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Great work. I wish you success in sales

Thank you :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Hi. Can we translate the app (.po file included)? Thanks.

Right now .po file is not included but we will translate it shortly. thanks

Hello, when I activate this pregnancy calculator plugin on my Divi themed Wordpress website, it affects the website’s logo image, changing its size and responsiveness. How do I get in touch with someone to get this troubleshooted? It’s a beautiful calculator, but it’s negatively impacting the website. thank you

Hi, Can you please share your web page URL and the page where you set shortcode ? So, that we can figure out the issue and can explain the reason. Thank you :)

I don’t want to share it publicly. Can I send it privately?

Sure.. you can email to my personal address : (


You plugin have a bug for mobile:

1 step -> Iphone 6s.

2 step -> any year, any month but day less of 10.

3 step -> error nan or undefinided all box.

Any idea??? Thanks

Hi, Thanks for purchasing :) Our technical team checking your mentioned issues and you will be notified shortly about the updates on this.

Hi @efabayon, please download the latest plugin file and hope everything will be fine now :) Thanks.

Hi, it is possible to insert Italian among the languages? Thanks

Yes.. it is possible but we need actual translator for the text. If you help, we can update the plugin for you. Thanks.

Hello, I bought the plugin and I do not know how to activate the Spanish language.

Can you help me with this issue?

Hi, thanks for purchasing this plugin. This language will change automatically if your site language is set with Spanish or if you change it. You can see this video :

My Wordpress is configured in Spanish language, but the plugin not run. There are a bug. Please tell me how to force Spanish language in plugin.

Hi, we are testing with latest version of WP and will come back to you by tomorrow. Thanks

I have wordpress in Spanish langage but the plugin don’t translate. Wordpress Versión 5.2.2, its a bug ??? I ned help. Say me how to force Spanish. Thanks

Thanks for your Patience. We are testing with latest version of WP and will back with the updates. Thanks

Hello, there are a bug in the plugin. the names of the fields are not being translated well and the following ” La fecha dada debería ser menor que la de hoy: 2 ” appears.

I wait for your help

yes..another version is coming shortly. Thanks

I have install the update and go perfect !!!!

Love to hear from you :) Thanks for the feedback.

I am not seeing installation instructions. I’m probably just overlooking. I just purchased and would like to get installed asap. thank you your plugin looks great.

Thanks.. sent mail for your particular help :)


It is possible to display dates in french format (without hardcoding the plugin)? (for example: “24 juin 2018” instead of “Juin 24, 2018”)

Thank you for your help :)

Actually date format is hard coded but we are happy to help you. Please email me personally or share your email so that i can send you updated plugin file :) Thank you.

Hi I just purchased this and added it to my site but the part where you put the date in doesn’t have anything show up on the “Day” dropdown section.

Please advise

When we are inspecting through browser we found design & code structures are changed, so we thought you might changed it. Or, seems any scripts like optimization/caching plugin from your site causes some issue. Is it possible to provide staging/live credential to our support email ? So that we can login and check. Thanks.

I sent over the login in an email

Thanks for your email. Our development team is checking the issue and we will get back to you when we have feedback for you. Regards.

Hi !

My client ask me if it’s possible to display the 3rd scan which is always done between the 30th and 32th weeks of amenorrhea. It is possible to add this in the due date results (just before “estimated due date”) ?

Thank you very much for your help

Best regards

Hi, Sure thing. We can do. What will be the LABEL in that case ? Please email us at info(at) for getting updated file for you. Thank you.

Thank you very much! I send you an email. :)

Thanks for your mail. Our development team is working on it and will send you updated copy to your email soon. Regards.

Hi I have purchased the pregnancy calculator, but you have a spelling mistake on the calculator that I want changing please.

You have spelt ‘fetal’ two different ways on the calculator, the first spelling is foetal and the second is fetal. I want both to say fetal.

Also… you have used the word morphology to describe the scan to check for anomalies. I want to change this word to ‘anomaly’ as this is an accepted and understood word that people understand. Can you change these things for me?

Hi, would you please email at info(at) so that we can send you updated file ? Thank you.

Hello dear developer team,

There are two other calculations in addition to the calculation after the first day of the last period: - Calculation according to the time of fertilization - Calculation according to the expected date of birth

If you could add this in a next update, it would be the best plugin for pregnancy calculation.

It might also be a good idea to select or deselect the other screen outputs according to the needs of the target group.

thank you and many greetings Patrick

In a pregnancy calculator, the cycle length also has an influence on the result, see here:

Maybe one can orientate oneself a little, also concerning the output of the result (weeks of pregnancy etc.). Maybe with links to more information about the current week of pregnancy.

Best regards, Patrick

And a date format like 24.04.2020 would be nice too. Best, Patrick

Hi Patrick, thanks for purchasing :) Would you please email at info(at) with your custom requirements ? So that, we can check and update for you if these are flexible. Thank you.