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Hello! Great plugin. Just curious – is there anyway for it to leave each sentence up on the screen and not back it out?


Happy New Year

I’m looking for the version for the html and php have you?

Thank you

No. This version works only on wordpress.

Hi there. My client is using the plugin on their site and it was working great, but now the background of the cursor is flashing to black and I have NO IDEA why. Can you help please…

In this file :

You have :

@keyframes blink{from,to{background-color:transparent}50%{background-color:#000;}}

Insert this code in your custom css :

@keyframes blink{from,to{background-color:transparent}50%{background-color:transparent!important;}}

To undo the black background effect.

I added it and nothing happens. I can’t even see it when I inspect element on the object, but I did add it and cleared cache. :(

Try to add it manually at the end of your modal.min.css file.

Hi Antoine,

great plugin – love it.

Nevertheless I needed to use my themes settings for font-size, font-color and font-family. After some research I found the solution hidden here in the comments.

A great feature in future versions – which I would really suggest you – is an option in the animation settings. Changing it globally in the php-files is not a comfortable way to achieve this.

Best regards from Austria, Max

Hi, you can add your css code with a plugin.

Is there a way to override the font family with CSS? I tried adding a class to it as I want it to be a font that’s not provided but it appears the class keeps changing…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! -Josh

With !important css atributes and the good element name that should work.

See in the old comments the solution is here.

Ok I got that to work for the typing text. What’s the attribute for the static text? Looks like the class name is something different every time I refresh. Thanks!

Change line 64 of this file : “font_anim.php” from

    <span class="cl<?php echo $rand;?>"><?php echo ($params['text'][0]); ?><span id="typed" style="display:inline-block" /></span>

to :
    <span id="type" class="cl<?php echo $rand;?>"><?php echo ($params['text'][0]); ?><span id="typed" style="display:inline-block" /></span>

And use #type id attribute for static text and #typed for non static text.


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I’ve added the plugin to the plugins area in wp-content via ftp and it loaded correctly, but doesn’t appear on the front end.

Can you help?



Hi, you have to add the good folder where all the files are.

If you add the plugin in a subfolder it doesn’t work.


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Please can you help make the text responsive –

I’ve assigned h1 to 1.8em so please can we do the same for @media max-width 400px.



@media  (max-width: 400px) {
.row.intro > div > span  {font-size:25px}

Really love the plugin, works perfectly.

I know I need custom css to change the font size for mobile view but for the life of me I cannot get it to work.

Are you please able to assist with some suitable css for

Thanks in advance.



I have update the script. Give me your email in private message or wait for the new version.

This is the css (compatible with the new version only):

@media only screen and (max-width : 415px) {
#typed_div {font-size:20px!important}

Adapt this code with the screen width and the desired font size or duplicate it.

You can download the new version for which the code piece will work.

Hi Antoine,

Thank you so much for getting back to me on this so promptly. I will send you a private message with my email so I can update the script and use the above css.



Hello, good morning, we are interested in your plugin, however we would be interested to know if with him we could do what in this page that tomamaos as example does with the text, that is to say, a typing effect and reached a certain point to replace that Word for different.

Thank you, your help will be very important for us.

Yes the plugin do exactly this. You can choose a fixed text and several variable sentences.

Hi there.. How can I change the font? The plugin only comes with a handfull.. I was looking for something like this

Thanks, AP

Hi, the font of the preview is roboto. Just download it and upload it in the font folder.

How to create a link?

With html tag.

Sometimes single quote or double quotes can cause trouble. Try both.

Hello my name is Guillermo, we just bought your plugin.

We have different doubts that are the following: - How do we add the typeface we want? - We did not find the option to make the change of word.

Please respond as soon as possible, thank you.


- To add the typeface use css or add your font file (ttf) in the font folder in font_typed folder.

- To change the word this is the first option.

Just purchased it but cannot get the shortcode to work inside a visual composer header? any ideas on this as I bought this to work with visual composer as it says its compatible? Thanks

Hi, insert the shortcode in the header. If it don’t work this is maybe because a jquery conflict. Give me url where error appear.

Hi there, this is where I am getting the error as you can see right here: in the main top section you can see the shortcode showing like i show you in this video here:

How does one add in a font? some of the more popular like arial, droid sans, poppins etc? right now the fonts list is a bit limited and I need to add in a font that is in my theme? thanks

Hi, add your font with other way (plugin…) and use css to attribute the font to the typed text like this :
#typed_div {font-family: arial !important }

(replace “arial” with your font name).

You can use this plugin to load a font :

Thank you, yes the css method is very easy to implement in the child theme and thank you.

Hello i love your typing effect but thats its possible as the example of envato to integrate a weblink in the sentance ? to redirect to an other page ? thank you

Yes you can insert html tag like link.

Just be careful with double quote or single quote sometimes error can appear.

THanks you for your answer I am Newbie for WordPress Can you show me an example or code to insert with two sentances and each a weblink different

Thank you

You can read that : Here is an example :
Hello, Click <a href="">here</a> to view the page

Hi Antoine

Do you allways have to upload the fonts, you want to use, to the plugin folder – or is there an easy way get access to the fonts of the wordpress-theme? for now I can only see the fonts from the plugin-folder in the list.

sincerely Kenneth

Hi, the list contain only the font in the plugin font folder.

But you can use font from your theme using css :

#typed_div {font-family; .......} 

Hey Love the plugin! Is there an easy way to use google fonts with the plugin? Thanks in advance

Hi. Yes. Very easy. Use css. Load your font and add this line in your css :

#typed_div {font-family: "open sans" !important }

Replace “open sans” by your font name.

That’s all !

Hi Antoine, I’ve purchased the plugin and I have trouble with html tags. If I am using only one tag e.g. content works fine but if I add a second one e.g. content at the beginning of typing I can see for a split second typing </ but then it disappear, than it types the content and at the end it looks like it is typing /> and then it disappear also. Could you advice how to fix this please

Do you use single quote or double quote ? try with single quote if you use double quotes

Hi…I am trying to use this plugin and dont see any instructions on how to begin using it to make edits…

Hi, documentation is in the “documentation” folder. You can manage all parameters, add one or several sentence and test how your animation is by clicking “preview” button. When your animation is good for you take the shortcode and insert it in your page when you want animation appear.