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I want to run this on localhost is that possible and I still haven’t received an email with the api yet.

Hi Victor,

thanks for buying the script. I sent you the API key about 13 hours ago, which was before you posted this comment. Please check your spam folder.

Sorry, is not possible to run it on localhost. The site has to be on the internet to work. You can still use your API key to see how it looks on your localhost, but you won’t be able to make translations.

Let me know if I should resend the API key to another email.

Cheers, Fred

Thanks, for the quick reply what email was it sent to?

I sent it to two emails: nguvictor and victor.nguyen, both under the same domain. I’m not telling what domain is that, so you won’t get spammed ;)

If i want to use google tranlation API v2 instead of SurStudio Translate API how do I do that?

~NM i got it.

You don’t need two keys. You just need one, the one I sent you is enough. If, for some reason, you want to use Google Translate (SurStudio uses Google Translate, but you don’t have to pay for it), then you will need another key from Google.

I want to use Google Translation V2. How would I do that? I set translation_service = gt and google_api_key = MYKEY, but it doesn’t work.

I’m seeing the URLs of the samples you uploaded: /samples/sample_1.php.

The error message is this:

Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?

Usually, it would mean that the server doesn’t have the OpenSSL module enabled (which is required when using Google Translate, since all requests are made via https). But I think it is enabled on your server, since I can see some headers in the response.

As I see you have 2 options: either send me a temporary FTP access, so I can make a few tests; or contact your hosting support about this problem.

Let me know…

Cheers, Fred

For potential buyers:

There aren’t many quality, inexpensive localisation translators out right now; most translators require you to enter your own translations manually, and the few that run off of API’s are often based on Google & Bing API’s, which limit the number of free characters per month.

This product solves that problem – it uses a custom API with no character limit, has little-to-zero performance impact, and the support is top-notch!

After purchasing the product, had a couple of minor issues – support helped me iron them out – average support response time < 20 minutes.

Recommend this product, and after the support, recommend the author – will return for future purchases :)

Thank you very much for your great review Andrew! :)

I bought this plugin on Oct 6, 2012 and it was well worth the $20 fee, awesome support and plugin works brilliantly on my wordpress site.

I use it for machine translation to qtranslate, the live translations are only visible to admins and then the contents are manually copied into qtranslate.

Thanks to the author for this plugin and great support, I highly recommend this script.

Hi Leslie, thank you very much for your great review :)

From where you get the translations ?

Hello, as the the Item description says:

Supported translation services

SurStudio Translate API (gateway to Google Translate, although is free for buyers, for life).
Google Translate API (paid).
Microsoft Translate API (free, but with limits).


Hello there,

Have sent you few email to get the API key. Until today still haven’t received any feedback from you?

Here I’m attaching the required info to get a key to use the translation service.

Name: Jason Yap Email: Product: Ajax Translator Revolution Pro Item Purchase Code: 56a89d43-04da-48d2-bb91-9f1d17f3c7f9 Website’s base URL : Website’s source language: English

That’s weird, I’ll create the API key right away. I have the data now, so I suggest you to edit the comment and remove the info.

API key sent.

I just want to commend the author on a great script and OUTSTANDING support. I got a reply right away with a small problem and the translator dropped into my phpbb site with almost no effort. I looked hard and couldn’t find a better machine translation tool. I heartily recommend this product and at $20 with the API key, consider it to be a really great value.

Thank you very much for your message and rating!! :)

Fred’s and his teams, vision of work is greater than just selling. Keep it up my 5 star to your support and the product.

Thank you very much for your message! :)


I have a doubt. Is it possible to integrate the script with my website? We are creating a multilingual web application. So we are looking for some language translator tools to make the website multilingual. Is it possible with this tool?


sorry, no it’s not possible.


Ok, So do we have any other application to do this?

If you want to translate an app, then you should sign up for Google Translate, and use it directly from your app.


dear team i want my key and how can i add this key ?


please take a minute to read the whole installation guide:


Dear Team where is my key ?


please take a minute to read the whole installation guide:


dearrrrrrrrrrrr i swear I am tired of delay when i use script asked for API_key And this page say that i should ask ypur company for the api key by Item Purchase Code and i dont have this code so please provide me with the api_key by email or refund my money


this is how you find the Item Purchase Code:


Hi does your translator support translation of website with multiple pages without the need to press the translator button on every page?

Also does the plugin help in SEO for targeting countries and their markets when you translate the page?



the page is only translated on the client side when a visitors clicks on a language. And no, it doesn’t have any SEO capabilities.



May I configure this translator to be displayed as dropdown translator flag/button such as wordpress version?


it’s not impossible of course, but it’ll require you to have an advanced knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript. That is a customization not included with the script, you’ll have to do that by yourself.


Hi sir, should i use index.php for this or i mean can i use index.html?


as you see in the samples and guides, you should insert PHP code to initialize the translator, so the file you’re inserting the code into should be parsed by a PHP interpreter. I’m telling you this because is possible to have html files parsed by a PHP interpreter.

But the short answer will be to use the index.php file.


Hi I have more than 3 PHP website and i want to buy automatic translator for my websites

i have some question

1- is your script using google translate ? (i prefer google translate) 2- is this full source code ? i want use on all 3 websites, or buy license for each site 3- is there any limitation on translate or not ? 4-is it need to change my codes on site or no?

answering this questions help me to choose best for my websites



these translations plugins use Google Translate internally, as specified in the description page. You need one license per website, and you do need to modify your site to load the translator, please check the installation guide.


you gave me full source ?

Can i use for automatic translate based on user language ( my system know user language )


it should be possible to do it, however, the script isn’t prepared for that so it’ll be up to you to make the customization as it’s not included.


SurStudio: Just wanted to thank you for the prompt service and updated class that took care of our issues. Awesome product and better support.

Thank you very much for your great review and rating!

I already made the purchase yesterday, I already forwarded the message to receive the api-key, and I did not receive a reply! I did not like the support!