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Feather – Lightning Fast React / Redux Template

Feather, a lighting fast React admin template, based on Material UI next, ready for the next React 17 release is a great solution to kickstart your future projects. Some of the theme’s main features are:

  • Ready for the next React 17 release

    React lifecycle methods have received an important change lately and we’ve updated all custom components and pages according to the new suggested APIs.

  • Wired to Redux and a fake API

    We’ve added some dummy JSONs static files that are being used by a fake API to load data within the app. Most of the components from Feather are wired to actions/Redux and the API, this way you can change the API’s route to a real one and and have fully functional UIs without touching the code.

  • Material UI Next ( version v1 stable )

    Make use of any component from the Material UI.

  • Made with create react app
  • Code splitting
  • Translation ready

    Easily implement new languages just by adding the country code and the translation object.

  • No jQuery or Bootstrap
  • Sass styling
  • Unique look and feel


Some of the components accept API responses as HTML, this way you can have more flexibility designing the output items without touching the code or have different design for the same component. Example: you might want a different design for search users responses compared to search invoices responses.



Files structure


code sample


React v16.4+ framework and Material UI


  • Currently only one submenu level is supported.
  • RTL is not supported at this moment.