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Before start asking questions on email or Item comment please read rules below first:

  1. Help us improve the item : We’ve test item using some devices, but its very possible there any bug/crash we didn’t found. So for us easy fixing please inform us WHEN bug/crash appear and WHAT the device used. We very thankful about it.
  2. Freelance not available
  3. Request about modification (or customization) of the item NOT Included. We open for Question.
  4. Be polite and describable when post a question on comment item. So that it will easy for other buyers.
  5. Interactive Chat If you want a little discussion you can contact us by Google Hangout , with email, NO VIDEO CALL, chat only :)
  6. ( 23.00 – 08.00 ) OFFLINE TIME Actually that is my sleep time, you can check my time HERE
  7. We cannot GUARANTEE can give good support, good support is relative for each individual. and we dislike questions that continuously and disturbing. :)
  8. For Indonesian buyer we use payment transaction on envato only and not accept direct payment. If you have no credit card this url maybe help you :

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