U.S. based (Socal) Web Full-stack Developer (/w global-scale experience)

Graduated from the most well-known high school for the Gifted in his original country, Vietnam, Duc Ho (Alex) went to the U.S. to pursue his American dream, starting by graduating his Master’s degree of Computer Science as one of the top few students in his university. His career has been a challenging yet joyful adventure, ranging from start-ups to international enterprises. A few high-lights of his accomplishments:

- Built a web app directly with the former V.P. of Applications at Facebook / “Father” of Google Adsense.

- Sole developer of for their 19th annual event, which processed contest applications from Fox, SONY, Warner Bros etc.

- Sole developer of the first Samsung Smart TV app for Dow Jones (

- Built a stealth project for a U.S. billionaire, who owes most of the duty free stores in U.S. and China airports

- Led and formed multiple domestic and international software teams

- Collaborated w/ world-class vendors such as Akamai, Rackspace, AWS etc. to plan and build the entire back-end infrastructure for mophie from scratch (mophie is a consumer electronics company w/ products sold in 85 countries, at Apple Stores, Bestbuy, airports etc.)

- Built and launched a back-end API for all X00,000+ mophie’s world-wide devices connected to, in real-time.

- Led the process to successfully obtain the ICP License in order for mophie to have online eCommerce business in China (

- Founded and helped several non-profit organizations, including ones that recruits ~$100k/yr or one that has ~100k members with sponsor from Samsung, BP, United Airlines, Intel, Stanley Morgans, and the Vietnamese Embassy (

- Helped many of his personal clients founding and managing their businesses w/ his online solutions (eCommerce, branding, etc.)

Please feel free to contact Alex for any of your consultation needs, or just simply drop some chats on any interesting topics ;)