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I want to make the video popup on load the website. It is possible?

Yes, but this will need an altered version. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I will get back to you tonight.

sad this script causes conflict inside big commerce

Really? Whats the issue?

Hello, I follow all the instructions but it doesn’t work for me.. I use the script with this HTML template: http://themeforest.net/item/flat-studio-responsive-one-page-html-template/5381503

I upload a version of my website here : http://www.5mars.com/wip/html/ I use your code to popup a video on the “ANGKOR” picture but nothing happens.

Could you have a look please ? Is there a JS conflict ? Thanks

You are getting the an error. I can’t tell why this is but you may need to modify your version of jQuery to match the demo.

Hey, thanks for your answer. It’s ok now, in fact in the website template there is a call to jquery but at the end of the HTML code ! Deleted and now it’s ok !

Ok Awesome!


I’m creating a page at the moment and I literally want to open a youtube video in a lightbox when someone clicks a link. It looks like your script does this.

How easy is this to use? I’m not familiar with Javascript but I know html and css.




I bought the plugin and am having an issue.

I am testing things in Dreamweaver and can get the video to play, it’s just that the white boarder and ‘x’ button aren’t appearing, so there is no way to close the video player.

Please can you help?



Fixed it!

Awesome Chris!


I have just bought your plugin, but when try to install it I have got this error:

The Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin was unable to handle requests for this upgrade. Unfortunately, this setup may be incompatible with the plugin.

What should I do?

Thanks a lot

You bought the jquery plugin. I think you meant to buy the wordpress plugin.

Thank for your reply , Actually I bought WordPress version and wrote this comment here by mistake. Please check out your other version or email Thanks for help Adam

I just emailed you Adam.

can you please email me how to make this popup automatically on the homepage at crc3@azurestyle.com?

Sorry, I bought the wordpress version. I will post this comment there.

Hey Chicago. I responded to your request.

i do not see any area to set the video link… is there a specific area where I have to add the link?

You have to send the ID for the video not the link.

Hi it is compatible with last wordpress ? thank

I’m looking for script which automatically adds to youtube of vimeo links from user’s comments and when you click, it opens in pop up modal window. Is it possible to add your script so it can catch urls and convert them to pop-up windows?

Hey Sam. You can do the auto function but I don’t understand your second request. Send me an email at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I lets figure it out.

Is it posible ? it is to be auto-load when page opens?

Yes. Email me and I will send you what you need. My address is nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

I see there were problems with the “close” button and I’m still having that problem as of 8/20/2016. But I see no solution presented in this comment section.

Of course this is still supported. We resolved this issue so you shouldn’t still experience this. Could you send me a link to your instance?

Thank you for responding. I managed to work with it and get it to show up with the border.


hi i just purchased the product and on my page some text is coming over the video. Would appreciate any suggestions to fix it. this is only happening in Safari. The page can be viewed on client.sigmawebsolutions.com/geek. thanks

apologies the link is client.sigmaseosolutions.com/geek. thanks

Are you still having this issue? I’m not seeing it.

how do you call the plug in?

This is the javascript plugin. In this case you should look to the documentation in the README.txt file.