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I have sent mail to support about issue of been stuck at splash screen (No response yet)..i have also added the code to the .htaccess on the root folder and nothing has worked. I know i did everything right..Please tell me what to do next

Hi, You might be missing something please do mentioned in the support. Thanks,

Am not missing anything…its just not working…i have sent your support all the requested details

As we have already said that if you have done it right it must work. Please communicate it to support team as that is the only way to get support and resolve your issues. Thanks!


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Bjr, and for the other problems I mentioned? several open tickets. Take time to read all the worries and answer all directly, there you do not answer my worries and in the meantime it still does not work. your technical support to worry. it’s not nice of you. I am sorry

Hello, First of all there isn’t support included in this category from CodeCanyon but we are still providing your support free of cost. We have described that app setting up is not included in purchase you have to do it by yourself. We can only guide you. Our support timings are mentioned over support forum please have patience as technical team may be busy with other customer tickets so they will reply you in hour or two. Regards

Hello, Please write to technical support team at They will guide you. Thanks


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sir i have a problem in my aap , wen i released singed Apk facebook or google log in not working butt debug Apk is perfect working plz help me out

Hello, Please write to technical support team at They will guide you. Thanks

The manual entries are not logging in … Only those through social networks

Hi, please submit your ticket here our support team will assist you. Thanks


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Hi, my app is ready on google and i wanted to make some changes but using a different person not the one who did install first time. Which credentials do i ask the previous person so the new person can be able to log in and do some changes for my app….. I want to make the parkage page is not visible on my app so how will the new client log in to the app n do changes plz help

Hello, Please write to technical support team at Team will let you know the details. Thanks

69$ is how many years valid . How many times give Updates . & i don’t no coding

It’s life time.

Good morning In android app .. Wen we add ads the recently added Ad should show first… But its not happening like that… Its showing ad at second number… Plz help

Hello, Please write to technical support team at They will guide you. Thanks

where is 50% discount price ?

That’s on configuration fee.



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I have a general question about debug and release APK please.

Is it possible to build both debug and release APK with the same App (same version) ? It’s because when i deploy both keys i get an issue.

Thanks !


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Sorry i have not mentionned the deployment of the APK.

He said “This is because of the conflicting signatures for the same package. Click on OK and the release build will be pushed.”

Can i do this ? I’m scared to try uninstalling my App.

Thank you


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Ok thank you i’m going to contact support :)

You are welcome!


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Hello, I beg you to make the effort to allow each seller to have his shop. it would be really amazing

Sorry we do not have such feature. Regards

i need admin panel

Admin panel will be included in this purchase. Thanks

hello, demo content keep loading but never install,i set the php ini but still, whats the ip address where this demo content located ? some times firewall may block, could you help