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Hello from Sean Wichert, Sr.

I do Live WordPress Help here:

I am working on web page templates with a perfect Google Audit here: ⏱

Kind words:

“Wow” Tom Desmond – ApricotLaw, Inc “Love it.” – Tim Mahoney, Mahoney & Mahoney “Cutting edge.” – Ron Ingber of Siler & Ingber, LLP. “The website looks Killer man.” – George Kindley, Kindley Law in San Diego “Looking Good” – Jeff Kennedy, Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney “I am honestly just very excited about the site.” – Michael Noonan of Clark & Clark, LLC “Lightyears ahead of where it was now.” – Phil Altman, The Healthy Choice

Fun career moments:

I quit smoking and drinking in 2018!

I Developed a HelpDesk app for teleNetwork in 2014 to help their 1500+ remote support staff service 6 of America’s largest ISP’s that year.

Fast forward to 2016, I served as the Lead Developer @ ( a Law Firm SEO Marketing Company ) and then Creative Director until March of 2018, & now I am back to Freelancing!

Rewind to 2007, I learned Action Script 2.0 back in 2007 from Stanford’s Lee Brimelow on at the time. ( Thanks Lee! ) Moving forward, a flash shopping cart I designed was featured on’s In the Foxhole Blog in 2008 as well as SmashingMagazine. I then got into Digital delivery with WordPress & WooCommerce as well as Shopify learning a bit of JSON & Liquid.

My marketplace stock design, development, flash & audio files have sold a little over $60,000 since 2007 and had sales on as well despite having not uploaded a new file in years so that’s an honor. :)

I won a global flash contest when I created my first Portfolio website in 2006.

Cheers, Sean Sr. Call or Text: 512-740-0054 ( Voicemails & Texts returned promptly ) Email:

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