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Hi. I want to add some custom CSS, but CSS in files in theme, don’t work. How can I apply some custom CSS?


Hi. Sorry for delay response. You can use inline styles. Turn on HTML mode of editor in your wordpress and add styles in
<style>you code here !</style> 

Hi. Work and apply the style. Thanks. But then I get a grey line: https://hormicapturas.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Preguntas_Frecuentes_2016-10-23_13-06-24.png

How can I fix?

Edit: Don’t Worry. I fix using:

< pre style=”display:none;”> <style>you code here !</style>

Hi. How can I remove xdocs from url? I want to get a permalink like yourdomain.com/slug not yourdomain.com/xdocs/slug


We are using you xdocs, we like it but can you add an option so we are able to provide direct link/url to users of particular section.

I am talking about able to share external link for a particular section. see the screenshot below https://www.evernote.com/l/AcwSqaE_G99D_7PRn2SMLfsE5wPG9yAoD-4

The screenshot is from https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/start-with-woocommerce-in-5-steps/#section-1

Did you get a chance to look into this

Yes. But you can add a button or icon link in each section using shotcodes.

Hi Xvelopers I’m buying the XDOCS theme. I was wondering if you could help me with the following:

1. Is it possible to make the left menu scrollable? Right now if the menu extends further than the reach of the monitor screen, it is not possible to scroll down the menu further. For example a menu which is scrollable: http://regelgeving.advocatenorde.nl/content/verordening-op-de-advocatuur

2. There are 2 submenu levels: H1 & H1.1. is it possible to add a third level: H1.1.1?

3. In this other doc it had standard chapternumbers in the menu and content. Is it possible to add these standard chapternumbers to your product? Or is it best to do this manually? Example standard chapternumbers: http://plugins.pressapps.io/document/document-2/

Thank you for your time!


Sorry for delay. xdocs supports 2 level menu and its scrollable using mouse wheal. Chapter number feature is not yet added.

Hi xvelopers, I love the plugin really much.. almost done with everything I got 2 questions…

1. Is it possible to implement a 3 level menu? If yes.. that would be great

I added some image maps on the website to make some flowchart pictures cliackable.. BUT there is a problem… if I try to add a image maps image via a plugin shortcode or generated HTML image map… It won’t work OR it isn’t responsive. So the positions are not at the right place.

2. Is is possible to place a responsive image map in the documentation that will always work. If yes, how?

Thanks, Akash

Hi, 3rd level is not yet supported. For map you can add width=”100%” height=”100%” attributes in your iframe. Please check this link as reference http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15421369/responsive-google-map

When the page is scrolled down, Sidebar Nav moves to the same direction. But, if Chinese character filling in a Sidebar Title and main body , Sidebar Nav doesn’t work properly. Sidebar Nav doesn’t go after the page location.

When the page is scrolled down, Sidebar Nav moves to the same direction. But, if Chinese character filling in a Sidebar Title and main body , Sidebar Nav doesn’t work properly. Sidebar Nav doesn’t go after the page location.

Its because of URL is not the same as the section id. Its converting to some hash string may be because of Chinese.

What can we do to make Sidebar Nav work properly? Should i take out Chinese letters from Title and Body? No, i’m afraid i couldn’t do that , Chinese is a necessity in our pages.

If we can’t use the other language on your platform , why don’t let us know in advance ? If you don’t have a solution on this problem, i think your code is defective product. So, i’d like to get a refund for this Code.

It supposed to work. I will update plugin with some extra options next week. If it will not solve your problem I will refund.

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When I am trying to view the post I received 404 error page not found :( How to display xdocs content?

Please save permalinks in your wordpress settings and check again.


nrodrz Purchased

hi there is a way to import the documentation project to use as a template?


nrodrz Purchased

Do you have date for an upgrade or you finish to support?

are you talking about HTML template? yes I provide support. Is there any issue or bug?


nrodrz Purchased

Let say I want to use the product documentation as a template. Will be a good start, some aren’t that expert and the product has a lot of use of code. I was looking a more drag and drop tool but is not. Also the export to pdf is not work g for me.

Hi, demo down. Does it support pictures lightbox ?

Not right now. But I may add it in upcoming updates.


nrodrz Purchased

Hi, when is next updates

is there any issue or something missing?


nrodrz Purchased

yes, I think you could add some templates to be more easy to build the pages. There is some code to do and sometimes is not that easy to understand. If you could include at least your demo of the software as template them we could duplicate and understand better the platform. I think you have more to expand.

Yes I will improve item. but right now busy on some projects.


yesono Purchased

Hello, Thank you for your xdocs,The resulting document link with xdocs, can be changed? such as: www.example.com/xdocs/install.html change to www.example.com/docs/install.htm

Please add this argument in xdocs.php after line 161.
 'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'docs','with_front' => false),

yesono Purchased

Hi Xdocs does not support Chinese language, such as: Section Title, PDF

I have implemented it in new version will upload tomorrow.


yesono Purchased

When can i download the new version of xdocs?

Dashboard > Downloads

I’m interested in the products. Are you keeping maintaining it? Is it possible to limit the html and pdf export to just to admin or logged users? Investing in a custom post based knowledge base system need capability to export data and guarantee of robust future support to preserve the database content.

Only Admin can download pdf and html. Yes we are working on new updates.

It’s your module compatible with WPML?

No but it has only few options I will add compatibility

Hello, I have just installed the plugin, but when I add anything new and click update, I just get a white screen.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and save permalinks again. Hope it will fix issue.

Sorry – that did not work.

sorry for delay. can you add default wordpress post and pages?


I would like to know if your plugin can fulfill the following need I have for my business.

I have 15 docs that needs to be signed each time at the sale of our product. Does xDocs allow me to have these 15 docs standard and generate personlized (with right name and contact details and amounts en details of the deal) per deal by a click of a button. So in other words can I have these 15 docs standard and with for example [client_name], [company_name], [deal_amount] and so forth just generate the same content but with the client’s details populated ready for signing each time?.

Hi, Sorry for delay response. With xdocs you can create as many document posts as you want and each will be separate from other. If you want to change only few details at each document. Just install wordpress post clone plugin. There are many free available and create first document and clone it 15 times.

Hi, Is it possible to restrict the documentation to some users using a password? Thanks,

I think current wordpress default option is not working. I will check if I can make it compatible with XDOCS. It may take some


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Nice plugin! I just installed. However, when I try to download as PDF it always gets an empty doc. It works fine for HTML version. Also, I’ve tried toggling the Advanced Editor Toolbar but still doesn’t see the Bootstrap Shortcodes tools. Please assist

It seems like the bootstrap shortcode for a tab is not working properly in the Xdocs, unable to switch the tab, I’ve tried the same code in a normal post and it works normally. Also not working on your live-preview as well.

sorry for delay response. Thanks for reporting issue I will try to fix it.

Np, can you check your email as well(I’ve sent via the contact form on your profile). I’ve sent more info. regarding the issue about Media library is not visible when Xdocs is activated.