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How do I install this plugin ?


You need to copy wptree directory and paste it in to /plugin inside your code. after that you need to active plugin from wp-admin.


My tree is very big Http:// How do I make it responsive? As I do to get the scroll overflow and see full on my screen. Please, I need a quick answer Thank you


Your webpage is not working. (404) I decided to keep same design in mobile as like desktop. outer div has 100% width, you can see tree view in full width in desktop or mobile. If you want extra style for responsive you can add your custom styles in style.css


I was in private My tree is too big, how do I make it fit my screen? The comments said it was responsive What part of the styles do I have to play? Can you add a custom field more? Thank you

I have no any additional responsive CSS added in plugin. But if you open tree view in mobile view with 100% width, All nodes position will automatic change as per view.

Tree will manage automatic as per the width you gave to outer div.

For small tree we don’t neet to do any thing, just set 100% width to outer div. Its also work for big tree but its hard to understand which is the parent node and which is child node.

I suggest you to give fix width 1000px or more to outer div, so there is horizontal scroll in mobile view so its same as desktop view.


Does this plugin allow more than one person on the top level?

This plugin is stopping the add media button working in latest WP version. If we disable the plugin then user can add media to a post?

Let me check this. will replay you soon.

I checked plugin with latest version and its working fine. I can add media in post and page. If you want I can send you recorded video. Please send me your email id. I think problem is something else in your theme. Thanks

Breaks Salient theme with Visual Composer, some buttons disappeared when this plugin active.

Hi, Plugin is working fine with wordpress default theme. But can you please send me more detail (site URL or other) about this on my email address. So I can check it. Thanks


I just downloaded the plugin, but I can’t work with the tree, as every time I click on the options (to edit, add new, and highlight), I get an error. My site is running on HTTPS, which causes a conflict as the plugin is trying to fetch HTTP URLs, and my website doesn’t allow that…

Any fix for this?

Thanks, Håvard

I fixed it already.. Didn’t have https set on both wordpress address and site address in General Settings.

Hi, Really sorry for late replay… :) Let me know if need any help. Thanks

Hello, pre purchase question :
Is this plugin compatible with BeTheme ?
Thanks :)

Sorry, but didn’t check yet with BeTheme but its working fine with wordpress latest version.

How can I set all of the levels of the tree to be closed upon initial load of the page? I don’t want the default to be a 100% open tree. I want every level by default closed. Let the viewer / visitor decide what places to open.

You can add HTML in textarea (Comment) field. Thanks

Thank you, thats perfect. Last question; when I click on a level to open its sub level it pushes the parent level items below. Its weird, it should leave those items and draw a longer line to open up the child level. I made a screen video of the effect. Is there a way to force it to not move parent level items below the next sub level? Maybe with CSS?

Video of issue.

Page where issue is occurring.

Yeah, that’s limitation of CSS, I know that problem but can’t found any solution for that. I will try again for that and will let you know if I can find it. Thanks

Hi – I purchased this plugin and it seems great so far but I am having a small issue. We are attempting to use this as more of a path of progression for careers at our company and the top level is 26 (departments) across with several levels (job titles) below each of those. It seems that is too many to fit going horizontal so it becomes to messy to read. Is it possible to force it to keep them all on one line going across? With maybe a zoom feature? Is it possible to make it go vertical instead of horizontal? Also, I need to color the boxes with our company branding. Is that possible?

Can you provide specific guidance on what to change? I made a bunch of changes and it is not working. Otherwise, I will not be able to use this plugin and would like a refund. Thank you.

Please send me your email address, I will send possible suggestion with detail. Thanks

Hi – my email is Thanks!

On the webpage view, any child items subsequently offset to the right (cascading indents). This renders the tree functionally useless. How do we get the child items to display straight down (like it does in the admin view)?

You can change tree option. You need to click on option button.

You can change tree option. You need to click on option button.


I hope you are doing good.

I am interested in this plugin for a client, but I have some questions to see if it works:

1. Can I edit the “view” link text? 2. Can I add link in the description to another page with more information about the profile? 3. Is there a limit on the size of the organization chart? > Will there be horizontal scrolls?

Thank you for your help!

HI can this tree be gamified with drag and drop


trufette Purchased

Hi ! Thank you for this plugin.

I meet some problems with some nodes with a tree. I would like to give a fixed place to 3 of the secondary nodes of my tree. Because when we click on the nodes, it shows the child nodes and their place change. So it’s confusing and is not easy to read and to understand. Could you please help me ?