Discussion on Workout Fitness Android Application Full Source code With ADMOB

Discussion on Workout Fitness Android Application Full Source code With ADMOB

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Getting error A problem occurred evaluating project ’:app’. > Could not initialize class

its showing in android studio

just i bghout this app but it wont to open in android studio can u help me thanks

yes you can mail us your problem

hello; pub admob not working in the app and for GDPR what i do??

send me error mail

is it possible to add more menu “web view” in the structure? RTL is supported?

yes you can mail us with your requirement

can you put those tabs in the top like : workout and programs

yes mail me your detail

I want to buy the app but can you please bring back “workouts”, “programms” tabs instead of that side thing

Yes for more detail mail us

Can you help me with this error : Error:(19, 37) error: cannot find symbol class R

Can I open this app in Android studio 2.3.3 ?

Yes. for more help send mail us on

heloo Hi I want someone who develops an application for me

Send us Your requirement on our mail [].

log cat shows this exception while running : unknown error (code 1806): Could not open database

Go to file and Click on Invalid cache and restart. if you cant find solution provide your mail id we will help you.

Check your mail we send you detail.

How can we change the descriptions

Which descriptions? please specify in detail or mail us we help you to change the descriptions.

Check your mail we send you detail.

i cant find git.exe its been 10 days now I try to contact you

check your mail. solution we send you.

where is the icon picture? I didn’t find it

icon picture already there. Read Documentation.

hi.i want to buy the app but i have a few question. 1) it is written in android studio ? 2) can i use firebase in fututre? 3) how would i find the moving gifs(moving human body) as yours to add more workout in the fututre? thanks in advance

Check your mail inbox.


its working with android studios

why you dont answer me i send you email

because i try to connect github but iits not working its been today like this please if you cant help just cancel the order because i buy more code souce and they very easy and good

We cant getting your mail, Send again with you problem we will help you in all kind of problem… Also provide your Skype or hangout id we solve your problem with your satisfaction.

Hi, before i purchase this app i want to know what is the best site to get practice to insert it into app?

Its Depend on you where you use you can see demo before buy and then decide what you want to use this application.

Hi, if I pruchase this app so i can rename the apps to any name that I Want is it?

Yes, Why not , you can change as per you requirement also if you need any help regarding product we happy to help you. Thank you. -Team XenialTech

Hi, i have a problem: D:\....\codecanyon-19373610-workout-fitness-android-application-full-source-code-with-admob\workoutapp\circular_bar_pager_library\build\intermediates\res\merged\androidTest\debug\drawable\abc_list_selector_holo_light.xml:25: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at ‘drawable’ with value ’@drawable/abc_list_selector_background_transition_holo_light’).

it’s okay thank u, it works

Thanks feature if you need any technical problem you can contact us or mail us we will fix your problem

Unregistered VCS root detected The directory C:\(...............) is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings.

Press “add root” when the warning message appears.

This will make idea register the “unregistered vcs root”, and you can use the git features of IDEA/Android studio. Nothing bad will happen if you do not press “add root”, but I suspect you will get the same warning on each startup of android studio/IDEA.


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