Discussion on Age Checker for WordPress

Discussion on Age Checker for WordPress

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I just bought the plugin but the plugin configuration screen is blank and the plugin cannot be accessed to configure it. How can I get a refund for the plugin?

Hi sorry to hear you’re having issues, I have replied to your email. Please could you provide temporary login details so that the issue can be looked into.

Hello, can you please tell me how many scripts and what kinds are loading on each page with this plugin activated?

Hi there are 2 scripts being used to handle the verification screen. For the admin side there are a few extra scripts. Most files are small and custom written, a few of the admin scripts are plugins – jqueryui, spectrum, chosen

I’m not able to get the age checker page to display. Please help

Hi please could you send your site URL and login details to so that your issue can be looked into. Thanks

Hi there, can I get a refund? The plugin wasn’t wat I was expecting.

Hello! With this plugins Can I restrict a specific woocommerce products from only ONE category? I sell alcoholic beverages and need to show a popup with age veritification only when people try to enter on any of those products. Thanks!!

Hi there, sorry for the delayed response. Yes this is possible.

Hi! I am a liquor website designer with huge client base. Please let me know if this plugin meets my requirement. I’ll be getting several licenses if it works.

My requirement: When user passes the age verification, an option to enter site with or without email should pop out like in this website

If this plugin cannot do that, can it atleast gives me an option to redirect the verified user to a specific page?

I think this plugin has option to redirect only if user is underage.

Hope to hear from you ASAP.


Hi unfortunately the plugin doesn’t currently offer the option to enter an email address, and redirecting to a specific page is handled when a user clicks an exit button.

I love the plugin, the image I’m using as a background cuts off, is there a recommended size or aspect ration for the background photo?

Hi unfortunately it’s hard to give a recommended aspect ratio for the image, as each screen size will try and fit in the image differently. You can try cropping the image to be taller or wider depending on which part is being cut off. If you’d like to share the site url to I can help advise which section of the image might benefit from being cropped. Thanks.

Hello Themeware Team,

there is a problem using the Age Checker on our website. After confirming the Age, the checker appears everytime, as if there is no cookie set.

We’ve tried already all the settings and nothing seems to work. Can you guys take a small look inside please?

Warm regards,

Giordano Drieman

Hi Giordano, please could you send some temporary login details to so that your issue can be looked into. Thanks


Verification method: enter… When clicking on “yes” it takes a while to hide/remove the pop… is there some way to avoid this or even show a loading thingy since its confusing if something will happen or not..


Hi I’m not sure if I have replied to your email on a similar topic already?

If you’re comfortable editing some code, a loading gif could be inserted and removed within the file age-checker/inc/assets/js/js.js in the block $( ‘body’ ).on( ‘submit’, ’#agc_verify_form’, function(event) {

Are you able to share your site URL so I can view the load time? Longer load times can often be a hosting performance problem.


Hi there, Just purchased, works great with Divi Theme, I was having issues with my last plugin. Anyway, I can’t figure out the CSS I need to add to make my black background transparent. Any suggestions?

Hi there, Funkstar had a similar question in the previous comment, if you set #agc_bg to opacity 0 that would make it transparent.

#agc_bg { opacity: 0; }

Does that solve your problem? Thanks

Thank you! Worked perfectly, was also able to do some more styling I wanted like input box border and background.

Dear Sirs,

I’ve just recently purchased this age gate that looks great out of the box, however its missing a feature that means we will not be able to use it…

The ability to have a semi transparent background from the colour picker.

Is it possible please to add this? It would be such a shame not to be able to have this, I’m sure lots of other people would also find it very useful.

Kind Regards,


Hi Clive, thanks for the feedback that’s something that could be considered in a future update. For now you can add in the transparency quite easily with some CSS in either your theme’s style.css file or going to Appearance->Customise->Additional CSS.

Please add the following:

#agc_bg { opacity: 0.9; }

You can adjust opacity to the level of your choosing between 0 and 1.


so the gate itself works great – the problem is, when it’s “on” it is blocking me from editing pages in the backend. Using Divi theme (a very common theme). Is there any fix to this?? I literally have to turn the gate off anytime I need to edit a page.

I didn’t see an update to the plugin in the dashboard? I’ll try redownloading. thanks

So I just downloaded 1.2.7. Uninstalled 1.2.6, installed and activated 1.2.7, cleared my cache, opened new page. activated visual builder to edit page – and I still can not get past age gate. Thoughts? Happy to provide screenshots if we can move all this comment thread?

Please could you provide some temporary login details to so that I can investigate what’s causing the issue? Thanks

I am using the Divi theme. The age verification pops up when trying to use the visual builder, and won’t go away. How do I disable the verification on the backend so I can actually edit the site without disabling the plugin??

Hi there, I will aim to release an update later this week so that the verification screen doesn’t appear while using Divi. Thanks

Thank you!

Hi there’s a new update available for download. Please let me know if that has resolved your issue.

Hello, I already configured the plugin on my site, it’s great. But now I also need to activate it for cell phones and tablets, but I don’t know how to do it. I need help to do this.

Hi there, no activation is required for mobile. The verification pop up will appear automatically on any screen size. Thanks.

Good evening, I would like to know if with this plugins I can restrict certain pages, or certain categories of video or certain publications?

Hi yes it’s possible to restrict individual pages and categories.

Pre-puchase question Hi, I would like to use the plugin on multi language website. Is the plugin already translateble? Thank you very much!

Hi there, you can enter any language for the age verification pop up, however, only one language can be active. Multiple versions aren’t currently possible.

Hi, I have a multilingual website (2 languages using WPML) and have applied the Age Checker on one specific page which works great. My issue is that I can only select the page in the main language but I can’t choose and apply the plugin to that same page existing in the other language.

Any way to do that? Thanks in advance.

Hi, the plugin may not work with WPML, it’s also difficult to work on compatibility since WPML doesn’t offer any free plans. Does the verification popup not appear at all for the other language? Do the 2 pages have the same or different page IDs? Thanks

Hi, no it only shows up for one language. The two pages have different IDs but I can’t select both pages.

Hi it would be useful to view the problem. Please could you send the site URL and temporary login details to thanks

last update was in march
Can I buy it or it’s dead

Hi there thanks for your interest. Yes the plugin is still being supported.


I’ve installed the age checker on However when the button is pushed it takes about 2 seconds before the age checker screen dissapears. is it possible to make this faster?

thanks, best regards

Hi there, after the button is pressed it sends an AJAX request to your site and sets a cookie. I can see that you have a slightly longer delay than usual. This delay can be decreased with faster web hosting.

If there is a future update to the plugin which can make things a bit quicker, I’ll let you know. Thanks.


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