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Hi there,

Is this fully compatible with WP 4.4.2 ?


Didn’t check it yet Will check it and reply you Thank you

the contents of the description field is within the preview button?

You can see description in preview

Hello, I have an issue with your product. Since i have installed wpTree plug-in, my WYSIWYG editor does not work anymore… Actually, when I type some text in it the content is not translated in the text editor so it is not saved and it disappears.

When i disable wpTree plugin, my WYSIWYG works well. Moreover, wpTree is the lone active plugin i have.

Thank you for your help.

INFO Wordpress version : 4.5

So, is your issue solved?

Of course not… Still remain, nothing solved.

Can u pls send me screenshots or console error on my gmail :

Let’s do discuss on gmail


It is not clear in the description, is this plugin responsive? I need it to work across all devices.

This are pre-sale questions:

1. Is any way to set the color for each box / all boxes? 2. Can I add new fields? 3. In the responsive images of the previous post the lines that connect the boxes overlap creating a confusing pattern and not the correct relation between the different boxes, can this be fixed?


Thanks aeolian for your answer.

Does the documentation shows how to make the color change?

No, documentation dosen’t have CSS related guideline.


I dropped you an email, still waiting for a reply. Shortcode is not supporting in Divi builder.

Yeah, got your mail, will check it and let you know asap. Thanks


dossbb Purchased

Hi, I purchased your WpTree and using it for my website. Please give me your e-mail address so I can attach a image regarding my problem. Basically my problem is that the plugin shows a horizontal scrollbar beneath the tree. I don’t want this scroll bar to be displayed as it looks very ugly among my theme. I do not want this horizontal bar to be displayed. Thanks.

tarakpatel18@gmail. com



zoxee Purchased

Just purchased and created a tree of my organisation: 250 People. Really great work first and foremost, nonetheless a few remarks:

1. The non full width centered view tends to get really ugly, when the two legs under the head of the tree have an unequal number of people under them on each side.

2. To solve that problem, i had to use the left view so the left border makes the whole thing straight and more readable.

3. When using the full width centered view this time, the chart becomes huge but what people see at first after opening is some part of the left edge. To see all what is on the right, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and once you reach it, only then the horizontal scrollbar appears. Then you center it and scroll back all the way to the top to be able to see the rest of the pyramid…

If those two things could be corrected somehow this plugin would be perfect, but i won’t complain too much as your idea is great and you really made something useful here.

I hope you will listen to my critics and make it better overtime.

Cheers, Dan.

Thank you Sir,

Could you please send me screen shots regard these issues. I will try my best to find any solutions.

My email : tarakpatel18@gmail. com



I bought the wpTree and installed and added the users and the template has issues, and shows a scroll bar (i have included screen shots)


It seem your theme CSS conflict with plugin CSS. As per documentation if you want to hide scroll bar then please uncheck full with option.

Can you please send me full size screenshot on my email address : for better understanding.


Hi, is there a way to bulk upload a list of employees from a CSV file?

Hello, No sir, no option for upload data from CSV

Thank you for the prompt response. Is there any way to bulk upload users?

Welcome Sir, We can directly import data in wp_tree table in database via excel or CSV.


sbeeche Purchased

Hi, i downloaded the plugin and works flawless in my personal wordpress install, but in my wordpress work site, it doesn’t show the boxes and lines

The Console show this: 15:02:22.018 TypeError: jQuery(...).tree_structure is not a function <anónima> prueba-de-organigrama:630 n.event.dispatch() jquery.js:3 n.event.add/r.handle() jquery.js:3 1 prueba-de-organigrama:630:27

The URL is

Any ideas on how to fix it?

regards Sebastian


I think there is jQuery conflict problem. I have checked view source and jQuery main js file located after tree.js. I need your site access for debugging code. If possible please send me access to my gmail.


I have same problem with user DOSSBB, I’ve sent the details to your email, please check your email. Thank You :-)

Sent you mail yesterday. Please check inbox.


Can each node/person have a profile?

Sorry, 4 late replay

No, only have 5 fields including image

Pre-sale question: How does the chart work when viewed on a mobile? Does it just reduce in size, or do the boxes stack? Also, would it be possible to create a chart like this example:

Sorry, 4 late replay

There is option for display chart With horizontal scroll & without scroll please chech this in video.


Hello, I’ve got my first quiz set up and running but would like to customize the admin alert email. Currently it shows the each question and answer for each one of the questions. Is there a way I can revise this Admin alert email to just show the score total and make a few other changes? Where can I go to customize the Admin email?

Thank You, Joe


Sorry for late replay.

Currenty there is no option for sending email, you need to add that functionality in plugin code.


Pre-sale questiin: is there available or any way to change the box color and does it support html code on comment field to add a link to another page or post? thanks

sorry for late reply you can change box colour from CSS and its support html code but may be special character create issue. thanks

pre-sale queation: is it responsive for mobile device? thanks

you can check this url in mobile


Do it have role capability management?

No Sir, there is no option for role capability in this plugin.

will it appear in next or later version? thanks

Right now I have no plan to add role capability management feature in this plugin. Actually display info in horizontal tree view is basic purpose of this plugin. Like display family tree or organization tree. So role management feature is not relate with this plugin basic purpose.


Hello. I’ve just buyed your plugin (20c5139a-adac-4a7b-b89f-9fce9b3002b1) but I think that won’t do what I need. I need something like this:

with no connections, different widht, etc. If is not possible, could you refund me?


hi you need to send me refund request. after that I can refund.