Hello and welcome to my own little studio, my name is Jason Meulenhoff, 21 years old and a student with allot of experience in the Appcelerator Titanium Framework. I mostly develop for iPhone / iPads but can do Android on request too.

I’m currently studying for my Bachelor degree in Software Engineer, my school is located in Leiden. After that i intend to get my Masters degree.

I started with Kiwiii Studios a year ago, i was just getting into iPhone programming and found out that i could really build some nifty applications for my iPhone. When a client approached me and asked if one of my projects where for sale, the whole business started. Kiwiii Studios was born.

I’m always interested in freelance work, even if it’s for a little modification, don’t hesitate to contact me, we can always figure out a solution that suits us both.

My main focus lies with the Titanium Framework, i can program in many different language’s for a full overview you should visit my Linkedin profile. where the are listed as skills.

My goal is to make your live’s easier by creating plugins or modules that fit right into your existing code. The items offer on the marketplace alway’s come with a setup guide and with a demo application. and the code is always good commented.

I also try to explain how i do things, when you look at my source you will notice there are allot of comments, These are intended to let you learn from the things i create.

I hope i have informed you enough about me, but when you need support or just want to ask me some questions, you can contact me at

Have a nice day,

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