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WP Multi Store Locator Pro

WP Multi Store Locator Pro is if you are running some online WordPress based site and have multiple stores over there and want some smart search functionality with respect to location and categories or like then WP Store Locator Pro is what you are looking for. This plugin provides a number of options for admin in backend to manage their stores and sales manager for respective franchise. WP Store Locator Pro have awesome user interface and displays results with google map in front end. Its a complete package with lots of features like search stats, import/export functionality and much more.

Are you fan of WordPress Page builders? WP Multi store locator comes with ready to use block for following builders;

  • Divi Builder
  • Visual Composer
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • More on the way…

Shortcodes to display store locator as you like.

[store_locator_show] to show Store Locator search area.

[store_locator_show Location="Madison, AL, USA"  radius="25"]
to show specific location stores so use shortcode like inside any page.

[store_locator_show city="Madison"  radius="50"]
to show stores with city wise use that shortcode like inside any page.

[store_locator_show state="Alabama"  radius="50"]
for specific State so use like inside any page.

[store_locator_show city="Madison" state="Alabama" radius="25"]
to show stores with specific state with specific city wise inside any page.

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Demo Video

Demo video : How to Use Visual Composer Block/Element


WP Multi Store Locator Now Supports Multiple Page Builder Blocks

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WP Multi Store Locator have Visual Composer block

\\ \\ \\

WP Multi Store Locator have Divi Builder block

\\ \\ \\

WP Multi Store Locator have Elementor Page Builder block

\\ \\ \\

WP Multi Store Locator have Beaver Builder block

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Synonyms for WP Multi Store Locator Pro

Google Maps Store Locator | Store Locator | Advanced Store Locator for WordPress | Store Locator (Google Maps) For WordPress | Store Locator WordPress | Store Finder WordPress | Location Finder WordPress | WordPress Store Locator | Simple Store Locator | Responsive Store Locator Plugin for WordPress | WP Store Locator | CardinalWP | Cardinal Store Locator plugin for WordPress


  1. Store Code must be unique when try to import store from CSV.
  2. Store Address must be google formatted address.


  1. WordPress 4.4+
  2. WooCommerce 2.6.0+
  3. Gmail API
  4. PHP version 5.5+
  5. Google Maps Geocoding API
  6. Google Maps JavaScript API
  7. Google Places API Web Service


Official Documentation

Click here to view our official documentation WP Multi Store Locator Pro - 9


Version : 1.0 
Date : 02/02/2017
Initial Release.
Version : 1.1
Date : 30/05/2017
Added attribute "Location" in shortcode. 
Added attribute "City" in the shortcode.
Added attribute "State" in the shortcode. 
Added attribute "Radius" in the shortcode.
Option to display default map with in specific radius/location. 
Fixed Direction Icon.
Version : 1.1.1
Date : 13/06/2017
Added - New Layouts
Added - Store Listings
Added - Counter icon
Added - Custom Map Styling
Added - Option to Enable/ Disable Search Filter
Added - Search Placeholder Option 
Added - Add Your Own Marker
Added - Search Toggle Disable / Enable Option
Version : 1.2
Date : 10/07/2017
Add - Support For RTL
Add - Support For WPML
Add - Compatibility For Avada (Fusion Builder)
Add - Compatibility For Divi Builder
Add - Visual Composer Block Element
Version : 1.2.1
Date : 24/07/2017
Fixed - Js store_locatore_search_lat,store_locatore_search_lng remove from hidden field to get direction if search option disabled.
Version : 1.2.2
Date : 28/07/2017
Added - Single Page Functionality For Your Stores.
Version: 1.3
Date: 21/08/2017
Added - Support For Divi builder. 
Added - Support For Elementor builder. 
Added - Support For Beaver builder. 
Update - Overhaul the of import functionality.
Fixed - cross browser CSS fixes. 
Fixed - Map Height Setting. 
Fixed - Listing Setting. 
Fixed - WooCommerce Confliction. 
Fixed - Confliction with UPD Power Builder ( Cherry framework ). 
Version : 1.3.1
Date : 08/09/2017
Added - Compatible with Jupiter Version: 5.9.7 
Fixed - Responsive CSS on search store layout.
Version : 1.4
Date : 19/09/2017
Added - Translation support using .PO .MO files
Version : 1.5
Date : 11/10/2017
Fixed - Statistics Page Fixes. Fixed - Store import instantly.
Added - Confliction with niceSelect removed. 
Added - Clickable Call button on store phone number infowindow.
Version : 1.8
Date : 18/1/2018
Added - Store List Dynamic Label. 
Added - Support for import/export store categories. 
Added - Optimized Import/Export Store compatibility.
Version : 2.4
Date : 15/02/2018
Added - Introduced map clusters functionality 
Added - Import/export categories. 
Added - Default location. 
Added - Map Zoom by scroll dynamic setting. 
Added - Added new layout. 
Added - Added multiple layout options. 
Fixed - Search locations. 
Fixed - Admin settings in a easy way. 
Fixed - CSS related issues.
Version : 2.6
Date : 07/03/2018 
Fixed - Get my location SSL check. 
Added - Search location with function based. 
Fixed - Map Search Open as Default with back end setting.
Version : 2.7 
Date : 30/03/2018 
Fixed - Search box toggle issue.
Version : 2.8
Date : 12/06/2018
Fixed - snazzy map style
Fixed - Marker popup image
Added - field for dynamic labels
Version : 2.9
Date : 01/17/2019
Compatible upto WordPress 5.0.3
Fixed - Admin Backend CSS issue fixed
Fixed - Fixed minor php bugs