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Popular Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide support for your items? No, your payment does not include support service.

What should I do if I have a question or suggestion? You can post and/or update your question or suggestion here. We are available from Mon to Fri (on business days) and response time for free support is within 5 business days or less.

* Do not use the Comments page, let’s make it keep clean by using the Comments page for pre-sales questions only!
* To get benefits from this free support, make sure you never give a bad review or rating (1-3 stars).

I do not have time to install the script by myself, do you offer an installation service? Yes, we offer installation services at a very low cost. Make sure you have a working website with a CPanel hosting account. Click here to order the service.

Is your script open sources (unencrypted)? Most of our script is 98% open source, it’s to protect our legal buyers from unauthorized users. Only a few files encrypted to verify the purchase code.

Do you offer paid support? Yes, contact us for more details.

I need to reinstall the script on my domain, can I do that? Yes sure, sometime you may need to reinstall the script and you can do this as long as using the same domain. We will keep updating and maintenance the script, so to eligible for this benefit, make sure you never give a bad review or rating (1-3 stars).

I need to start a new website, can I reinstall the script on a different domain name? Yes, you can. Since you want to reinstall the script on a different domain name, we sure you have been familiar with the script and you enjoy it, so please review the item and give 5 stars, then contact us. After installing the script on the new domain name (or move the existing installation) to the new domain name, the previous installation will be invalidated.

Important! One license (purchase code) valid for one installation only!

I need additional features and options in the script, can you do it for me? Yes sure, contact us for the customization or custom programming services.

Suppose I have questions or found a bug in your script, what should I do? Please submit your questions or any bugs report here and we will check it.

Important! If you think it is a critical bug, you can report it directly here to get immediate attention.