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could you please send me a demo apk to me or link to googleplay for testing ,mikiponge@gmail.com

I Need of Webview aplication with auto push notification. I Buy the native app and don’t liked it, because toolbar is different of my toolbar on website. Can you do make this for me?

You can contact me here

Hi, I purchased the application, however the documentation only came as install on the server. I need to know how to create the application, or else that you do it. Please!

I bought This product Yesterday, the file download have a android studio project without notification. The seller don’t anwser me!

He answer me now. I’m waiting for apk. Thanks.

After 1.5.3 update script, the notification don’t work more.

Do have Facebook login?

application supports social login, contact me via email for more information.

Please go through link and resolve it : https://ibb.co/mXabnG

Check it also how to update : https://ibb.co/hg0sSG

contact me via email

I am waiting for reply long time but you didnot reply on me , Tell me how long I am waiting . If you dont want to resolve it then refund my money , I cant wait now

hii i want purchase but…..want android source code….

contact me via email for more information.

Hi, Still online?


contact me via email for more information.


Can you create app for PhpSound to Android and IOS


You can contact me here

Please, build and send me the app of your channel of youtube.

could you please send me a demo apk to me or link to googleplay for testing rackeasy@gmail.com

I want to buy this. I do not know the method of payment madei email anymore you do not give me back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8lGshMu9hU&t=47s

You can contact me here

friend I’m waiting for your answer I want to buy See another form of payment

I will buy here and 30 dollars I will pay 36 more I want that of youtube

Hy, i have buy this App bute the app dont work when i install apk on the phone opens a webview but the login page or registerpage is missing also splash ….i user wonderful template i have add the cod in the wonderful also in the wowonder the issue is the sam please send me the Source code like demo

the code to sell is not the one that is published, I wrote to you and it does not answer, I’ve been waiting for days. I want you to give me back the money. I see that you do not answer anyone.


Is working on Wowonder


güncelleme bekliyoruz

return the payment please, the article is not what you published, I wrote you several times and you do not answer