane import tool. I tried to add the item with asin B01AYCUTZE to the queue (which is an existing item at the Amazon site; a photo booth prop set: https://www.amazon.com/Hatter-Party-Photo-Booth-Props/dp/B01AYCUTZE/). In stead, it adds a completely different item: asin B01N19Z3Z0, which is a centerpiece! See http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net/download/wrong-item.png for a screenshot The item with asin B01AYCUTZE used to be on my site before, so I really don’t know why it is not importing anymore.

The centerpiece, B01N19Z3Z0, got added again in stead of another item. Very strange.

Another bug: the ‘as of’ price date is being displayed on product pages of simple and grouped products, but not on variable product pages. The problem also occurs in your default theme, so it is not my installation. Please fix a.s.a.p., as this violates Amazon’s TOS.

We will look into it, thank you, and if it’s a bug we will fix it.

Best regards

Now this is the kind of response I’d expect from a support team. Thank you, keep it up!

Any word on a conversion tool to swap already imported product images to the API? I have thousands of products that need to be converted and a tool within the plugin would make it much easier!!

We are considering it. Maybe in the future updates if we have the time.

Would it be possible to pay to have this done personally with one of your developers? If so please provide email contact info

Unfortunately we can not take on custom work at the moment. But you could find someone to help you on https://wpkraken.io/?ref=AA-Team

Best regards

The last couple of weeks I’m having trouble with extremely high server response times. My developer does not know why and my host has also looked into it, but can only see that the database requests are out of control. I am starting to suspect that this has started since I installed your latest update. Could it be that this update is not working nicely with my caching plugin anymore (W3 Total Cache)? Or something else that makes it extremely more resource hogging?

I just read that users of your similar Amazon plugin are experiencing the same issues with extremely high resource usage! Why don’t you acknowledge this problem?? Please provide an update soon. Google keeps throwing me out of their search result pages because of the high loading times! This is costing me money!

Where the documentation located?I cant found it within the downloaded folder. I’ve import few of products to amzStore, but not appear on my wooCommerce web store at all. I’ve change folder read write permission to 777. I try to look for guide from documentation.

Hi willie109,
All documentations can be found here: http://docs.aa-team.com/

Best regards