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1)- I uploaded image. Now i want visitors can download this image which is upload(map). How can be possible they can see my orginal image which i uploaded. ?

2)- Can i make iframe to show only map area in other site. so how i can hide left side sidebar.? but i iframe is bad experience is there other way to show on other site.

You did Excellent work. thanks.

Please contact me via email

Map name it is accept 30 words. I changed database 50 charater and index.php file 50 but still it is not accepting more then 30 words. please can you advice which to add 50 so it accept.

please contact me via email.

Don’t believe this guy, I paid him but he couldn’t install it. and he refuses to give refund :shocked:

You have requested installation from me so I gave you a price and detailed instructions what details of server I need, etc. After I received your server details and payment I installed application but there was a problem with running it because your server mod_rewrite did not work.

I have informed you to contact your server administrator to enable it.

So you have paid for an installation. I’ve installed it and give you detailed info what’s wrong. Nothing unfair here.

You wanted to return the money for the work that I have done.

boss please what is path of mysql databaase. i want to change name of db. thank you.

If you changed your db name, you have to update app config file: /gate/application/configs/config.ini

Hi. 1) Is it possible to install this program on XAMPP? Will there be any difficulty with mod_rewrite? (it is included in XAMPP by default). I see that people have problems with the installation, will they have me? I like the program, but reading the reviews, I understand that all is not well. 2) Is it possible to embed a program using iframe? I tried to build your Demo, but I did not get to do it 3) Is it possible to hide left slide bar by default? 4) is There a possibility to translate the program (interface) for Russian language? 5) I think that to cope with the installation, but just in case – do you provide support?

Please check email.

Bought and did not regret! Thank you. Everything is fine. Answer my questions: 1) Yes. Problems with mod_rewrite not detected, everything works 2) Yes. Everything turned out 3) Yes. This can be done in settings 4) Yes. The program understands the Cyrillic alphabet is 5) Yes. Difficulties with the installation program did not appear. The main thing is to create the database and ask the user: username and password. Thanks to the reply of the author is all cleared up. That would not have any difficulties, ask the author about: httpd.conf. Everything works fine. Thanks again

I pretend Purchase this script, but I just want to know if the map support more than 100,000 elements on the map

Whole application was tested on several machines and the optimal amount of markers displayed on one map is about 250. I think 400 is the maximum when the map will still work efficiently.

It would be great if can work with more points, also I see the “move on map” option on your demo, you should add an option for “clone this marker” and “quick add” with predefine options on the same “move on map” window not always everyone need to add a lot of info, maybe they just need add icons without popup over or extra data

Also it would be great too have a way to add Ads, like a floating bottom Google Ad or something like that

Hi, really great plugin but would be nice to have a Password recovery way ! :)

hi, Is it possible to add other sub-directory, like this (company>Main building>floor1>Regions).

You can creates map as a children to it’s parent. See demo there is a “Company” map that have 3 maps that are it’s children.

can I add google maps and draw borders on it?

No, you can only upload your own JPG/PNG map files

Hi! My friend bought me this script for my birthday, but now I’m having problems with installation, I enter the install page and gives me no result: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

I don’t know if it is the mod_rewrite problem but I’m using XAMPP with the PHP 5.6.30. Glad if you could help me ;)

Hi, please contact me via email.

Does the Yourmap plugin works well with Php 7?

Yes, it was tested with PHP 7.1. If you have any troubles please contact me via email.


AlexWH Purchased

Is it possible to add markers on the image on the admin page? or do i need to know the X Y ?


AlexWH Purchased

I found it, just needed to open my eyes! :)


AlexWH Purchased

This is a great script! The creator answers private messages right away! Awesome!

I am having the issue with my installation. I set it up as a test in a dev folder on my site and I’m getting the communication error-check php, when i try to access the admin panel.

any advice ???

This error is most often caused by the fact that all application files are not uploaded into the FTP server.

Verify that you have uploaded the .htaccess file in the main application folder. If this file exists, ie your server does not have mod_rewrite enabled or the module does not work.

Please contact me via email if you have further troubles.