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Anyway we can monetize this?

Only if you will custom develop such feature as at the moment there is none.


otimba Purchased

hey, what is the name of the database file. ??

Hi Otimba,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

You need to create the database yourself on your hosting, and then specify it during the installation.

For any other questions – please open support ticket at

The product are simple and works better but there are a huge problem (imho): the directory and file are stored under the site root. In the next version can I suggest to add a feature that make possible to set the main directory? (like a directory at the same level of public_html or at least not in the site root).

Excuse fo my poor english.

Thank you for your suggestion Michele, we’ll consider it for future updates!


bescoop Purchased

Hi, is it possible for “New user registration” to link with Google login, Facebook and/or Twitter API ? Thanks

Hi bescoop,

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality at this time.


Is there any way to allow users upload private files too? I’m building an attorney website an I need a private area attorney-client with this behavior.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi lacasadelarbol,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

If you will create a separate folder for each user and assign that user only to that folder – then files will be available for them and admin to view only.

Hi, Presale questions…

1. Does each User have their own personal Folder that is private? (Couldn’t find a way to do it in the demo)

2. Can the Admin browse the user Folders?

Hi SmileyDot,

1. If you assign user to only 1 folder – he will see only that folder and it will be kind of his private folder then.

2. At the moment admin can view only file list from all folders.


Kindly, let us know when you provide a new update which we was expecting it long back



Unfortunately, we don’t have an eta for next version at this time.

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I can’t install your program. need a help.

Hi Daniel,

I believe this was resolved through the support ticket already. If not – please open support ticket at and support staff will assist you further.

Hi Critical Gears,

I am interested in your product. Does this product support function as below:

- Every file uploaded require admin approval. The customer only able to see the file once the file is approved.

Hi chemat92,

Unfortunately, no, there is no such functionality.

Noted. Is there any possibility this function to be added in the future? Or I can add it manually?

We don’t have plans for such functionality at the moment, but we’ll discuss it internally.

You can add it manually, if you know PHP/MySQL – all depends on your skills.

Do you have plans to add subscription feature such that users can pay for storage space based on size of space

Do you have plans to add amazon s3 as the storage for the files?

Hi ronelgon,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Those features are on our list of possible updates, however I cannot confirm if and when these will be added.


martinn82 Purchased

Issues with when a file is uploaded, it does not list the name of the file just php coding…. what is the correct php coding for an email notification to show the file name? Currently I have it saying “a new file was uploaded to folder X” but I want the file name and apparently file isn’t pulling it.