Yummy Restaurant

Yummy Restaurant

YUMMY Restaurant is a Mobile App for Restaurant Management

Yummy Restaurant is a complete restaurant app to manage your restaurant. It is a fully dynamic and configurable android mobile app which offers you to configure your restaurant name, logo, and food item as per category like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. Using a admin web interface. Using admin panel you can add new foods, new categories, remove foods from list, manage users etc.

Customer can order food, give review for any food item using this app. We are releasing the first version with features and functionalities that came into our mind to operate a restaurant. Going forward we will be updating our feature list based on our market research and customer feedback.

This is an app which has been built in such a way that a person without having any sort of technical knowledge would be able to configure as they wish and operate.


Username : admin

Password : 123456

Paypal Test Card No: 3782 8224 6310005 (American Express)

What You will Get

  • Full Customizable Android Source Code
  • Full PHP Code and Well Developed Database of Server side
  • Full Documentation with Screenshot for Both Web Admin Panel and App
  • Well Commented Code
  • Attractive UI With Material Design

Feature Overview of v2.1.2

  • Display Total Like of a Specific Food
  • Dynamic Food Like and Unlike System
  • Order Multiple Size of Same Food, if Provided by Restaurant
  • Improved UI Design

Feature Overview of v2.1.1

  • Fully Integrated Payment Method (Paypal, Debit and Credit Card) using Braintree
  • Configurable Service Charge (Server side)
  • Added Item Wise Vat and Discount
  • Transaction Information
  • Dynamic Generation of Invoice
  • Convert Invoice into PDF
  • Improved UI Design

Feature Overview of v1.2.1

  • Full Responsive for Tablet,Mobile and Large Device Screen Size
  • Improved UI Design

Feature Overview of v1.2.0

  • Full MVP Pattern Code
  • Clean and Well Commented Code
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Food Category
  • Food Search from List
  • Food Details
  • Add Food to Cart
  • Dynamic total price calculation according to adding food into cart
  • Remove Food from your Cart
  • Add Food to User Favorite List
  • Give feedback about food
  • Views all feedback to a certain food
  • UI Material Design

Images are not included in the download file. Images in the preview are for demonstration purposes only.