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Looks nice, good luck :)

Hello! .. The radio does not work!! when I’m using Safari (ipad and iphone only. For desktop it works very well) or Dolphin (all devices) ....

The contents of the div “login” is not shown when I check the radio… Thanks…

Please send me the url where you have used the item through my profile.

Is the color scheme hard coded or easily changed to match the Website theme?

Its easy to change. Surely i can assist you always… :-)


I expected this to work as a styled file upload…

  <p></p><div><span class="icon-file" /><input type="file" placeholder="Photo" required>
                <div class="message-info">upload photo</div></div>

how can i achieve a nice looking fileupload with this form.

in this link you can see the form, i actually break the divs in p too, which is not valid html5.

Please send me a test email through my profile… I will send you the codes.

Looks very nice….. :)

pls send me ur Skype Id

thanks :) i sent request pls check

hello, I need use <select> <option> elements. Can u add to this css ? Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes i can add this to css.

hello.. i just need the contact form not the others. i cant get the form to submit though? also for some reason the design looks distorted. here is a link where it will be used: http://www.megan-haase.com/about.html and here is the whole code http://megan-haase.com/index3.html but i cant get either pages to submit an email to me.. can you help me? thanks

Hi… i checked your files and one of the css file which you have added is conflicting with the fonts. I removed the css link and it worked fine… please find below css link which has to be removed.

<link class=”cssdeck” rel=”stylesheet” href=”../cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/twitter-bootstrap/2.2.2/css/bootstrap.min.css”>

Regards, Zi

thanks. but i still don’t know how to get the form to submit to my email address?

Solution sent on skype.

Hi. Nice work, very attractive forms.

I’m trying to just use the contact form. But I realised there’s no PHP script that will allow the messages to actually be sent to me. I’m not very good with PHP. Can you give me some guidance please as to how I would turn this in to a working contact form?

My web site is www.jetstreamwebdesign.com


Thank you for purchasing, please add me on skype, will assist you in setting up the php file to send emails. Skype ID: techzia

I was a little stuck with one part of the form creation, but techzia told me over Skype exactly how to accomplish what I needed to do. Very fast response, very helpful author. 5/5.

Hello It should have captcha field as well…

Best Regards Icemanmx

This is not a script… :-) hence not thought about it. However it can be integrated easily with bits of php code.


Your form design is very nice. Does this also include CSS for all form elements including like dropdown?


Thank you! Currently the css is developed only for the elements which are available on the item however it can be coded.

can I use it in cms Prestashop pages?

Its a standalone product, it could be implemented if you have prestashop module development knowledge.