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Hello! Great plugin. Just curious – is there anyway for it to leave each sentence up on the screen and not back it out?


Happy New Year

I’m looking for the version for the html and php have you?

Thank you

No. This version works only on wordpress.

Hi there. My client is using the plugin on their site and it was working great, but now the background of the cursor is flashing to black and I have NO IDEA why. Can you help please…

In this file :

You have :

@keyframes blink{from,to{background-color:transparent}50%{background-color:#000;}}

Insert this code in your custom css :

@keyframes blink{from,to{background-color:transparent}50%{background-color:transparent!important;}}

To undo the black background effect.

I added it and nothing happens. I can’t even see it when I inspect element on the object, but I did add it and cleared cache. :(

Try to add it manually at the end of your modal.min.css file.

Hi Antoine,

great plugin – love it.

Nevertheless I needed to use my themes settings for font-size, font-color and font-family. After some research I found the solution hidden here in the comments.

A great feature in future versions – which I would really suggest you – is an option in the animation settings. Changing it globally in the php-files is not a comfortable way to achieve this.

Best regards from Austria, Max

Hi, you can add your css code with a plugin.

Is there a way to override the font family with CSS? I tried adding a class to it as I want it to be a font that’s not provided but it appears the class keeps changing…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! -Josh

With !important css atributes and the good element name that should work.

See in the old comments the solution is here.

Ok I got that to work for the typing text. What’s the attribute for the static text? Looks like the class name is something different every time I refresh. Thanks!

Change line 64 of this file : “font_anim.php” from

    <span class="cl<?php echo $rand;?>"><?php echo ($params['text'][0]); ?><span id="typed" style="display:inline-block" /></span>

to :
    <span id="type" class="cl<?php echo $rand;?>"><?php echo ($params['text'][0]); ?><span id="typed" style="display:inline-block" /></span>

And use #type id attribute for static text and #typed for non static text.


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I’ve added the plugin to the plugins area in wp-content via ftp and it loaded correctly, but doesn’t appear on the front end.

Can you help?



Hi, you have to add the good folder where all the files are.

If you add the plugin in a subfolder it doesn’t work.


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Please can you help make the text responsive –

I’ve assigned h1 to 1.8em so please can we do the same for @media max-width 400px.



@media  (max-width: 400px) {
.row.intro > div > span  {font-size:25px}