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Hi there,

I have just upgraded from the free version to the pro version.

In the free version I had 5 logos showing on the slider as I had the setting ‘Slides to Show’ set to 5.

This setting is not available in the pro version – please could you add this in so that I can set my slider back to normal?

Thanks in advance Joe

Please check now.

This is perfect, thank you for your help

Thanks too !!

Hi support,

I have just buy upgrade to the pro version.

But when I try to install zip => Download the zip file then go Plugins => Add New then select the zip file and upload.

It doesnt work :(

Messeage: Expanding the installation package … Installing plugin … The .zip file package could not be installed. No valid plugins found. Install plugin failed.

Thanks in advance Thomas


thanks for qucik reply :)

I download this one: codecanyon-16396329-wp-logo-showcase-responsive-wp-plugin.zip

but this is only one choice what I see for download. Is it correct?


Update: Done :)

I had to first uninstal old demo version and after instal PRO version.

Now is everythings perfect.

Thansk for suppport :)

ok Thanks too !!


Do you support the use of start and end dates. So we sell sponsorships for our nonprofit and we’d like the ability to have the logos appear on a start date and disappear on an end date. So we may sell a sponsorship in May where we want to display a logo for a month from June 1 to June 30 and do not want to have to remember to add it on June 1 and remove it on June 30.

Sorry sir don’t have this feature but thanks for notice good feature hope I will add it in future.


Hello is there anyway to align to center with an Isotope layout if there is only one option under the selected category?

http://southcrestchurch.org >> Click Ministries >> Then Adults

I want the logos to align to the center.

Sorry Sir in Isotope Logo placement set by absolute position it is auto generated by inline CSS by Isotope script.

We can not move it. See my screenshot http://prntscr.com/fglznm

I see your Row full width so logos are start from left edge of screen I think you can make this container width so it will look good now you have 5 logos.


Hope if make within container instate of full width then it will be better.


Hi, is it possible to show logos in random order? Thanks!

Please email us to marketing@sjcamhd.es

Hello, I already added this feature and submitted for review it may be 2 days. If you need now after purchase let me know I can give you update package. See http://demo.radiustheme.com/wordpress/wplogoshowcase/grayscale-logo/



It approved today so if you buy now will get Random feature.



I have uploaded the WP Logo Showcase & Slider into a clients website, however, the logo reel isn’t displaying correctly – images are out of proportion/bunched up.

I think this may be due to their www being customized into two columns – do you require a min space for the shortcode to be dropped into to allow the view not to be compromised?




Have you bought the plugin? Please send me purchase code I don’t see purchased notification in your profile then send me site url I will check.



How do I make the carousel slider scroll continuously without a pause?

I want it to look like example 1: http://www.changequest.co.uk/ please scroll to the bottom of their page and you will see what I mean

my one looks like this: https://changequest.o2conline.co.uk/home-5/

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see what I mean.

Many thanks,

Hello, https://changequest.o2conline.co.uk/home-5/ I see it is scrolling see slider settings check loop yes (seams you already did)

If you want to make faster then change time.


Hi, Whats the best way to get padding around every logo? Now they are to close together in the grid.

Thank you,

Hello, Can you please send me url? By default it get 30 px padding if you don’t use any gutter.

Or mail me support@radiustheme.com


Hello! Will the plugin be able to filter 2 sets of values? Eg. Filter by Industry or Filter by Topic.

Hi, Sorry we have only category filtering.


I had the free version, but then bought the paid version but it won’t install because the Destination Folder already exists.

I deleted the free version but it still won’t work.

Error message:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: wp-logo-showcase.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /nfsvol-a/65/50365/karensmock.com/dac_wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-logo-showcase/

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

Hello, Thanks for purchasing the PRO version.

Please check by FTP may be plugin does not delete properly.

If still face issue then send me access I will check and setup.