Discussion on WP Font Resizer | Text Resize WordPress Plugin

Discussion on WP Font Resizer | Text Resize WordPress Plugin

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Is there a way to deactivate on mobile? Do u have the css?

Yes here is the CSS code:

@media (min-width: 320px) and (max-width: 1024px) { .wpfr-button {display: none !important;} }

Thank you so much! What a great and important plugin for gen+55 and visually impaired people!

Thank you :) I’m glad to hear that.

Can you tell/show me the options for the +/- buttons? I would like letters instead of or in addition to the +/-. Is that one of the options?

The plus sign enlarges the text and the minus sign makes the text smaller, that’s it.

Hi just wondered if you had received my e-mail re the issue with the plugin? its quite urgent as the site is almost ready to go live.

Hi I have just loaded this onto this site but its not working

Login at:     UN:                       LWDadmin PW:                       S%2%&c9VET8c3G

Hey! When I update the component to Version 2.3 it deactivates automatically and shows me the following error: The wp-font-resizer / wp-font-resizer.php plugin has been disabled due to an error: The plugin file does not exist. Can you help me? Please! Thanks! Regards!

This does not work on text, only a few images. And the plus sign makes the image smaller versus larger. Is there a settings for the plugin?

Are you sure? The plugin changes the font-size which has no effect on images. Can you send us an screenshot of the plugin settings as well as the result on your site?


hi there!

Last week, I inquired that if you click the +- button inserted as a shortcode on the page, not only the text of the post, but the entire text of the page will be changed.

Here is the site administrator address, username and password. Please confirm.

Thank you. Manbul0317#


oh.. how to delete or modify comment? maybe I can not delete my comment if you already have reply. if you can, please delete my comment.

I have no permission to delete your comment. You should do it by yourself.

The button is on the top right corner.

When the + – button is clicked, not only the body text but also the text of the entire page responds. How to apply only to text in post?

The plugin is intended to change the font size of the whole website and what you want requires modification of plugin’s core files. Please provide us with a temporary login access and we will do it for you. But remember after that the plugin would change only the font size of the post on each page if the post is available.

Send info to our email:



Looks like a good plugin. A coupe of pre sales questions: 1) Is this shortcake based so we could place it in a specific place on the page? 2) Can the + and – be replaced with a AAA where the letters are getting larger?

Hi there,

Shortcode is supported but buttons are preset, so you can only select from different available button styles.


It seems that the ‘Save Last Time’ function is not working. Can you check it out?

Dear friend, yes there was a bug preventing the option to work properly. Now the issue is fixed and an update has been released. Please download and install version 1.0.5

Let me know if it works as expected.

Thank you

Ok, Now it works.

There seems to be a problem with latest update. I did email about this over a week ago, but no reply? The WP dashboard shows update 2.3 available, but it looks like a different plugin by someone else? When I update it breaks the plugin.

It may belong to another plugin. Our latest update is version 1.0.4

what is shortcode to use in theme

Hi there, the shortcode is not available yet but we are adding this functionality to the plugin and will release the update today. Thanks

Hi! After updating the plugin, the plugin began to work incorrectly. link:

Yes, there has been a bug in our update, but now it’s fixed. Please download the update again.

Thank you

The same problem remained, I updated again to the latest version.

I see you are using another plugin, can you install our plugin to see it’s behaviour? Or alternatively provide us with a temporary login access and we will configure anything.


I suggest you an idea for a new plugin to make a beautiful caption for images)

Thank you very much for your suggestion, we will keep that in mind for our future items.

Couldn’t find instructions to add controls via shortcode?

Shortcode is not available yet, but if you really need it we can add it in our next update.


Hi! Does this plugin remember the last setting font size by the user or guest?

This option is available, you can turn it on or off.


Hello, have you tested this plugin with Oxygen? Thanks.

Hi there, Actually no we have not tested it with Oxygen, but the plugin is theme independent and should work on every theme and in case of any issues we are dedicated to provide support.


Hello :)

About this plugin,

Are there any .js files added?

If yes, which ones?

I saw those in the demo theme but I don’t know if one of them belongs to the theme or is needed for the :

<!- JQuery ->
<script src="js/jquery-3.4.1.min.js"></script>
<!- Bootstrap ->
<script src="js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
<!- Scripts ->
<script src="js/script.js"></script>

thanks !

The plugin only has a JS file named “wp-font-resizer-public.js”


The plugin seems to work pretty well for my client’s theme (Betheme). The only issue is that the line-height doesn’t change with the font size. Would it be possible to tweak the plugin to do this? Thank you for your help.

Hi there and thank you for your message. We are working on this issue and will update you soon.


Dear friend, The line height option is added to the plugin settings now. Please download and install the latest update.  Let me know if it works as expected. Thanks

Hello, We purchased the Font Resizer plugin and it is greatly reducing all of the website default font sizes when we load the web page. Do you know of a solution for this issue? We are using the Jupiter theme with Elementor. If no solution to the issue, then we request our money back. Thanks.

We sent an email a week ago and no response. Please refund our money.

Dear Sir, unfortunately we are experiencing a very difficult situation, please ask for refund we will accept that.


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