Discussion on WP Auto Poster - Automate your site to publish, modify, and recycle content automatically.

Discussion on WP Auto Poster - Automate your site to publish, modify, and recycle content automatically.

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Can I use the plug in to bulk import articles? If yes, what format do they need to be in? Will the import include formatting like bold text and bullet points?

No, sorry, it does not import. There are plenty of free plugins for that.

hi, is it possible, with this plugin, to change a category (from DOG to CAT) after a certain date? Furthermore, if yes, how save you the date in database? unix (3645476353) or “normal” (01.09.2023 04:15)?

Hello, yes you can change post categories/tags/etc. by having a Ruleset trigger on a certain datetime you specify. I’m not sure of the second question. What date, specifically? WAP uses the WordPress date format you specify in Settings -> General for comparisons.

Does this support woocommerce?

yes, WAP supports custom post types and taxonomies.


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Please create a special cron job url for this plugin. I hate triggering my default wp cronjob. it causes me problem.

A server cron job will depend on your server config. See docs or google for your setup.


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create a special one for this plugin please

cron job format depends on your server

What’s the major difference between this plugin and Auto Post Scheduler? Also does it add _actionscheduler_actions, _actionscheduler_claims these tables? Thank you.

WP Auto Poster is the premium version, completely rewritten with more features, unlimited rulesets, and full support. No APS does not add those tables.

Everything is great, but there is a problem with autoposting. If the main language of the article does not match the main language of the site, then it is not published. How to bypass it?

Your help is very much needed.

Hmm WAP does not look at the language of the posts or site. Perhaps you are using a plugin that does like WPML? If so you can use the Suppress Filters option so they can’t hook in and modify the results incorrectly. If you need more help send a PM with your purchase code.

Testing the free version: excellent plugin!. Ready to purchase. One question: when the article is finished, do we publish, or send it pending? If I publish an article will the plugin have it pending until the schedule? Trying to figure out.

You can choose. After writing posts, you can save them as pending and have WAP publish them according to any schedule you want. If you manually publish posts you can also have WAP recycle them according to any schedule you want.

Works for woocommerce


hi. pre-purchase question. do posting on my blog someone’s other site posts not harms my blog ranking? do google not blacklist my site for copying some other website posts?. please help me to better understanding this. thanks

I can’t give SEO advice really, but if you’re just copying another site, your site likely wouldn’t get ranked or that content.


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Hello, I have a rule for articles that are pending to be published between 45m-1h, and reset when another article is published manually, but in reality it is publishing all articles in a row, what could I be doing wrong?

If you want 1 pending post to be published every 45m-1h, you set the Ruleset event frequency to 45m-1h, the number of posts to query to 1 with the status condition ‘pending’, and set the post action status to ‘publish’. Not sure what you mean by reset. Send a PM if you need more help.


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What I was talking about is Restart Frequency on Publish, which despite having selected it so that when an article is published outside the WAP it should restart, but that does not happen.

For example, WAP should run a rule at 11:07 am and I manually scheduled an article for 11:00 am, from what I understand WAP should restart the frequency and postpone it to between 45m-1h, after 11:00 am, when the schedule came out. But what happens is that WAP still runs the rule at 11:07 am and publishes a new article at 11:09 am.

Any kind of suggestion?

I was unable to reproduce the issue on my end (Ruleset worked fine triggering from a scheduled post). Please verify you have the correct post type selected for Restart Frequency on Publish and you have the latest version. Send a PM so we can share screenshots, export Rulesets, etc. and I can help more.

Free version does not work for me, it always says APS check – Unable to find eligible posts to publish.

Maybe it’s because I use WPML? Is it not compatible? Is it a premium feature?

This forum is for WP Auto Poster. APS has its own forum.

and yes WPML interferes

I have sent you an email. Cheers

Hello, I haven’t seen any email. Can you try a PM?

Found the email! Replied.

I have sent you an email. Can you please help answer to my questions. Cheers

I’m getting a “WAP Error – Ruleset #1, wp_update_post returned Invalid page template” message in the log.

Hello, that message is from WordPress when trying to do a post update. A Google search shows some issues with certain plugins/themes, like If you can PM me your details, I can help you try to find a workaround.

The problem started when I created a different ruleset for another category. This error now only triggers on this category. I removed all the rulesets and created a new one for all categories. The error still remains on the same category.

PM send

Does this plugin works with a shortcode ?

No, no shortcodes are needed.

So this works automatically on the designated Posts page?

No, this plugin has its own settings page. Please try the demo by clicking the ‘Live Demo’ button on the product page.


I experience an issue after my server was down for a while, the plugin stopped running automatically.

Can you please support me on how to start running it automatically again?


If cron is running fine, you should be able to just Enable the Rulesets.

I disabled and then reenabled the rule set and it is working properly. Thanks for your support.

I have a multilingual site, it does not work in other languages

Can you PM me and give specifics on what doesn’t work?

Hello. I have install the free one Auto Post Scheduler, I’m using to recycle my old content and it’s working just fine, I want to get the premium one. However, my issue is, every time it recycle, It pushes the recycle content to the front page. I want them at the last position they maintain their earlier position. Does the premium support this, or is there a way around this? Thank you

Recycling takes a post and makes it new again by updating the post publish date. How do you want to recycle a post then if the date doesn’t change?

Can I use/running on a few of my web sites ?

Idc but Envato has their license info in the top right. Click on ‘Regular License’ to read their terms.

hello foe woocomerce products can this plugin exclude out of stock products from being recycled?

How does woocommerce mark products as out of stock? If it’s a taxonomy it would be fine.

actually i don’t know so i asked you before buy the plugin

I’m not familiar with every plugin but you can ask woocommerce how they track out of stock products.