Blair Jersyer : PHP Developper

I’m Blair Jersyer a professionnal Web Developper. I have solid knowledge on WordPress, CodeIgniter and Laravel. If you have any question, let me know.

I’m so in love with PHP Applications; Angular 6, Vue 2 and Angular JS.

Why would request my services ?

  • You bought a php item on CodeCanyon, but the author doesn’t provide you support ? Just ask me, i can help you.
  • You bought a php item, but the author doesn’t accept custom job ? Just ask me, i can customize any projet for you, and we’ll do it right to avoid overwriting after item update.
  • You would like to install any php item purchased on CodeCanyon ? Don’t bother yourself, i can handle that.
  • You would like to create a WordPress plugin or theme/child-theme ? That’s my favorite task.

Most Custom Job Requested

  • NexoPOS
  • <strike>Stock Manager Advance (SMA) by Tecdiary</strike>
  • <strike>WooCommerce POS by Actuality Extensions</strike>
  • <strike>Zar POS</strike>