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Some user feedback I’ve received for my plugins

“We start off with one word “WOW”, the best I have seen yet, super well thought out.”

This product is one of the best on the market. Code is clear and easy to read and it is fully customizable.

“Hi Jack! Thank you very much…” “It’s a real pleasure doing business with a professional”

“Just brought this, its easy to use and looks great on my site -thanks!”

“Thank you for the quick response, Jack and moreover, thank you for maintaining the updates.”

“Hi Jack, great understandable CSS and HTML structure…”

“Hi, thanks for the great plugin—it really does exactly what I needed!”

“Wanted to say thanks for this awesome player. Just bought and rated 5 stars.”

“I love when I install a plugin and it instantly works.”

“WOW what can I say – the best text effects ever, period!”

“Great work as always, this is the third plugin of yours I have purchased and I love them all”

“Excellent plugin. Slim, simple and straightforward to use. 5 stars”

Responsive Lightbox

HTML5 Video Player

jQuery Full BG Gallery

jQuery banner rotator

jQuery Banner Rotator

WordPress / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / jQuery

Responsive Lightbox / Fullscreen Gallery

Responsive Lightbox  jQuery Gallery

Banner Rotator

  jQuery Banner Rotator  jQuery Banner Rotator  jQuery Banner Rotator  

HTML5 Video / HTML5 Audio

HTML5 Video Player  

Carousels / Preloader

  CSS3 Preloader  

Text Effect

jQuery Text Effect  CSS3 Text Effect

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