IPROSOFT - Creative Media

Iprosoft is a small one person web software agency from Poland :-)

I specialize in products that feel great on every desktop and mobile device, maked with PHP, jQuery an MySQL.


I think that support is important and I want to stay close to the customer so support is done exclusively on our forum and ticket system.

Some support guidelines:

  • Read carefully the item documentation and check if there are FAQs. Lots of requests comes from customer that don’t follow them.
  • Try to make more than one test. Often virtual servers can cause problems.
  • All support enquires should be replied within two business days.
  • Support is done exclusively in English and Polish.
  • I offer instalation of scritps totally Free.
  • Support can only be provided for unmodified files/database.
  • Support is only done for bugs / functionality issues of the file or database.
  • I do not offer customizations as support. My rate for customization is 30US$ / hour . However if you need a very small work (around 5/15 mins) I will be glad to help you!
  • I prefer a link for front end problems. If it’s a back end problem, I will generally provide means for sending me admin access. Do not worry, thousands of clients offered me backend access for fixing / seeing the problem on their site and I have not messed anything up.
  • Our timezone: GMT +1.

Please, don’t request support using the items comment or the form in this page, thanks!