Hi there

Hello, we are CreativeMilk, a small creative web agency from around the world.
We have worked for clients like, CNN, Airmiles, Nike, Elsevier, Uvit and more.


If you need support or have a question just email us, we try to respond within 24/48 hours on week days(we mostly dont work weekends)! Any questions must be written in proper english.

PowerWidgets buyers: We have sold this plugin exclusively so it’s not available for download anymore but we still offer support if there are any bugs in the plugin!


Just wanted to come back here and rate you guys 5 stars by saying this is the best item I have bought on theme forest. The creativity and the flexibility of your product wrapped with fast response customer support goes a long way! Well done to you guys and will certainly be looking forward to your future products!

[MyOrange on Power Widgets]

Hi CreativeMilk,

I’m your first buyer, and after spending an afternoon of working with the template, I must say I am seriously impressed.

Your code is clean and fabulously easy to work with.

I had searched and searched for a site template to use with ExpressionEngine that would meet the kinds of design concepts I had in mind as we’re developing a new corporate identity for my company.

I saw the screenshots for this template today, and even without a live preview, I decided to take a punt on it. I must say, it’s the best $15 I’ve ever spent on a site template, and let me tell you, I’ve spent quite a bit on the Envato sites in the last couple of months searching for the right one without ever feeling 100% satisfied .. until today.

I know that might sound like an over-the-top call, but honestly, the simplicity of design, coupled with ease of use and how consistenly it renders across all browser types makes this site template an absolute winner in every way.

Well done CreativeMilk. You have one very happy customer in me!

[Kerry on Avio]

Thanks for the quick help, i really love your professional vcard, cant wait to see more of your items!

[Mike on professional vcard]

Love your ezicms admin theme, one of the best looking admin themes here, please keep building more of these kind of themes!! And thanks for the bonus theme!!

[doubleXL on ezicms]

This is a powerfull and nice looking admin skin, with a lot of sweet features, just what i need for my project. This is the best $20 i have spend on ThemeForest.

[Aaron J on ezicms]

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