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What’s in the new update?

Compatibility with php 7.x error can not upload image banner..

An error has happened.

Error number: 1024: Non trovo la cartella: ../../../adadmindata/dbimg/7banner/ File: /home/zaltguug/, Line: 688 Main file: /adadmin/componenti/7banner/index.php PHP ver. 7.1.23 [Show dump]

Let me check the zip I’ve send to codecanyon, that folder should exist…

i think there is a missing folder

I’ve used Windows to make zip file in my last upload yesterday and I’ve just discovered that it doesn’t keep the empty folders, I’m really sorry. You can create dbimg folder inside adadmindata and 7banner folder inside dbimg, give to this last folder write permissions. Or wait the new version which I’m going to send to Codecanyon now. error can not upload image banner..

An error has happened.

Error number: 1024: Non trovo la cartella: ../../../adadmindata/dbimg/7banner/ File: /home/zaltguug/, Line: 688 Main file: /adadmin/componenti/7banner/index.php PHP ver. 7.1.23 [Show dump]

new update.. i can not add user and change password

Have you followed the steps described in documentation? This last update Is different from the previous ones.

You’re right! I’ve found a couple of errors! Sorry. I’m going to upload the new version on CodeCanyon now.

hey i havent been able to install it but i will try to day .. but my request is .. can have the index file on public_html/index.php this is to prevent people seeing other files that they are not suppose to see… thanks

Users that registers what can they do? (in your idea)

okey lets say you want users or new clients to signup and create an add without the whole process of having to create their logins and send it to them

so something i have been forgetting to ask … can a client create a banner ? or can the use the add button to add ads because i get a massage saying not authorised

Hi, how can I edit the login page? I want to change the image and the untente to username..

You are awesome! Thanks! 5 stars!

Is there a page where advertisers can go and buy the ad space and upload their ads? This will create their account and all admin has to so is approve?

This is not implemented, but I consider it an important feature request. :)
And thank you for 5 stars!

Pre-sales question:

Can one use custom banner sizes?

Yes you can define the size.


LeoPays Purchased

Hey. How to rotate banners? If the function of rotation after a certain time?

When you insert the ad position script in your site, AdAdmin automatically rotates banner uploaded for that position. I don’t understand you second question.


LeoPays Purchased

Is the banner updated when the page is reloaded or after a certain time?

When the page is reloaded.

Hi the script stopped working for me in chrome i am getting the following: Refused to execute script from ’<URL>’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

in safari: Refused to execute as script because “X-Content-Type: nosniff” was given and its Content-Type is not a script MIME type.

Hi nathan6137 that link works for me with chrome, it seems please check the adserve file, it hould had at line nine this string:

header('Content-Type: text/javascript; charset=UTF-8');
Which means that it should not be text/xml mime type.

hello please can i ad my own advert into it and also does it scrit have an api script

Yes, you can use your own ads, and you can use javascript code for banner (like the adsense code). But there isn’t any API to interact with AdAdmin software.

Does this work with adsense responsive ads? Will the individual sites still need to include the adsense code in the header?

It works with adsense. The adsense code no longer needs the script in the header.

Almost 4 years since you’ve started selling your script and for all that period you didn’t change your OUTDATED design! May be FINALLY you will make the decision to create a RESPONSIVE design? Nowadays so many free to use good looking responsive templates for admin panel (for example: or, so please consider to upgrade your design asap! It will boost your sales dramatically! Thanks

Thanks @greatstuff! :-) I will think about it.

Does this scenario allow publishers to make money?

Actually it can’t sell banners, there isn’t any shopping feature. I’m planning to add the shop, where users can buy a banner, pay and upload it. The admin has to confirm it’s ok and then it goes online. Now there isn’t this feature yet. But I use it to manage banners that I sell outside the application.


tatria Purchased

Hi, I am having a problem with your code, I get this error

An error has happened.

Error number: 1024: Expression #1 of ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list, references column ‘neu50_nsm.frw_moduli.posizione’ which is not in SELECT list; this is incompatible with DISTINCT File: /home/, Line: 236 Main file: /adadmin/src/_include/ PHP ver. 5.6.40

Hi @Tatria, I’m sorry for the problem. please, can you provide me a temporary FTP account? and a temporary access to your db. Send it privately to This error doesn’t happen in my servers.


uctme Purchased

Hello, I bought the script, when install give me issue with importing database tables: “error executing query”, also, I have a screenshot for the issue. Need some help to solve this issue.

please, send me privately an access to your installation and I will help you to fix the problem. Contact me through private message or email to