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What’s the best method to modify the fonts used without the css being wiped in an update?

Hi you can edit the fonts in your theme’s style.css file. These changes wouldn’t be wiped in a plugin update.

I just purchased the Age Checker plugin, but my client is looking for a specific feature that the plugin doesn’t include, so I need to look for another solution. Are you able to provide me with a refund, given that I won’t be able to use the plugin?

Hi would you be able to send over an email to about this explaining which feature is needed? Thanks

when will this be multisite ready

Hi this hasn’t been tested on a multisite setup but in principle it should work fine. If you were to have any issues then you can let me know. Thanks.

Can I limit to articles in a certain category?

Hi you can age restrict a selection or everything excluding a selection of pages/posts. At the moment you can’t restrict by category.

Hello, The plugin does not work on my site. Nothing happens

Hi there please could you send your site url and temporary login details to so that your issue can be looked into. Thanks.


I just purchased your plugin. I uploaded the logo but, despite what is shown in the preview, in the website the logo is not centered on the page but it is left aligned.

Could you please check?

Thank you, Cristiano

Hi unfortunately I can’t see the age verification page appearing on that link. Would you be able to send some temporary login details to so that this can be looked into. Thanks.

BACK LINK TRICK: If you want your exit button to take the user back to where they came from, use “javascript:history.back()” in the URL field for the exit button.

Hello. What would cause the video background to not display in the age checker. The video background worked before I added my SSL and now my Preview does not show when I am editing the Age Checker.

Hi there, will need to look into why you are experiencing this issue. Please could you provide your site URL and some temporary login details to Thanks.

Hello. I am interesting in buying this plugin. My question is : is it possible to add age verification only on home page and some others pages if the home page is a classic lists of posts (and not a page created and assigned as home) ? Thank you

Hi thanks for your inquiry, yes what you are asking is possible.

I just bought the plugin. I don’t see anywhere where I can add the verification on home page ? I see how I can add pages, posts, but not the home page if the home page is a classic list of posts… How I can do it ?

Ah I see sorry for the inconvenience, I misunderstood your original question regarding the latest posts. At the moment the plugin doesn’t have this facility out of the box and would require some customization. If you would like to apply for a refund you can do so here –


Jon181 Purchased


Hopefully you can help, I have just installed your plugin and there appears to be issues with the button not responding correct on certain Apple products.

It works fine on an iPhone 8 running the latest iOS, however doesn’t work on an iPhone 8 running iOS 13.1.3. It also doesn’t work on a iPhone 10 using the latest iOS.

It doesn’t respond to the button being pressed, thus prevents access to the site.

Can you investigate and hopefully fix? All up it’s a GREAT looking plugin, just seems to have this one small glitch.

Many thanks for your help on this…


Hi sorry to hear you’ve experienced some issues. Would you be able to send your URL to so that this can be looked into? Thanks

My age restriction page isn’t centered.

How do I fix this? In the plugin or style sheet?