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How do we get rid of the flicker during the page flip?

I forgot to answer here that i’ve answered your email.

Can we switch off page flip and have a simple slider?

I forgot to answer here that i’ve answered your email.

Hi, i sent to you a ticket in the support section. Its about how can i remove the hash tag #book in the link after index.html ? I used AngulaJS to create route in my app , the #anchor disturbs my routes.


Answered your email.

Hi maguiar01, Well done, thank you!

Not sure if this has been asked before but.

Is it possible for the plugin to automatically detect a ‘two-page’ pdf page. Meaning a normal single page pdf is usually ‘Portrait’ in size. But a double-page pdf is landscape in size, and it contains 2 pages (left and right) at the same time.

Currently, when i use a ‘landscape’ sized pdf that contains both left-right pages at the same time, it is ‘squeezed’ into 1 page in the flipbook.

I tried another plugin [Real3d] and its able to do that, so i was wondering if you could do the same on this one.


Unfortunately Wowbook don’t have support for this feature yet. It’s in the to do list, but i can’t give you a timeframe.

Thank you for your feedback, it really helps setting the priorities.

Best Regards

Hello I purchased this awesome FLIP BOOK script from you about two years ago… and I am getting a bothersome flickering effect when swiping the pages using chrome’s latest version, I even tested your demo site and I am seeing the same issue. Any ideas on how to fix this? NOTE: This is not a support question. It is a matter that helps you keep the place and ranking your script has at this time.


That’s weird because nothing changed in the plugin. If there’s something wrong, it’s a bug introduced by Chrome.

I will look into it, thank you for the feedback.

Best regards

Hi again,

Just to let you know i was able to reproduce the flickering.

It’s weird, the problem does not happens in the pdf example, only in the others examples.

A new plugin version with the fix is being released today and will be available for download as soon as CodeCanyon publishes it.

Thank you for your report.

Best regards


Vandor Purchased

Can I add a HTML-coded page after a PDF has rendered? for example to insert a .mp4 in a middle page?


I’ve answered your email

HI, i have the same problem of flickering with opera / chrome / edge. it’s works fine in chrome /android 8.0. on my phone, but with problem if desktop version is checked i’ve got almost the same html file (boilerplate from your example) with numbered jpeg file.



I’m sorry for the delayed response, i was hoping i would resolve the issue sooner.

A recent update in Chrome introduced a bug in the renderer that is causing this flickering. It’s weird, the problem does not happens in the pdf example, only in the others examples. I’ve managed to workaround the Chrome’s bug. A new plugin version with the fix is being released today and should be available for download as soon as CodeCanyon publishes it.

About Edge: i could not reproduce the flicker on Edge, but maybe the new version fixes the problem for Edge too. I appreciate any feedback. And if is not too much trouble, feedback by email would be better(but it’s ok here too, of course).

Thank you very much for the report.

Best regards

Hi, thanks the update. for edge, apparently my file is the problem.

Thanks again

You’re welcome, and thanks for the feedback.


Is it possible to make the book pages fill most of the screen by default?


Yes, it is.


Hello, I’m considering purchasing and wanted to confirm two things: (1) can rich media like video, audio, or animated gif files be embed and displayed (2) Can I import using PDFs or a Word doc and then edit/add rich media? Thanks in advance for confirming before I purchase.


Sorry for the late response.

About your questions:

1) Wowbook use html as contents for the book, so it can use audio, video and animated gifs.

2) Wowbook can not “import” other documents. However it can render PDF files, but can not render Word files. And you can not use Wowbook to add or edit rich media into the rendered version of the PDF file.

To make it clear, Wowbook is not a stand alone program that will generate a flipbook website for you, is a jQuery plugin. You need to write a html page, include the plugin and configure it in the webpage writing a bit of html and javascript. If you don’t have this knowledge of basic html/javascript i recommend you to not buy the plugin.

Best regards

Hi, can I use wowbook as a full-screen single page on mobile without the lightbox? Also, in single page mode, I see that on page turn the content move to the left page and then slides to the right page, is it possible to disable this effect and just show as a single page on the right?


Yes, you can use fullscreen single page on mobile without the lightbox.

About your second question:no, is not possible to disable the slide from left to right,

Hope that helps (and thank you for your feedback)

Best regards


Please help me with presales question. I like the one with example that uses only images. But can I add video in between the pages/images. I know its possible with HTML version, but I want to use with image version which looks very nice.

Thank you


The “images” example showcase the options that makes it easier to setup a book when you only have images, ie, these options save you from write additional html code. Your case is a bit different, you want to insert page with html video between the pages with images. Although that you can’t use the exactly same options used in the “images only” case, there are options that will make it easier for you write the html code necessary to create your book.

Hope this helps


Thank you… can u tell me which is that option or how can i achieve it.?

Hi, I have a presale question. Is it possible to put a custom logo/ image at the background of every page (bottom right)?