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Fine, some points as pre-selas (1) I want to purchase it, but need to know how it ‘ll be useful for me if I use it with (virtual meeting room) ?

(2) if I need for example to make door open in the banner, it will be easy ?

Hello sanayar, thank you :)
1) There is no particular function to interact with WP Meeting Virtual Room. Both have the same graphic coherence (if you choose to use demo graphics included in WP Creative Banners Builder).
2) Using animation ? Yes, there are 2 ways to create this animation using the plugin :
  • The easiest : import 2 pictures of the same door (open and closed), and choose to use the fade effect between the 2 sprites.
  • For more complex animations, you can upload much pictures of the animation and use small duration for each sprite (like a cartoon) .
Animation can be played in loop, or only when the mouse moves over it.

thanks, I meant if I use your new plugin with virtual meeting room, could I put a new room ?

No, this plugin doesn’t add new room to WP Meeting Virtual Room .

I also want this plugin for Virtual Meeting Room, i want to create an external building then have an animated door going into the building.. which then leads to a page with the virtual meeting room on.

Yes, you can do it easily. From the banner editor, select your door object and fill the field “Open url on click” with the url of the virtual room .

Hi Happy new year & Congratulation for this great plugin :)

just a quick tip that will make it even more successful if you would incorporate real 3d objects there could be a great market for it for the architecture industry

here’s some example of objects you could reuse:



We’ll revert to you soon to follow-up with our pizza project :)

All the best Cheers


Hello uouapps, Happy new year too :)
Thanks for the good idea ! I will study this possibility.
Thank you for the message, see you soon !

regarding the door in the room, I need it to open and going to an external banner with same size of the room itself, the plugin allow me to do that ? in fact, I need with somewhat to create banner looks like another room, exactly like you did in demo above

Yes, the door of the virtual room can redirect to a page that contains the banner (but unlike banners created by this plugin, the door of the meeting room can’t be animated) .
If you need help to set the link on the door of the virtual room or hide other elements on the page containing the banner, feel free to contact me from the support tab .

Thank you

What a Beautiful Plugin this is. But hold on….. Only 4 Sales ? This Plugin DESERVES atleast a 1000 Sales. Whats wrong with You CodeCanyonites ? Now, why do I like this Plugin so much ? – Because, this Plugin will make Your Website stand Out. Now, make No Mistake, Loopus has a lot of High Selling Plugins. Someone above asked “Where Can I use this Plugin ?”. I mean seriously Dude ! use Your imagination….. Couple it with A.I Assistant and You seriously have a Winner !

Best of Luck with Your Sales Loopus ! Keep innovating. And May this Plugin get thousands of Sales !

Best, RebelHustler.

Thank you very much for your comment !
I’m glad you like it :)

This would be great if there was a front end builder so users can make their own room on their profiles. Especially for Ultimate Member.

Thanks for the idea !

I need an example of how could I add a shortcode in meeting room

Please contact me from the support tab, gicing me the url, I will check it .

I have just did

Thanks, done

Hi loopus,

I noticed that uploads for textures and such are uploaded to the assets/picsLibrary/ folder within the plugin directory. This is problematic for updating due to it requiring always updating via FTP or through cPanel. If updated via WordPress dashboard, that folder will be replaced and all uploads will be lost.

Please consider creating an uploads folder outside the plugin directory so that updating the plugin can be accomplished via WordPress dashboard “Upload Plugin”. That would be most helpful.

Otherwise, this is a great plugin. In my opinion, you are one of the most creative developers I have seen on Codecanyon. That’s for sure.

Ah yes, you’re right, I’m going to improve this point.
Thank you very much ! :)

Hi Again loopus,

Is it possible to only show the banner when someone is either not logged in or if they are logged in. I have the banner in the header file of my child theme. I would like to only show it for those who are not logged in.

Any help on that would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, :D

Hello :)
To show it only is the user is logged, replace the banner div in the header file by that :
    echo '<div class="creative_banner" data-id="1" />';
To do the inverse (only if not logged) :
    echo '<div class="creative_banner" data-id="1" />';

Perrrrfect… Thank you very much.

Hello it is possible that the banner at resizing browser becomes smaller and shown not only a cutout

sorry for bad english i use google translator ^^ gretting Dina

No problem, I understand the question. No, it isn’t currently possible, depending on the size of the screen, the banner is cut and remains centered on the middle of the banner.

Hi…I have three questions: 1) can I import my own face character, that is, not being of codecanyon market? What kind of file format takes up for animations take place? 2) can’t work with an Assistant in a whole scenario, I say: as background (layput full widht) and not only as a creative banner? 3) Responsive? Works on mobile?

I have three questions: 1) can I import my own face character, that is, not being of codecanyon market? What kind of file format takes up for animations take place? 2) can’t work with an Assistant in a whole scenario, I say: as background (layput full widht) and not only as a creative banner? 3) Responsive? Works on mobile?

1. Yes, of course, you can use your own pictures. You can easily create animations from several .png or .jpg files .
2. Simply paste the banner shortcode in a full width page, and it will take the full width .
3. Yes. On smaller devices, the banner will be cut and centered on the middle of the banner (you can test on demos) .

Can you work with Google Fonts ? It would be nice to create simple advertising banner (just elegant font and background)...

Not currently. I note the idea, thank you !

do you have any package pricing? I am interested in 3 of your plugins. thanks.

No, sorry, there is no such option on codecanyon currently.

Very good. GLWS

Thank you :)

I just installed your plugin but it seems like the new Wordpress version does not allow me to change the height of the banner! I am not getting the dimensions curser to activate. Please help ASAP. This must be fixed or I will require my money back please. Thank you.

I tried all types of browsers too.


mdshak77 Author Team

Hi there,

Please contact through the support tab of plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-creative-banners-builder/14310112/support with temporary access of backend. We will help you sure.