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Welcome to my profile page, my name is Kalieb, i currently reside in California. I’m 33 years young and I started coding at the age of 13 in a self-taught way.

Currently I’ve been developing software for local companies to improve workflow.

All my applications try to be efficient as possible to reach all customer expectations.

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(2%) Code Bank – Save code snippets with rich text (HTML, JS, .NET)

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(39%) Website Monitor – Get desktop notifications upon visitors to your wesite.

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As a customer you have free technical support concerning the purchased items and its features, fixing bugs and issues. To contact me use the item comment section or write a message using the form on my profile page. If you have any questions about customization or functionalities not covered in the documentation feel free to ask in the same manor.

Item support does not include: Free Customization, installation services, support for third party software or plug-ins.

Purchased an item and noticed a bug or a flaw in the design of the software? contact me using the item comment section or write a message using the form on my profile page.

Provide an inspirational idea for software development. Inspire, get inspired and start submitting your creative ideas today.

This includes implementation of web based to client software.

If we proceed with the idea you gain a FREE COPY of the software.

A warm thank you for the customers that have supported me and purchased our software. If you have not already done so please rate us =0)