Advanced File Management

Advanced File Management

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Version 3.0.1 – released January 6, 2021
- Improvement: Security code improvements
- Improvement: Removed inline javascript
- Improvement: Updated libraries to the latest versions
- Improvement: Removed unused & commented code

Quick Security Update (v3.0): (July 18, 2016)
- adjusted code in download_file.php and download.php (replace those files from fresh codecanyon archive)
- fixed issue with new file upload notifications (replace includes/server/index.php )

Features (v3.0): (September 1, 2015)
- completely new interface
- new installer / upgrade wizards
- new section – backup & restore
- PHP 5.5+ support
- added option for admin to enable/disable public view of the directory (in sharing section)
- added multiple mail send settings (including SMTP)

- option to assign new folders to all users at once
- option to assign new file extension to all users at once

- added option to sync files from FTP. You can upload new files through FTP and then click FTP SYNC button to import those files into the file manager.
(FTP Sync will also remove files from database, if you removed them from FTP)
- added file previews (PDF files, txt files, code (bsh, c, cc, cpp, cs, csh, css, cyc, cv, htm, html, java, js, m, mxml, perl, php, pl, pm, py, rb, sh, xhtml, xml, xsl, sql, vb), images – (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp), audio (mp3, m4a, oga, webma, fla), video (m4v, ogv, ogg, webmv, flv,mpg, mpeg, mov, divx, avi)
- integrated google code prettify for code files/txt previews
- integrated jPlayer for audio files previews
- integrated Flowplayer for video files previews
- integrated PDF.js for PDF previews

- added password generator
- added option to create folder for each new user automatically (upon registration)
- added user profile section, so users could change their own passwords and information
- added setting to enable/disable requirement to be logged in to download shared files
- added confirmation email to user, when admin approves his/hers account, if user approval is enabled
- added option for automatic user approval, with extra settings like default quota, default filesize / extensions and directories to be assigned to all new users automatically.
- password strength meter
- added option to set any user as admin

Features (v2.0): (June 28, 2011)
- assign multiple folders / sub folders for any user
- admin can upload files for any user into their folder
- added sub folders functionality
- added accordion style viewer for folders/sub-folders
- small css adjustments
- fixed undefined variables notice when adding user which exists
- fixed undefined variables on many different pages.
please note that this is not the final 2.0 version, we will release another update soon, with more features.

Features (v1.4.1) (January 23rd):
- Added paging to all script sections!
- Fixed ‘unknown sender’ issue for messaging.

Features (v1.4):
- Admin can now select upload directory before uploading file
- Added option to download activity logs in CSV format
- Added option to delete activity logs
- Added option to enable user registrations (with notifications to admin and user)
- Added option to enable new user auto-approval
- Added forgot password option
- Fixed download issue, now you have to be logged in in order to download file

Features (v1.3):
- Admin can now delete file messages
- Admin can create folders
- Admin can assign upload folders to each user

Features (v1.2.1):
- Admin can now upload files too
- Admin can now change his password through users management screen.

Features (v1.2):
- Messaging for file between admin/user (with gravatars)
- “New file message” notification for admin/user
- File extensions editor for admin
- Easy upgrade file from v1.1 to v1.2 for your convenience

Features (v1.1):
- Link sharing (copy paste or send by internal mailer)
- Multiple file upload (swfuploader plugin)
- old single file upload for users with no js enabled.
- Admin notifications to email about file delete, upload, update
- Easy upgrade file from v1.0 to v1.1 for your convenience

Features (v1.0):
- Multi user access
- Uploads statistics
- User permissions ( for admin )
- Bandwidth / space / limits allocation per user ( for admin )
- Activity logs ( for admin )
- Includes install.php file for easy database installation.


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