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Is there a document how to use? Can I change the interface language? Can I change the colors? I hope you reply to know in advance before I buy it!

guys, i send report to Codecanyon for this author because he’s we buy this project and after buying there is no source code for you it just must send email to him and he will give you apk with full bugs, If you do not believe me you can see the one of bugs from this link …. ( https://goo.gl/pifYwV )

Ok i see help document and watch install video. Thanks.

contact me via email if you need help

Believe this good work and best supporting dealt with him.

interface language spanish???

No, but you can change it. contact me via email for more information.


apptaxi Purchased

i need your help to instill it please

is this app compatible with messanger by wowonder staff?

You can use both app without problems Contact me via email for more information.

i dont understand it looks the same as webapp that comes with wowonder whats the difference

You can get notification with this app, please watch the video. contact me via email for more information.

the wowonder app and the mobile site by itself gets notifications i dont understa nd is it with sound?

Can the admin send notification to all users?

No, auto notification only, contact me via email for more information

No, auto notification only, contact me via email for more information

you think to release IOS version?

how is it possible to send such a notification without to do any changes to the server

You need to add few codes to script for notifications.

Hi, one question is there a way to include this app to the other app included in wowonder, we would like not install 2 app to have notification.

I have to see your app for more information. Contact me via e-mail

Can this app also handle Facebook Twitter logins

Yes, you can use facebook or twitter login. Contact me via e-mail for more information.


I want to purchase the script.i have emailed you my questions. please answer me.


I answered your email an hour ago Thanks.

@SocialAddons ,

Thanks so much.

Hi, wowonder native app was released but it doesn’t meet my needs right now. I would like to know if 1) Can this app work with cloud host accounts 2) What files are exactly provided because I would like to customize the appearance of my app personally in android studio

i need your help i re instill the app but the notification not work

In this app plugins supported.

contact me via e-mail for information.

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So I see you do not supply code only an apk file my question is does this app use a service worker on the script to push the notifications in other words can I buy your app install the extra code in the script then use the factory wowonder webapp with your script mods and still get notifications since I like to be able to compile my own app

Hi, will there be an iOS version?

Hi! I have a perfectly working Webview APP but my users dont get Sound Notifications… Will this offer the SOUND NOTIFICATIONS?