Discussion on X Docs Wordpress Product Documentation Creator

Discussion on X Docs Wordpress Product Documentation Creator

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Demo dont work. Another discontinued plugin.

Hello. Sections do not seem to be working. I am using the latest wordpress version. Can I have support please?

Hello. Sections do not seem to be working. I am using the latest wordpress version. Thank you

Hi there are you still working on this plugin? I ask because the last update was 15 July 2021

Hi, i can see you have purchased the plugin. can you please tell me if you are getting any issue?

No issue, just asking about it. I have bought over 100 things here on the marketplace and over half of them can no longer be downloaded because either the developers no longer release updates or have removed the product from the marketplace.

well updates depends on type of item, bugs or feature requests from buyers.

Hi your demo site is down, I wanted to check it out

iwant to make the theme from write to left

hi is this knowledgebase theme/plugin included in the download?

Can I set a specific user role as the only one able to view my docs?


Is Xdocs WPML compatible?

which is the compatible wordpress version for this plugin or theme?

are you getting any issue? Can you please send me screenshot thanks

Can I use it as a plugin with my own wordpress template? or it is mandatory use the associated template?

We are gettting There has been a critical error on this website.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

I am going to send you directly to the page soon.

im getting a really hard time getting this work is this plugin supported I don’t see recent updates?

I have replied to your other comment.

hello I cant display bootstrap elements properly the colours don’t show anywhere displaying plain text

No icons as well, theme is working with bootstrap elements dont have problem displaying on other pages i try on other theme as well without any luck

can you please share your link or screenshot so I can check the issue. Thanks

Hi there,

I know that when I use a page builder, the PDF will get errors but I have to use it on a lot of my presentations.

I use Divi and the button for editing the page is shown on the main editor for the post but not on the sections.

Is this some kind of secure behavior from your side? Can this be changed, that I’m able to use Divi also inside the sections/subsections?

All the best

Just to mention why I need the possibility of an pagebuilder.

You don’t have a way to reuse sections or subsections inside your plugin. Pagebuilders give you a way to work with libraries to use sections, rows or modules on other pages as global (one change is changed on all elements on all pages) or normal (individual changes on elements).

Another thins is, that I want to display 1/2-1/2 rows. The build in buttons on the editor don’t work and its hard to work with such a function.

You can not use page builder with this plugin. Please install a bootstrap shotcode plugin you can add rows and columns using shortcodes

Not a good thing this bootstrap plugin “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress”

I have over 20 documentations for wordpress and most of them share contents inside. Atm there is no possible way to share sections, so a pagebuilder like divi or elementor will have the possibility to save sections in a library for later use.

I know about the problems with pagebuilders as its not possible to generate an clean PDF out of them. But in the most cases a PDF is not needed.

The other thing is that long text with shortcodes will quickly become unmanageable – you cant see what you get and have to save/look/edit/save/look/edit.

Its a nice and for normal users, who only create a few documentations, sufficient plugin but I think I have to stay with my standalone documentation builder.

Hello, Since today my XDocs are not working anymore, they just show up as if they were normal blog posts. Can you please help? I see I have version 1.1.0 installed

Site: You can check any post here

Is there any risk that I will lose the data I already if I delete the plugin from wordpress plugin manager? Or is this saved in the db?

although it is saved in database but better to make backup first.

or you can do is override files using ftp. I am not sure why you are facing this issue. Are you sure nothing changed on your WordPress. have you installed any other plugin?

Found the issue, it was the update to – Gutenberg (from version 10.5.2 to 10.5.3) Disabling the plugin now works,

Can you check and release an update for the plugin which is compatible to the latest version of Gutenberg? thanks

getting this error in plugin

Request Entity Too Large The requested resource does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.

Create a new document and test if you are still getting this issue.

no issue if i am getting new document, but in my case i need only one documents which i can show my full details on one page or place, no need of other?

waiting for reply?

Last question, I really need some additional functionality but can’t figure out how to get it. To make up for the lack of the lateral navigation index in the exported pdf, I would need to add bookmarks tags to the pdf, so that the pdf reader (like Acrobat) can generate the navigation index that helps the user to move around a very long and complex pdf. can you help me?

It would be great if you could inquire, it’s really a feature we should use!! We check that bookmarks feature can be maybe implemented.

Hello! do you have perhaps some news about the requested implementations? Thank you very much!

Sorry for delay. I have just checked API and this option is not available.

Good morning, I bought your plugin to use on a WP site. I would need some information from your support service

1. Is it possible to put the pdf/zip downlaod button in frontend and not only in backend?

2. How can you customize the print layout of the pdf generation? (margins, spacing, etc)

Thank you very much for your help, Alice

Ok thanks! how can I have the plugin update? Is there a chance to get an A4 Portrait? There are elements that are cut off because they are positioned between two pages. Is there any way to interrupt them before?

you can download new zip. Please check there is already option for A4. Please save post first and then download

Thank you! It works! what about the elements between 2 pages? Do you know why exporting the PDF the style of fonts change?

2 Months ago you said “Hi, Sorry for delay. Yes I will add option for you.” – and yet it is not a visible change in the 1 September release.

can you please check if its working for you.

Yes Thank you.


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