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PAD10 Purchased

Hi, I purchased your app a few days back have a small issue though, the most important feature I was looking is missing, I want to assign the file to a specific user while uploading it, so when he or she logs into their portal, they’ll see their file on it. Is there any way to add this feature, can we have a checkbox for each user automatically and assing the files on demand.

Hi PAD10,

The only way to achieve what you’re trying to do is to assign users to the folders and when you upload – upload the files into respective folder for the user who is assigned to that folder.


PAD10 Purchased

Ok, it worked only when I select “user can see everyone’s files”, I thought this will show al the users files but it’s not the case, I think this term needs to be changed., Anyhow thanks for your time, once again great app, we wish you guys will develop it further more.

Thank you!

Hello. Do you take how long to answer a ticket?

I made the purchase of the script yesterday, I installed it but I have some problems, can you respond there please?

Hi Renato, we need additional details for your issue – please take a look in the ticket – we’ve just replied to you.

Is this plug in made in basic core or used by using any function ?

This is not a plugin. This is standalone PHP application Jeet.

Hello, is there any fully working live demo? not in preview mode, so I can see how it works. Thanks.

Hi DestarStudio,

Unfortunately, no. The only demo we offer at the moment is the one you see in the product description.

Hello there, I would want to preview .swf files as well. Can please help? and also i want to use this AFM for my video storage, so would want to increase the file upload to 500mb!

Sorry for not updating this thread for long time – I believe we replied to your support ticket few weeks ago. Please take a look there.

Hi, is there any expiry date option for a link? If I am sending to a client and link should expire after specific date?

Hi Raufah

Unfortunately, no, there is no such option.

Have same problem with “SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0”. I created a Ticket. Please answer me. Thx


Hi Christian,

We’ve replied to your support ticket – please take a look there.

hello the team preview of PDF file generate error An error occurred while loading the PDF. Less Information PDF.js v? (build: ?)

Hi qasmaoui,

First of all – sorry for the delay in replying due to the holidays..

Please open support ticket (if you haven’t yet) and we’ll reply within next 24 hours.

i did opned it 18 days ago and no replay till now

We replied to you and never received a reply back qasmaoui.. Please check your spam folder, perhaps email with notification went there?

Hello i would like to ask something about Filegator Pro.

Is it possible a user to be notified when an admin uploads a file in his folder?

Thank you in advance


Not sure that you’re posting in correct product? This is not Filegator Pro..

the systems comes with source code?

hello the team preview of PDF file generate error An error occurred while loading the PDF. Less Information PDF.js v? (build: ?)

Why it cant load Microsoft Word, Excel etc Complain of File type not allowed and it does on you demo.

the new user created cant access their profile

Hi Tobias, We will get back to you within your support ticket within today.

Hi –

Purchased yesterday and I’m getting these 8 errors on install. I submitted a support ticket but haven’t received a reply. Has anyone else had and solved this issue?

ERROR! can’t create afm_activitylogs (1/8)! ERROR! can’t create afm_categories (2/8)! ERROR! can’t create afm_extensions (3/8)! ERROR! can’t create afm_files (4/8)! ERROR! can’t create afm_folders (5/8)! ERROR! can’t create afm_messages (6/8)! Created table ‘afm_settings’ (7/8) ERROR! can’t create default settings ERROR! can’t create afm_users (8/8)! Table afm_downloads added

Hi. Any idea how I can fix my install of the script?

Hi guys. It’s Tuesday – I know you are busy and you had hoped you could respond by Monday, but I haven’t received a reply. Can you please address this install issue?

Hi Ray,

Your ticket was closed last week – just replying here to mark the comment as read/resolved.

Hi, I’m looking for a file manager for a client and just need to know, can users be grouped so that we can create a Company/Client and then add users to that Company/Client and then given permission to each user within the Company/Client?

Unfortunately, no, we don’t have such functionality

missing add a button that selects and automatically copies in “Copy / Paste Link:” that gets top, and the paypal function !!!!

Thanks for your input ruibto