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I’ve tried several plugins like this, but none can compare to the ease of use and flexibility of the WP Logo Showcase plugin. Thank you for this wonderful plugin!

Thanks !!!

Thanks !

Hi, does this work with thumbnail instead of logo. My thumbnail size is 225×320

Hello, You need to set this size in the settings then it will work see documentation link https://www.radiustheme.com/setup-configure-wp-logo-showcase-wordpress/#setup Thanks

Hi guys, Any idea what’s going on with the rotator on mobile? It’s wonky. Doesn’t respond to touch very well. delayed scrolling..

http://bkbazaar.com/dev2016/ bottom of the page

thanks Chad

Hello, I just check with my iPhone in your site arrow buttons goes out of view. Can you send me admin & FTP access support@radiustheme.com then I can fix it for you. Need little css adjustment. Thanks

hi first of all thank you for the clean disgn logo showcase plugin .i have a coupon website i got a problem after i install the plugin my shop logo size gone bigger in sidebar widget please help me as soon as possible thank you

Hello, Please mail me your site url with admin access support@radiustheme.com Thanks

Hi Thank you for your reply.I Sent..

Dear Author… I have a question. Is this plugin compatible with ‘Insert Pages’ and ‘Woocommerce’ Plugin? Both plugins are free but there is no free slider plugins which is compatible with both so I am considering to buy it, but this plugin is not free so I cannot test before buy which is compatible or not… Please check…

Hello, Yes I think it will work. If you face any issue just mail me I will support you.



daham87 Purchased

Dear Author… Can I turn off to show Retina Display 2x image loading in this plugin? What is the solution?

Our Site speed is one of the important factor so we don’t want to show up 2x size image for Retina Display.

But this plugin seems to show 2x image automatically.

How to make not to display 2x image in mobile device so speed up our site?

I will wait your response.


Dear Sir, Can you please send me site url? We don’t use 2x image we call same image for all. Have you use any plugin to make image 2x?


Hello, I check your original image size is 800×600 px http://pulsarlubeklt.cafe24.com/wp_pulsarlube_demo003/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/menuapplication_industries_paper_016.jpg

Please go to settings then set image size which size you want https://www.radiustheme.com/setup-configure-wp-logo-showcase-wordpress/#setup

Let me know the result.


Is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.6?

Yes it will work.

Hi RadiusTheme!

One question: Is there any way to order logos by a random sequence?


Hello, Thanks for your question. I’m sorry in this version don’t have random load features. I will add this feature in next version ASAP.


HI, is the plugin compatible with Enfold or Avada theme and work with that themea? Thanks

Hello, Thanks for your question. It should work. Or wait few min I will test then confirm you. I have both theme.


Yes It work I tested both theme.



umabala Purchased

Hi isotope layout stop working please help Thanks

Hello, Please send me site url and admin access to support@radiustheme.com I will check and fix it soon.



umabala Purchased

Thank you for your quick fix.and i ask one more help to fix the the gap of the tittle. i already sent the description picture before. Thanks

Hello, Please send me which url? Note: See your support Expire


whats the best practice for mobile? my logos in three column har to small, even in two column. Also. the navigation arrows in mobile is to close to the screen edge. Is there a css code to move the arrows on mobile?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing my plugin. For mobile view 1/2 will be good. Can you please send me site url? then I can check and figure it properly.


Please write this two css in custom css box or your theme css.

.rt-wpls .slick-next { right: -20px !important; } .rt-wpls .slick-prev { left: -16px !important; }

Let me know if it is ok?


Looks nice! GLWS

Thanks a Lot !!

Hi.Is the plugin only paid once? Or is there more costs?

Hello, Thanks for your interest on my plugin. Yes sir it is one time cost.


That is, I only paid the amount once and I get the plugin forever correct, no more costs ??

As per codecanyon license you will get 6 months support but plugin can download any time no time limit.



ahameds Purchased


I have added your plug in but the carosel doesnt work at all and I am having trouble getting things to show up on the home page. Can you please help with this ASAP?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing my plugin. Please send me site url & admin access to support@radiustheme.com

I will check it.


Hello, I have problem with showing of images. When i have logo showcase on homepage everything goes fine, but when i go to “categories” widget with logos is empty with line “No logo found”. Can you help me with this?


Got it I will check my morning and update you. Thanks

It looks like it works for now.

I see ok


corebean Purchased


I bought this plugin over 6 months ago and it was all working with the logos linking to the correct Posts pages. Today I check the page and find this functionality has been suddenly removed. Why?

Purchase code: 28f1d53a-c192-42ef-ae57-bbd17356da3d

Website: https://www.febenik.de/maschinen/

Hi, No Sir this features not removed. If any external url then will get otherwise will get post link. I just tested my demo.

Please send me admin access to support@radiustheme.com I will check it.