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Can I setup a dashboard and apply it to all users?

Desktop settings defined by admin are applied to all users, except shortcuts. If wanted, the admin can create the wanted shortcuts for each user then disable the option “Allow non-admins to edit shortcuts” to lock them .

bug visual composer

If you need help, please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it.

Now working;)

Thank you, but it works correctly on my side, what is the problem exactly ?
There is the direct url if needed : http://www.loopus-plugins.com/WP_OS_Backend/wp-admin/

Hello, you have incrdible plugins… ? is this heavy on the server ressources ? and 2 can I combine your wp tour plugin and this one in back end?

Thank you very much :)
Yes, of course, you can combine several of my plugins without problem.
All my plugins are optimized to use the minimum of server and client resources .
They are all activated together (with also lot of well known plugins) on the development server that I use to create my plugins, to always ensure that there is no slowdown or conflicts between them .

Hello, we are using an admin theme, solde here ‘material wp”. Is this plugin going to work with wordpress admin themes ?

Yes, it will work, no problem. Please can you use the “Reply” button for the new messages ? It allows me to more easily follow each interlocutor.Thank you !

1. How about adding an inside web viewer to view other websites? There could be shortcuts on the desktop that leads to resources/sources with custom url other than your site itself.

2. On the demo, I notice that when ever I click any link on the top bar, the whole window reloads, instead of opening a new tab. Is there a setting to let links on the top bar work like links on the menu section?

I have installed “WP OS Desktop Backend” but its not fitting correctly. Could you kindly check this out for me, please and thanks.

By the way, I’m also using “Tamed Theme Plugin” off Codecanyon.

Of course. Please can you contact me from the support page, sending me a temporary access to the backend ? I will check it .

Okay, sent!


peter70 Purchased

I just LOVE the potential of this plugin!!! :-)

Could you implement saving of sizes and positions of different windows? I work on a very large screen where I want certain windows in various places for a nice workflow. Would be so nice not having to resize and reposition every window when I open them.

Thank you very much ! I note the idea.

Hi again,

I’m the french guy who bought WP OS Desktop and WP Tour. I’ll write this time in english since this is the commonly used langage here.

I’m kinda satisfied with your plugin, he has a really great potential. But one more time, I feel sad of some lack of customisation. Let me explain :

  • First of all, the windows size. It would be great to have the possibility to choose the default size of a window at its opening. A simple field in the setting page in which we could be able to set a percentage will do the job.
  • Another little thing to implement and which can be VERY usefull for your customers is to choose other options for the position and size of the windows when opened. My idea is basically simple, but would improve a lot user experience. Just put 4 additional checkbox for : (1) Open new windows at their standard size, and definied in my previous feature request | (2) Open new windows at maximized size | (3) Open new windows at 50% width 100% height, from LTR (the first window will pop up to the left, the second to the right, the third to the left again… etc) | (4) Open new windows at 50% width 100% height, from RTL.
  • Finally, what isn’t optimal is regarding the bottom bar with the list of available opened windows. If you maximize the only single opened windows, it will fit 100% of the height. The problem is that if now you decide to open a 2nd windows and to minimize the first one, the bottom bar will be hidden because of both a missing z-index and the 100% height attribute. Additional opened windows seems to not be affected by the 100% height attribute at this stage, since it seems to take into account the height of the bottom bar in order to calculate the available height (something similar to calc(100% – bottom bar’s height);)

Your plugin is near to be perfect, and it needs really few works to be a top seller. Oh, and let me give you a tip in order to boost your sale : rename your plugin (if you can) from WP OS Desktop Backend to WP OS Desktop Backend (Wordpress Admin Theme). These 3 words will give you a so much better visibility.


Noted, thank you for these suggestions !


I just bought and have to say that I am very impressed with this plugin.

However, create a customized desktop for each users then re-set his/her roles to lock the modification is VERY time consuming. Would it be much nicer if you can set a default template by an admin, and apply it to all users?

Or if there is a way to export/import the current desktop settings?

Nevertheless, great plugin!

Thank you,


You are probably right, it seems to be a good idea, noted !
Thank you :)

Hi, loopus,


I can’t seem to find the options you mentioned in #1. My plugins are up to date.

Best regards,


No, it isn’t the last update (1.142). Please can you send me a screenshot of the Dashboard > Updates panel ?

Hi Loopus. Question please. Would you consider the creating of templates? Meaning.. As an Admin, I can create a specific template(s) (Based on role) so that all future users, when account created, will have a ready made desktop that they either can, or CANT alter (based on user group maybe?)

I note the suggestion and will think about it, thank you .

I noticed that the latest update doesn’t specify support for WP 4.7. Is that intentional? Also, can you please (pretty please) add a changelog to future updates?

Thank you for reporting, done. Yes, it works with WP 4.7 .

very cool plugin! it’s just what i needed! i have however an issue. when the plugin is activated. my website (with ajax page nav) isnt loading properly anymore. It breaks the ajax loading and reloads the entire page. i had to disable the plugin again.. too bad.

For support requests, please contact me from the support page using your buyer account, I will help you.

I thought I’d give this plugin a try again since the recent update. It has great potential but the following makes it completely unusable for me. For the record, I tested this new version on 2 installs, one w/ an apache environment and the other nginx, using different themes and plugins and no caching of any type.

1) It is still very resource intensive. My laptop has 16gb + i7 octacore but over time (10min of use) the back end gets more and more sluggish and my CPU spikes and/or the browser stops being responsive. Initially I’ll notice that any text typed has about a 1-2 sec delay in painting to the screen but it eventually gets even worse where it doesn’t show at all until I click somewhere on the screen almost as if a js callback isn’t firing properly.

2) All links always open maximized and any existing windows are automatically minimized. This is not desirable because when one un-minimizes any of those previously set windows, they are not in the same position or scale they were previously. This interrupts workflow when one has windows set in a particular grid and you have to reorganize them all over again.

3) Randomly windows somehow get shoved under the top wp-admin bar making it impossible to drag, minimize, maximize or close them. I’ve found that due to the issue of #2, I can simply open a new link and since it forces all open windows to the bottom tray I can re-open them and they are resized in a manner of which I have access to the window’s top bar again but this still isn’t a good experience.

4) Sometimes when I window is brought to the foreground it is still grayed out and has the css blur filter still applied. It remains this way even though changing the content still works and i found that once I click and drag or resize the window it gains focus again css-wise.

1-3-4) Please contact me from the support page sending me a temporary access to the backend where I can see the problem, I will debug it.
2) Yes, the maximization of the window at the opening was requested by several clients. I note your opinion and may add an option to freely choose this behavior.
If you can’t use the plugin correctly on your installation, you can also uninstall the plugin and ask for a refund, I will accept it, no problem.


afunworm Purchased

OMG DUDE, THE UPDATE IS AMAZING!!! I had to stop what I was doing to comment this.

I definitely love It!

Thank you very much ! :)

Hi, I really interested on your plugin, however did it will effect the performance and speed of the website if using this plugin?

Looking forward to heard from you

Kind Regards

It will not affect the speed of the server : there is no repetitive ajax calls or heavy treatments.
Visual effects use more cpu resources for the user who uses the desktop (but not for the server and the other users). In the same way, if a user use youtube video wallpaper, it will use more network resources from the user (not from the server).
You can test it on the live demo and check if your computer correctly run it.
If you buy it and for any reason you can’t use it properly on your website, you can ask me for a refund, I will accept it, there is no problem.
Also feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help on any point.

Hi author, thank you for your information and clarification. I will proceed to purchase.

KInd Regards

Presale question: Does this plugin have an import and export options?

No, sorry, not currently.