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Hi Mate,

I already have a module to integrate a blog in my prestashop but I would like to have wordpress.

You can see it here; http://www.naturafelice.com/blog

Is the result going to be the same with your plugin?

Thank you!

yes, the module keep the posts in prestashop, but you use your wordpress panel to post

Hi, does this work regardless of what WP theme I use? And can I customize the look in Prestashop?



hi. To include in the current ps theme, the module disables any theme from wordpress (no css), so you can change the css files of the module to change how looks

Hi, does this module show picture of the post on post preview on the prestashop? or it’s only show the subject and content (like what i can see on your screen shots). regards

yes, can be posibble to add too, looks some msg dont come to my inbox

And i must to pay separately for this options? or i will get them after i bought the module?

no, but these options are not implemented. you can request it after buy the module and we add in next release

I have trouble to display my wordpress post in my custom hook on my store. I would love to have some help

I did this but nothing happen it’s blank

public function hookdisplayHomeTertiaryRight($params)    
    $scroll = Configuration::get('WPRESS_SCROLL');
    if ($scroll == '1')    
        return $this->display(FILE, 'views/templates/front/wpress-col.tpl');

cand me a pm with your access and i take a look

Hello, Does your module work fine with prestashop and the latest wordpress too and do pictures of artciles show in prestashop?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Hi. WOrks on PS, and latest wordpress. The pictures show in prestashop

hi mate, what change in this last update? tyy

Grid mode on home page, and support thumbnails for posts, so a better look

AWESOME CHANGES, i will change my rating



Very interesting module, sure!! Please, could you help me with this questions before purchase it:

1) It’s possible to hide on mobiles devices? This is really important for me. 2) I want posts open directly in WordPress, not in Prestashop. Module make this? 3) Titles of my posts are really long and I don’t want they will be cut. It’s possible to keep the long of the title? 4) If I select grid view, how many posts will showed per row?

Thanks a lot.

yes, in ps 1.6 you have the option to do it. you can configure to open the links on prestashop or wordpress in the module config. You can configure the total lenght of the titles. Normal post in grid is 4, for list is one after another. regards

Hi – I just cannot seem to get it show any thing. It shows ‘Blog’ and the area where the messages should go. But blank. I am running PS v1.6.1.1 with my Prestashop on localhost, but wordpress is on another server/domain name.

Can you give me guidance on the “url of the server ” I have tried all permutations of http://www.mysite.co.uk/wordpresspath

Also it always says “The path to wp-load is wrong” no matter what permutations of http://www.mysite.co.uk/wordpresspath/wp-load.php

Thanks in advance.

if is on a external site, you need to contact the host to accept external connections (from prestashop host to the wordpress host) and configure in the wpress module the url of the server (almost mysql url)

Hi – The external site running wordpress is on the computer, next to the computer running this new PS version. So I have full control of wordpress.

So what do I need do to accept external connections on the wordpress host, and which parts of wpress module do I need modify?

Thank u so much for the module! Works fine on 1.6. Just several remarks. It would be perfect to add some features. Such as: 1). ability to pin most important posts on the same place in Prestashop column and main page. I mean- we add new posts, but most important remain on the same place. 2). ability to work with categories. Eg: most people need 2 categories of posts, such as News and Articles. When publishing it would be good to show category name in Prestashop blocks and ability to select how many posts to show from each category independently. Eg: total number of posts to show in Prestashop column and mainpage is 6. Two of them from category News (discounts, offers etc) and 4 from Articles (some more general info). Regards!

Thanks for the suggestions. We are working on a major update, and include some of these features. Regards

Hello, Does your module/Integration work well with prestashop

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

yes, works on it

Hello, Can you let me know the URL to use and call all or some wordpress posts on a page ? Because i do not want just a hook on left or other parts. But i want to have a URL and just add it on my Top horizontal menu and when some one click on it, it displays all wordpress pots or pages.

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

simply, add from modules, and configure if have new options, use the wpress-list.php to get all posts

What am asking is whether i have to first uninstall or delete the old version before upgrading OR I Just install the new update .

Thank you Ronnie

nop, only add as i said from modules, not need to uninstall

Hello, I uninstalled your module and upgraded my prestashop to Does your module version Wpress v2.7.0 – work well with prestashop1.6.1.2 so that i install it again?

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

you dont need to resintall, must works after upgrade

I had uninstalled all 3rd party modules.So, if it works with the prestashop1.6.1.2, then i just have to reinstall it again.So, should i reinstall it?

Thank you Ronnie

yep. if you uninstall, install it (or enable)

is there any live example ?

this is better but still not friendly :/ can we just remove module/wpress would be much more better

can we make this ?

yes, i can add in next release

Some question before I purchase the module, Can I display pages that were created with Visual Composer ?

nop, dont work all composer features

I cant see the images, can you help me

yes.send me a pm with your access


no, im my contact form please

Hola no tengo claro si necesito este modulo. pretendo en mi pagina www.simcardmovil.com poner un blog wordpress para ayudar con el SEO. Es exactametne lo que hace el modulo?

hola. este modulo muestra los posts que tengas en wordpress dentro de prestashop


Is your module still compatible with the latest prestashop of 1.6.9 and will you update it to work with version 1.7?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie

yes with ps 1.6, we update to 1.7 soon


Sovush Purchased

Module does not work with latest Wordpress. Blank page in prestashop when mod is switched on. Ver: 2.6

enable display errors on prestashop to get the exact error please.


Sovush Purchased

For sure enabled.. No error messages- just blank page. No problems before last versions of WordPress


upango Purchased

Hola! Acabo de adquirirlo e instalarlo siguiendo vuestras indicaciones y no se muestran los posts, está vacío, los links van a la home… ¿seguro que sigue funcionando en 1.6?

hola. enviame un pm con acceso al admin por favor (de presta)