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greet job! :) congratulations!

Thank you very much !

I am looking for a plugin to customize the admin panel and hide things from people sort of a client based situation. Will this plugin allow me to customize the admin panel for different types of users.

Yes, you can customize the desktop (shortcuts, colors, settings) for each role or user .

cool, can I assign certain admins to only edit certain post and pages?

Not directly with this plugin, but it can be done using this one : https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/

please make one that’s frontend! that’d be more amazing

I note the request, thank you :)


Can be possible to import/export options?

Thanks in advance :)

Not currently, sorry. I note the suggestion, thank you .


scullie Purchased

Hi there,

I love this plugin. But visual composer is not active with this plugin. I there a way to add visual composer with this plugin?

Thank you :)
This plugin doesn’t change anything to VC or any other plugin. Visual Composer works perfectly on my side.
Please contact us from the support page sending a temporary access to the backend, I will check it .


moeteam Purchased

Why do I disable the “Gray effect on windows in background” does not work?


moeteam Purchased

thank you very much:)


moeteam Purchased

The translation is not missing a word: “Keyboard shortcut to show previous window”?

Yes, this translation exists at line 322 of the file WP_osBackendDesktop.po . If needed, feel free to contact us from the support page, we will help you .

Does this plugin be used with other page builder plugin? I using Flatsome to build my website. I am very interested your plugin . but both plugin are work perfect ?

Yes, it works with any plugins and themes .

The best Plugin I bought!

The best support!

The author always adds new functions, I am really happy.

I recomend this plugin

Thank you very much for this nice comment !
I’m glad you like this plugin :)

The OS backend is not loading for the user roles I want it to load for in the plugin settings. They can only operate in admin skin. Is this a known bug??

Great :) Thank you for the good news !

Cheers! But you still need to fix it. You are saving roles as their actual names or values AND retrieving them from their slug. Hence the issue. I am a developer myself, so I was quickly able to fix this by checking out database values. Other customers will not be able to.

Also, I would like to know if you can preload the shortcuts, so they instantly fire up when clicked and also provide a refresh button for tabs, to fetch fresh values just in case?

In addition, is this plugin caching itself? It would be nice to have a performance boast on wp-admin if possible via cache and ajax based requests. A fast, responsive admin panel would be ultimate selling point for this plugin.

Other plugins out there are providing options to Hide “Help & Screen Options”, completely remove Wordpress references (the little menu on top left in admin bar & footer credits), modify footer info and lastly to rename the Menus. Are these features expected in coming updates?

I like the concepts you come up with. I am really enjoying the multitasking!

1. Yes, thank you, I already fixed this point after your comment, it will be a part of the next update .
2. No, there is no such option currently.
3. Thanks for all these ideas and suggestions. I note that and will probably add it in a next update if I receive several similar requests.
Thank you very much for the review ! :)

Option to disable OS backend for full screen editors. Currently, I have UX builder for page building and it does not open with OS backend. Once I disable the OS backend, it works fine. Would it be possible to disable OS backend on these full screen editors? or a possible work around for the same?

Please contact us form the support page : https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-os-desktop-backend/15804874/support . We will debug it .