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Just in time for an exacting project :) works better then pixie by Nattyware which we have used in the past for exact pixel locations

Pretty cool item! =)

hey dude, great app… but after a while it goes a bit loopy and the image overlay get placed over the top of the page and you cant get any transparency on it….. otherwise great

Hey Andie,

thanks for the purchasing X-Precise. Can you tell us what browser/platform do you use? Also is there any JS functionality on that particular page? We haven’t encountered the problems that you described (I don’t say they are not possible.)



Really good thanks, it would be a little more user friendly if you could use a file/browse button when selecting the design.

I’m testing this for use on a drupal install and it works on the homepage.

However it doesn’t work on any pages more than one level as it appears to be not to be using site root relative links.

i.e. when i look at the page http://clientname.local/ it works because it looks for the css at http://clientname.local/_xprecise/xprecise.min.js if i go to the page http://clientname.local/careers/our-careers if fails because its looking for the css at http://clientname.local/careers/_xprecise/xprecise.css Oddly it seems to be looking one directory up as it works on http://clientname.local/careers/

Hacking the min.js and putting a leading slash in before the css filename fixes the css problem but it doesn’t find the path to the image. I can get round that using the following


If you could fix this to be site root relative this would be a nice little tool.

A show/hide keyboard short cut that completely removes the window would be nice.


Also I find that this always creates JS errors when used with other jQuery plugins such as jQuery UI always breaks this.

Also doesn’t work very well with HTML5

Really good software.

It would be great if it could be easily independent of the folder you place it. Now it prefers to be in the folder you are working it.

However I like all our javascript stuff to sit in one specific folder. Tweaked the js a little and all is good for us. So no problems here. Just a feature request…

This doesn’t work with the latest jQuery version.

Any chance the developer can update this?

Hi, this plugin is a:

convert any psd with level to any html? (htm,5,css3 and jquery?)