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Hey ! i am TopApps! Our team from Vietnam with huge potential & lots of ideas.

I am specialized in Android Development, iOS Development. I loves to creating advanced application with Great UI. My job is to respect each customer by providing creative and user-friendly android application that will help you achieve your online goals. I hope you enjoy my scripts on Codecanyon.

If you need help with one of my items, you can contact through my support platform or email me on for any pre-sale inquiry only. Usually I do answer in 24 hours, in the weekend the waiting time could be a little longer.
Before request support

  • Read carefully the item documentation and check if there are FAQs.
  • Try to make more than one test. Often virtual servers can cause problems.

Requesting support
  • Be descriptive and precise. Send related links and/or files helps a lot to solve the problems fastly.
  • Keep in mind that support doesn’t mean modification (or customization). However if you need a very small work (around 10/15 min) i will be glad to help you.
Smart suggestions for item improvements are always welcome! ;) thanks!


  • Smart suggestions for new items or improvements are always welcome.
  • I do custom work, working on a fee per hour, depending on the project.
  • Do you want a app customization or need a custom work? I will be glad to evaluate your request and agree.


Looking for a custom design / development for your website / landing pages? I’ll be available for freelance projects. Contact me through profile form on the right side.