Hello, stranger…

We are a team of developers and designers from around the universe who have previously worked closely together in the field of freelancing for more than 7 years. Starting from march ‘16 we also distribute some of our products here.

What we mostly do?

0. .PSD / Sketch. 1. HTML. 3. Templates – WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify.

As paid one tasks mostly, not goods:

1. CMS (in adittional to above): Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop. 2. Frameworks/JS: Yii/Kohana/CodeIgniter, Angular.js and etc. 2. Graphic design, icons, logos, etc. 3. Sometimes some 3D works.

If you have any questions, or projects please contact for more info, or add this man in skype – doomer_gg (login) or telegram – @doomer_gg

Also, if you want to work with us as designer, or may be html/template creator – you can contact for details using same contacts. But before this you must agree with this rules:

1. All sales under our profile only. 2. From .psd/icons/mocaps you will get 75% from each sale (20 goes to us, 5% comission things). 3. From HTML 37,5% (37,5% to designer, 20, 5). 4. From any theme – 25% (25 “HTML Guy”, 25 designer, 20, 5).

If it’s not okey for you – don’t spend your/our time.

P.S.: You do not need any talent to go between the impossible…

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