Discussion on 360° Panoramic Image Viewer - Responsive jQuery Plugin

Discussion on 360° Panoramic Image Viewer - Responsive jQuery Plugin

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Do you think it’s possible to put this on my web site that’s HTML?

Hi, thank you for your interest – yes, this viewer is designed to be used on a static HTML site (you will need basic HTML knowledge and the ability to upload the JS and CSS files used by the plugin). Hope this helps.

My website is already publish so can i install this even if my website is online on the domain? Do i get a installation guide?

Sure you can, you just need some basic HTML knowledge (how to add the markup in the source code of the page and copy the required JS+CSS files). The full package contains examples and documentation on how to get started. Hey, Please take a look at the image above and let me know if this library works for this kind of images. Also Could you please post sample hotspot coordinates here? Is x,y,z or yaw and pitch?

Hi, thank you for your interest – yes, this type of flat panoramic image works well with the plugin. Coordinates for the hotspots are handles via the standard <area> tag, see more details here for example: I hope this helps.

Hi there! I want to buy your beautiful plugin but I have some questions.

1. Can hotspots be configured to show a few information by hovering or clicking? As in the following examples:

2. Can the presentation be configured to add an overlay text while the cursor is not over it? As in the following example of Enabling meta:

Thank you :)

Hi, thank you for your interest – your custom requirements are not available within the plugin, but since this is a HTML/CSS/JS standalone plugin you can customize it at your own will with some custom code. I’m sorry I can’t be of much help with custom requirements and if you have further questions do let me know.

Ok, thank you for your answer

Hi there,

Can you set the rotation of the image to make it offset to a specific degree by default? Also, is there an event listener that can track the “degree” of rotation?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the plugin has an option to allow you to set the initial start position of the viewport (in pixels), but there is no event to track this position when rotating. I hope this helps.

Thanks. If it had the event tracking I would probably buy this as I need to incorporate a custom compass that shows the rotation angle with a custom image.

I understand, but this is a very custom requirement – with little JavaScript changes you could achieve it.

Hi, Sorry to keep asking is there a way to put i frame as a popup thanks

Hi, please get in touch with me via the Support channel for any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Hi, is it possible when i click hot spot to open pdf file in diffrent window maybe i frame thanks so much

Hi, you can link a hotspot to the .pdf file, sure (use the href attribute in the area tag). Please get in touch with me via the Support channel for any other questions and I’ll do my best to help.

thanks i just did

Hi, Please help having problems with puting hot spots im using getting ex.. coords=”498,2022,18” Please Help

Hi, please get in touch with me via the Support channel with additional details and I’ll do my best to help.


Can you add text overlay?

Hi, there is currently no such built-in option – I hope this helps.

Hi, I would like to turn off the mouse scrolling function, because if visitors wants to scroll over the panorama picture it is not possible, they are stuck easily. (Think about a long landing page with a panorama picture in the middle of it.) Could you help me about this?

Hi, please get in touch with me via the Support tab and I’ll do my best to help. Thank you!

Hi, I recently purchased the 360 panoramic wordpress theme. I’ve chosen the ‘Template 360’ layout. How on earth do I attach the thumbnails at the bottom of the page, i’ve tried everything. Is it a plugin I need to download? Also is there any user manual on this product anywhere?

Hi, make sure you contact the author of the theme via the Support tab of the item you purchased. This is a different item from a different author.

some changelog? what is the last version? thank you

Hi, there is no need for a changelog or version history – the plugin has the same features and gets updated only with fixes or additional settings (minor fixes in this case). Hope this helps.

Can this be used as a ‘header’ display show instead of full screen?

Hi, thank you for your interest – yes, the panorama can be added to any section of your site and can have whatever size you need.

Hi. Script 360° Panoramic Image Viewer does not support jQuery v3.1.1. Please help.

Hi, the simplest and fastest way to solve this is to include the migrate script after you include jQuery in your page: I will update the plugin to reflect the latest version, if possible.

An update has been submitted and it will be available shortly (after CodeCanyon review). Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there,

Is there any way to have a dynamic start_point? I’d like my panoramas to start in the middle and can get this pixel value by dividing the width attribute in half but unsure how to pass this to the initialising script.



Hi Matt, I’m sorry, unfortunately there is no such start position feature/option available in the plugin. For any other concerns/questions please use the Support tab and we’ll continue via email. Thank you.

Pre-sale Question, it is posible to make a sphere view so u can go up and down too?

Hi, the plugin supports only flat panoramas (no spherical) and cam scroll the view only horizontally.

hi … can i mange the script to be like this site ?

Hi, the plugin supports only flat panoramic images (not spherical like in your example site). Hope this helps.

Hey – can it be used in a ePub HTML5 file?

Hi, thank you for your interest – this plugin should work in any HTML environment that loads CSS and JavaScript in the way a browser does it. I haven’t tested the plugin in a ePub file and can’t offer support for such compatibility.

Hi there, Is it possible to use the plug-in within Edge Animate CC 2015. If yes, how ? Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest – this plugin is designed for any context within a HTML project. I’m not sure how it would integrate in Edge, but you should know it is based on HTML, JS and CSS. Hope this helps.

2 questions:

1- i wanna make exactly like example 4 > small menu on the top and the pano photo full under it, whats that theme?

2- The hotspots can be external videos/docs?

is it possible to have it when i buy the wordpress plugin? i would appreciate it a lot…

The theme is a premium one available for purchase, you can get it here:

okay thank you

Hi, can I navigate inside the panoramas? Like have buttons inisde the panorama to go to another scene and things like that?

Hi, thank you for your interest – you can add hotspots which will point to other pages, acting like normal links. There is an example on how to achieve such similar thing in the purchased .zip file, but you’ll need some extra web development skills to change it with your requirements. Hope this helps.


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