The very long story.
I’m usually the last person to update any kind of social media technology like smartphones and tablets just so I can avoid those damn fees. It took me about six years to update my cell phone and it took me just as long to learn how to text. I believed there was absolutely no reason to have a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. I kept saying, “dude, other than the screen size don’t they do the same thing?” After a long time of hearing “I want that” from the wife. I finally gave in and got the Kindle Fire. I have to admit, it came in handy when we first got it. When your at a restaurant with the family and the little one gets fidgety and you think the dreaded screaming and yelling is about to happen and the sweat starts pouring, just whip it out! It doesn’t say it in the owners manual but it should say, “used in a proper fashion, this device may cure public humiliation and embarrassment. You no longer have to raise your arm, snapping your fingers at the waitress yelling, I know I just ordered but I need that to go. Check please.” After looking and buying some books for the little one, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make one because I thought that they looked cool. I had no clue where to go and how to start.

After researching the entire web, my conclusion was that a whole lot of people were talking and discussing about the books but if you have no idea about html and css, me, then it can be overwhelming. Plus you have to deal with the ever changing guidelines that are not always being updated. So after all of the stress, learning and cursing, I made my first template. How do I know it works. I already loaded a book onto the KDP. If I only had a template ready with instructions and absolutely directed towards beginners that would have been an excellent time saver. This pre-formatted template is geared towards the absolute beginner. You don’t even have to know how to write html or css. If you can copy and paste by modifying the existing places I have shown you. Then you should be good to go. You will, however, need to know how to format your images. I also show you how to do this if you have the tools to do it. If you know a friend, a family member, co-worker or even a child who has had dreams of becoming an author, then you need this template. All you have to do in the next five minutes is to download this file, modify the contents and then upload onto the KDP, it’s that easy. Selling the book on the other hand. That in itself, is another animal. Good luck and congratulations on becoming an independent children’s book author and on self publishing your book.

    Programs and Hardware Used

  • You don’t need Adobe CS6 products but the scripts and actions that are provided may or may not be compatible for any versions before CS6. Plus, any of the steps that are shown in the videos can be done without them.
  • Done on an Apple Computer but also can be used on a Windows machine if using the corresponding software for Windows.
  • Kindle Fire, Android smartphone
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Kindle Previewer Application
  • TextWrangler
  • Espresso
  • Dreamweaver CS6
  • File Renaming Programs: A Better Finder Rename 9 & or Name Changer.
  • KDP account guidelines, account info etc.
  • Windows Users

  • If you have trouble un-zipping, try 7-Zip which is free,
  • Notepad++, which is free,

  • Alternate software

  • Gimp, which is free,
  • Support?

  • This is “not a program”. You can not drag your images and expect it to automatically make your book, through automation.
  • This is formatting your fixed layout KF8 e-book from the ground up, with html/xhtml and css.
  • You can not use a basic text editor and expect to see results. You must use a professional HTML and text editor that supports UTF-8.
  • Make sure that you go over the documentation and the videos before you freak out. If it’s in the “How to folder” then support may be limited.
  • The documentation is the 1st thing you should read. The videos will start with #2. You are not missing video #1 since the documentation is #1.
  • It has come to my attention that users may see (ds_store files) with each or all of the folders when using Windows and or Apple. Ignore these. Apple software includes these as preference settings. It is also a setting on your computer to either hide or show these. In the future I will do my best to exclude these files.
  • Although this template is geared towards beginners I do expect that if you follow the “How to documentation” and do some of your own research from the supplied link, you should be ok. If it’s not related to the product, then support may be limited. It is however, expected that you do some of your own research based on “your own particular needs”. If you start asking “how do I do this and how do I do that”, then support may be limited or ignored as it may not be related to the product. As I have already stated, “based on your particular needs”, you should be capable of researching stuff on your own. That should be expected of anyone.
  • If you start asking for customization that does not relate to this product, you will be ignored.
  • PC support. Quick key commands and using Notepad ++ I can not support. Why? I do not have a PC.
  • If you have problems with the software, don’t contact me, contact them. They made it, not me.
  • Make sure you observe all the documents spaces, markups, whether or not it’s lowercase or uppercase code before freaking out. This will cause serious “body shakes” if it’s not carefully handled. Also make sure all the names match up in each documents namespace.
  • If you do decide to ask for help be very descriptive about your problem.
  • I will never share your files. If you need help with your formatting, sometimes it’s better to just send me all of your files.
  • Support can take around 24-48 hours or more, and a bit more or none during holidays or weekends. I do have a family.
  • If in the end you still can’t get it to work and you want me do it, e-mail me from the link to your right, include inquiry of cost. I cannot actually guarantee my availability and time frame but I will do my best.
  • Additional Licensing Information.

    In addition to CodeCanyon’s Licensing terms which can be hard to understand, contact

    Thank You for considering UDOITBOOKS templates and happy book making. Please spread the word if your happy and please make a review from your CodeCanyon download page, that’s my plug.