Mobile app experts: we build your custom apps!

ItalianCoders combines Italian style with mobile application development. We use modern frameworks like Ionic to build and customize apps for your websites.
Our goal is to build apps that are 100% synchronized with your Wordpress websites, so you won’t need an additional backend server and your data will be automatically synchronized between your website and your apps.

What do we do to achieve our goal?

Thanks to our Facebook group we collect feedback from our community: this is the best way to improve our apps!
Our goal is to make our apps customizable directly from your websites and we do it through our plugins: in fact, by installing the plugin on your website you can modify in real time parts of your app, such as the pages to show, fonts and colors. In this way you’ll be free to choose the style you want.

We are based in Tuscany, Italy and we love our work. We are willing to modify our apps to meet your needs, even if you ask us to change all pieces of our apps!

We are available as free lancer

If you need your own solutions, such as CRM, app or website development, we are available!
You can email me your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking for partnership and mobile solution:
Facebook: CustomListingApp FB group